How To Start Cost Effective Heavy Duty Towing Service With SpotnTow App Solution?

Nothing is worse than having a vehicle that stopped in the middle of the road or highway. In this situation, many people start to get anxious, and they don’t know the right solution to back up their vehicles. Sometimes this may lead to major issues by reaching the targeted place or an appointment. 

Emergency roadside assistance can be a supporting hand in this situation, but they aren’t able to provide full support to the heavy vehicle like van, bus, tractor, etc. At this time, people have to seek a heavy duty towing service near them. The impact of heavy duty towing service is high in the towing market. 

If you’re looking to start a towing service, then you must consider heavy duty towing service. This blog will be a helpful guide for you to kickstart a heavy-duty towing service with the right solution. In this blog, you will be gaining knowledge on the following sub-headings that let you structure your heavy duty towing service correctly. 

Things People Look for in a Heavy Duty Towing Service?

What Do You Need to Know Before Starting Heavy Duty Towing Service? 

Boost up Heavy Duty Towing Service with Spotntow App Solution

Things People Look for in a Heavy Duty Towing Service

When the heavy vehicles like school buses, vans, tractors, and trucks mostly stopped in the open road. Minor problems on the heavy vehicles can be resolved simultaneously and get the vehicle back to the road. Most of the time, there is a chance for heavy damage that can’t be resolved by a driver. Here, comes the need for an experienced technician.

Common major issues on a heavy vehicle that needs towing services immediately 

  • Dead Battery – Battery is the heart of the vehicle sometimes the battery might get drained or dead. In this situation, there is a need for immediate battery backup, if not we are in need of the heavy duty towing service. 
  • Auto-locked Door – This may happen to any of us. By leaving the vehicle key inside and exiting the vehicle without taking the key. Then we aren’t able to get back to the vehicle. In this situation, we are in need of proper handling to get back the key without any damage. 
  • Flat Tires – Whether a nail or other material that will be the main cause for the vehicle blowout at the highways. In this situation, we have to seek the right towing service nearby to get a backup tire to reach the destination on time.  
  • Running Out of Gas – Today most heavy vehicles have a gas indicator on their dash. But sometimes due to heavy tasks we are unable to notice the indicator and forget to refuel it on time. At this time, our vehicle has chances to stop in the middle of the road and towing service helps us to refuel our vehicle on time. 

The above listed are the common situation which needs towing service immediately to get back the heavy vehicle on track. Though these issues can be accomplished by a towing service, people are looking for a few metrics in the heavy towing service. The following metrics help to enhance the heavy duty towing services quickly. 

  • Experience – People actually look for the experience while booking the heavy duty towing service. Because no one likes to hand over their vehicle to the new hand and get the damage worse or get it delayed. Therefore, make sure your heavy duty towing service technicians are well-experienced.
  • Weight Capacity – People also like to make sure that their vehicle feet are manageable by the towing service you provide. According to the market survey, towing service in the industry can withstand the maximum weight capacity of 80,000 pounds. By providing a proper list of towing service’s weight capacity, will let the users choose their requirements wisely. 
  • Distance Capability – In heavy duty towing service, letting the people choose their point to point destination will help them to check the service capability. Most of the time, we aren’t able to move the heavy vehicle for a long-distance or even across the state line. Therefore, limiting service capability will reduce unwanted booking and enhance the service. 

These things will ensure your heavy duty towing service quality and safety in detail. Check whether you have the ability to manage the heavy duty towing service and meet the customer’s requirements. Still, if you’ve doubted how to start a heavy duty towing service and enrich it to gain worthy revenue? then the upcoming sections are for you. 

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What Do You Need to Know Before Starting Heavy Duty Towing Service? 

Today, everything has become handy and people seek a comfortable solution. To provide comfort to your customers, you are in need of an application solution. Yes, an on-demand app solution will help you to enrich the service quality and help to bring visibility to your service soon in the market. 

With the help of an app for heavy duty towing services, you can easily manage your fleet and be able to list out the services that you provide. By listing out the services, people can check the listed service and easily book the service they wanted. 

If you want to enhance your existing heavy duty towing or kick start heavy duty towing service with advanced metric, then you must consider the heavy duty tow truck application. In SpotnTow, you will be getting the best app for heavy duty towing services for your heavy duty towing service startup. 

To know more about our app solution and service, keep reading the upcoming section. 

Boost up Heavy Duty Towing Service with SpotnTow App Solution

SpotnTow is a pre-developed heavy duty towing app solution. In SpotnTow, we provide a well-built app for heavy duty towing service with multiple possible feature options. This helps you to provide a flexible heavy duty towing service to your consumers instantly. What you can expect in SpotnTow heavy duty tow truck application as follows 

  1. Towing service provider’s application (iOS and Android),
  2. Towing service seeker’s application (iOS and Android),
  3. Centralized dashboard.

These three application interfaces in-app for heavy duty towing services helps you to build a quality towing service in your region. We also help you to integrate features and other possible metrics according to your heavy duty towing service startup demand. Therefore, you can quickly start the service as you structured it. 

How SpotnTow helps you to enhance your heavy duty towing service?

  • Real-time tracking – Once the customer books the towing service in your application, they can easily track the booked service in real-time. 
  • Fleet management – This feature tool helps you to track the service accurately from vehicle details to fuel management.
  • Service behavior analysis –  To know about the service feedback, we have included this feature. This helps the customers to file a complaint on the service and the issues they faced while booking. 
  • Route planning and monitoring – The towing driver can plan the route after accepting teh service, the app will default list out possible shortcuts to reaching the customers soon. 
  • Technicians identification – If the customer needs a specific service and they are well aware of their needs, then they can personalize their service according to their requirements. 

These are a few of the enriched features that have been built in the latest technology. Therefore, it helps your customers to book the service seamlessly and you’re able to catch your customer’s attention easily. To build customer loyalty, we have developed your app for heavy duty towing services as customer-centric. 

How much does it cost to build a heavy duty towing application service?

Normally, every developer will get paid hourly and only a few will charge a whole project cost. Therefore, building an entire application with feature riches will cost nearly $150,000 dollars. In this, few of the developers will be developing your application according to your demand and few may not. This might be a headache for you at the end of the day.

But in SpotnTow we charge $40,000 for a complete heavy duty tow truck application with advanced features. Our developers are available 24*7 to clear your queries and help you to get familiar with your app solution both technically and non-technically. We also provide you after launch service free of cost for a certain duration. 

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We understand every minute and hour counts value in our life, postponing the business plan will not help you to grow your business. Make sure you start your heavy duty towing service startup quickly with possible metrics to boost up the profit. In SpotnTow we provide one such solution at an affordable price for new entrepreneurs.

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