How SpotnRides Build the best On-Demand Laundry Application Like Cleanly?

Every Sunday is a laundry day for the working people, getting a day to relax can’t be spoiled by spending hours on cleaning dirty clothes. This situation brought the people to seek cloth washers nearby. The growth of the internet has made everything smaller and possible to get things accomplished from anywhere.

The searching process of the dress washer nearby, made simple with the on-demand laundry app solution. The on-demand laundry app like Cleanly reduces the burden of the laundry and helps people to enjoy their weekend. With just a touch of your finger on the phone screen, book the nearby washer timely and get the work done in a few minutes.

As the concept of the laundry management app is growing hugely and it brings only fewer players into the on-demand space. Still, there is a fortune for the new players in the on-demand laundry service in the 2021 market. This blog illustrates the influence of the SpotnRides in laundry app development and how it develops the on-demand laundry application like cleanly in a smart way. 

Top three reasons to prefer on-demand laundry business in 2021  

According to the market analysis, there is rapid growth and many entrepreneurs started to launch on-demand laundry services in the market. Even, the COVID-19 pandemic attack has not slowed down the growth of the laundry service sector and it is also expected to widen the service 33% larger by the end of 2024. 

  • Customer’s Get Benefited Timely – Just a few taps bring the dress washer directly to the customer’s doorstep and pick up the laundry and bring back the cleaned dirty clothes at a short duration. Doing laundry is an essential thing, the service will be active daily and able to grab high revenue.
  • Dress Washers Get Benefited on Each booking – The dress washers get visibility with the help of the laundry management app. They can expand their service and generate a regular income without fail. 
  • Entrepreneurs Get Benefited seamlessly –  As a laundry startup owner, the entrepreneur will be getting a commission charge on each booking that takes place in their app solution. Other than that, the entrepreneurs are also able to generate high revenue with other revenue schemes.

There are many on-demand laundry apps like Rinse, FlyCLeaners, Pressed Garments, and Cleanly. In these top laundry services, Cleanly has raised revenue of $7.3 Million USD so far. Get to know about Cleanly in-detail in the upcoming section. 

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Success Story of Cleanly in On-demand space

Averagely, each person used to spend nearly 10 hours per month washing their clothes. These 10 hours can be saved and used for other purposes with the help of the on-demand laundry app like cleanly. Cleanly offers laundry and dry cleaning service to their customers on a few taps. 

Cleanly not only offers a dry cleaning and laundry service, but it also offers several services like dog walking, volunteers, and other work schedules. The unique value proposition of Cleanly are as follows,

  • Scheduled pick-up and drop of the laundry according to customer’s flexibility,
  • Customers are also allowed to specify the laundry preference and request the service,
  • Able to get immediate prompt notifications on the service they booked,
  • Bills can be paid easily as COD or online payment gateways.

4 Simple Steps: How Cleanly Actually Works?

Cleanly was launched for the customers who feel the dry cleaning and laundry service typical in real-time. 

  • Sending Orders – Orders will be sent by the customers and received by the dress washer to confirm the customer’s pick up. 
  • Scheduled Pick-up – Once the order is confirmed by the dress washer, the customers are able to customize the dress pickup time. 
  • Laundering – Cleanly assign a vendor partner to collect the customer’s clothes and return them to the laundry center for cleaning. 
  • Drop Off – After the cleaning and dry process is over, the orders will be returned back according to the customer’s preferred time to deliver. 

Cleanly reduces the customer’s laundry service with the tech workflow, which increases the customer base for laundry service in the market. Opting for the on-demand business model will be the smart idea to gain high revenue and get standard in the industry. If you’re interested to start a business in 2021, then I suggest you launch an on-demand laundry business. 

Get the Best Cleanly Clone App from SpotnRides 

Building an on-demand laundry app like cleanly will take quite a long period and it may cost higher than you think. Therefore, many startup entrepreneurs are choosing clone scripts of the original service. In SpotnRides, we develop the best Cleanly clone app with advanced features to make the process simple and effective. 

Business Model:

Here are the three interfaces of the dry cleaning app that comes with the set of features as follows,

Customer App – The customers are able to include their personal details manually or give autofill with the social media login option. In this app interface, the customers are able to enable their workflow easier with the following features, 

  • Add-on details, 
  • Schedule pick-up and drop, 
  • Calculate service price. 

Delivery App – Delivery agents are ready to pick up and drop the orders of the customers according to their schedule. With this app interfaces, the delivery agents can take participate in the following, 

  • Optimizing the route, 
  • Confirming the pickup and drop,
  • Track the customer’s location.

Laundry/Admin Web Panel – The admin can check all processes and get the exact collected details in this interface. The following details can be collected automatically, 

  • Client data and order history, 
  • Overcheck the statistics and analytics,
  • Mapping the customer’s orders.

Revenue Model:

Generally, the entrepreneur can generate regular revenue through commission charges on each booking from the app. Additionally, with the SpotnRides laundry app development, we include two more revenue-generating schemes as follows, 

  • Quick Delivery Process – If the customer wants to get the laundry clothes back on the same day or at a particular time, then they have to pay additionally according to the price that is fixed by the admin. 
  • Monthly Laundry Subscription – Most of the customers used to book the service rapidly, hereby giving them little perks like discounts and offers on monthly subscriptions will motivate them to book the order rapidly. 


On-demand services are the most innovative business models in today’s market, which has a huge response from the customers. Taking the high demanded market sector to the on-demand space will assure business growth in the market. With SpotnRides Cleanly clone app, you can perform various strategies to make the service top in the laundry sector. 

Grab the opportunity and grow your business idea with our app solution, drop your queries at [email protected]. If you’re convinced with the Cleanly clone app, then fill in your details in the form. Our experts will reach you ASAP.

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