How to Meet the Top 5 Trends of On-Demand Home Service Startups in 2021 With Best App?

With the arrival of the latest technologies, extensive growth in-home services are observed and this also brings valid revenue options to the home service professionals available independently in the market. 

By including the number of service professionals and the customers, on-demand home service startups are getting familiar with the market. A well-developed on-demand handyman app played an essential part and the perfect medium for both the customers and service professionals involved in the home service industry. 

Since the home service industry already contained a huge number of players, being different in service offering and the impressive options to attract the customers are the top metrics for the service provider available in real-time. 

The huge outbreak of Covid-19 has a serious effect on multi-services especially on-demand home services are largely affected. In the year 2021, the service professionals participated in this industry looking for the options to redefine their business flow and get more revenue quickly with a solid customer base. 

This blog demonstrates the impact of the Covid-19 in on-demand home services, trends that are reshaping the structure in 2021, the great influence of SpotnRides with the power-packed features to make the service professionals fit these trends and make their services as most accessible one in the market. 

High-Influence of Covid-19 in Home-Services

Customers always prefer convenient booking platforms where a huge range of service professionals accumulated in a single window. On the basis of this aspect, on-demand home services are getting a boom in the market. But, the current scenario such as the Covid-19 outbreak has a serious effect on on-demand home services in 2020. 

One of the research made on April 1st, 2020 on on-demand handyman businesses predicted four major observations as follows. 

  • 22% drops in the call-based booking.
  • 51% huge reduction in new projects.
  • 9% running in the usual form.
  • 7% growth in new projects.

Due to the major factors like social distance and the uncertainty in the economy, the drop in demand is unavoidable. Covid-19 brings both the negative as well as the positive impacts listed shortly as follows. 

Negative Impacts

  • Being pro in services increases the number of bookings. Handling these via manual operations is a risky one.
  • Due to the major focus on hygiene and the stay home, people stopped the arrival of the unknown to their homes. 
  • No work for several weeks may cause service professionals to get out of work.
  • Lower-income with little overhead for the single operating home services. 

Positive Points

  • Immense reduction of competition due to the disappearance of the many players in the market. 
  • Self employable opportunities for independent handymen are growing. 
  • High-usage of appliances in the customer due to stay home nature leads to repair and this highly demands the handymen services. 
  • Work from home situations around the world increases the usage of electrical appliances and this makes the customers look for the on-demand electrician app to book the nearby electricians. 

From these inferences, you are very clear about the launching of the on-demand home service startups will definitely bring the revenue gaining possibilities for the service providers. Prior to starting, you must know the trends that drive the future of the home service industry.  

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Top 5 Trends to be Focussed by the New Launchers in 2021

Around globally, the worth of the home service industry will be 600 bn USD in 2020. As per the New York Times, the growth rate of on-demand home services will be observed in the next year, say 2021 is 49%. During the forecast period of 2020-2024, the growth value is predicted to be 1574.86 bn USD. 

Keeping updated with the latest trends is the most essential one prior to developing the on-demand handyman app for the aggregation of service professionals in the market. The major trends are listed as follows. 

Penetration of Aggregators-Right from the task allotment, tracking their performance, and providing high-quality satisfaction to the customers, the role of the aggregators is unpredictable. A perfect match between the service requests and the availability is found and provides a unique experience to the users is done only by aggregators. 

Wishes for Online Booking- After the big revolutions in the transport industry via the uber application, customers now prefer online uber for handyman platforms to book the service technician from the pool of service professionals quickly. The hurriedness of the customers made them search for different service providers in a single window. Hence, service professionals should portrait their business in such a window to get more requests. 

An alternative to Manual Works- To show your services better than others, accuracy, timely service handling, booking management all are maintained clearer than before. To assure this, manual bookings are not feasible options. You must include the perfect automated platform to carry the activities faster and engage more customers for your business.

Branded Solution to Retain Loyal Customers- Branding services are the essential thing to attract new audiences and keep retaining them for a long time. Implementing the digitized platforms is the superior way to make the service professionals as happy with the offering of high-quality services and to make loyal customers stay for a long-time.

Discount-based Service Selection- How far you include the discount options within the app decides the customer’s participation level. The service professionals or the aggregators available in the market should focus on the discounts to the potential customers to show how you treat them. 

By focusing on the concept ‘customer is first’, every on-demand home service startup should periodically update their workflows with the new on-demand handyman services app. SpotnRides is the familiar player for providing uber-like solutions to startup professionals. With the awareness of the market trends, SpotnRides developed the customized on-demand handyman app to make the service providers as familiar ones in the market. 

How SpotnRides Will Help Them to Meet the Top Trends Exactly?

Making the new services fit into the trends is the important one for those who wish to launch new services. But, the real fact is to adapt the suitable on-demand handyman services app with the impressive features is the common solution for both the service providers as well as the service professionals in the market. 

SpotnRides clearly predicts the requirements and develops the customized app platform with all the supporting metrics. The options that surely make you fit on the global trends are listed as follows.

Digital-Driven Aggregator

New service booking appointments, managing the number of service professionals, schedule their tasks, tracking their status in real-time and the activity monitoring all are accurately performed by you (as an aggregator) with the help of a dedicated dashboard from SpotnRides for you. 

Our handyman app like uber comprises the service booking history option for aggregators where you can customize or prioritize the booking history easily as per the demands from the customer side. Right from the service requisition to the service completion, the SpotnRides aggregator or admin module makes you carry all the activities in a smooth way. 

Fulfillment of Online Bookings

As per the customer’s wishes, online bookings are getting high unimaginably. When the new customer initiates the request through the app, the booking options can be customized with the service professional availability, filtering by qualification, location and time allows the customers to book the service professionals easily. 

Better Digital Platform for Manual Workflow

The SpotnRides on-demand handyman app acts as the digital platform that automates each and every task after the service initialization till completion. The replacement of the manual workflow with this automated platform reduces the time consumption and the overhead while handling huge service requests. 

Brand Assurance Options

As you already know that the branded solution and loyal customers are directly proportional to each other. In order to build a loyal customer base, quality assurance and the trusted service professional allocation are important. To meet out this, the SpotnRides includes special options for the service professionals to directly upload their in-field experience details digitally.

Being the service provider, you directly access this credential and check their experience prior to onboarding. This quality validation assures the excellency of the services in the industry. 


SpotnRides also has the options to show discounts, new offers, and promo-code based purchases. The direct inclusion of these options allows you to attract more customers towards your services and make them retaining consistently. 

Power-Packed Features of SpotnRides to Bring New Revolutions in Home Service Startups

SpotnRides not only confined the metrics to support you to meet the trends in the on-demand home service industry. This also plays a major role to bring new revolutions to the entire industry. The power-packed features of the SpotnRides on-demand handyman app for the dedicated professionals to meet the above objectives are listed as follows. 

Bottom Line

With the redesigned infrastructure, the home service startup owners can easily get back their original position in the market. The structure must be focussed on the real-time trends in the market. 

SpotnRides provides you the perfect on-demand home services app with dedicated dashboards and impressive features as per the recent trends. Have plans to redesign your services?. If yes means, send your queries to [email protected] and turn to be the frontline in the home-services industry.

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