How SpotnRides Zocdoc Clone App Helps The Patients To Connect The Doctors Instantly By Booking The Appointment?

Nowadays we have mostly turned digital with our daily tasks. Do you agree with it? If not, don’t you buy any clothes or groceries online? Rather than that in this hot summer, we aren’t able to step out to eat at any fancy hotel. So buying food online in our favorite hotel has made our task easier. 

People’s demands are easily fulfilled with just a tap. This seems to be quick and hassle-free. What if you get the same solution for doctor’s appointment booking? Yea, one such solution is available here. Nearly 42% of patients are feeling that booking an online appointment is more comfortable than the traditional one.

It has given the chance to schedule the appointment at any time 24/7. This also gives them access to schedule their appointment on the same day or the next day, filling empty slots. This blog will provide you the full details of the doctor’s appointment booking application and how it simplifies your work. 

What Makes The Doctor Appointment App Like Zocdoc Highly Robust To Carry Out Efficient Operations?

In every hospital, the administrative staff spends hours organizing the schedules according to the doctor’s availability every day. Rather than the administrative staff, the patients feel tough to check the doctor’s availability and the wait time also increases. This can be reduced by an application that allows managing doctor’s appointments more effectively. 

This also allows the doctors to stay in touch with their patients more than before. It gradually brings productivity among the hospital industries easily with just a few taps on the screen. We can’t assure that doctors will be available all the time, there may be some emergency time where they have to cancel all their appointments immediately. 

In such situations with an application, the patients of the specific doctors can easily get to know their availability time and can reschedule their appointment quickly. This empowers the patients to give better health care experience. The players will be benefited from the following

  • Quick and instant pop-up notification on your appointment,
  • Secure and transparency of data,
  • N number of options to choose from listed categories,
  • Hasslefree interaction between the doctor and the patient,
  • A well-developed user interface that makes all kind of people to use it,
  • Economical and efficient has been gradually increased,
  • 24*7 services.

The above mentioned are a few of the advantages that have made the doctor appointment has covered all the issues with the niche key-features. One such application is Zocdoc where the people can make their appointment with any doctors namely Primary care, Dentist, ENT, OBGYN, Dermatology, Eye doctor, Psychiatrist, and Gastroenterologist. 

Here, let me share with you the Zocdoc application and why you should prefer the Zocdoc clone script for your doctor’s appointment application. Keep reading to know more about the Zocdoc business and revenue model.

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How Zocdoc like app will bring the new revolutionize to the health care sector in your region

Zocdoc is an online medical care appointment booking service where the application provides free of charge medical care to search the right facility for end-users (Doctors and Patients) by integrating information about the patient’s and doctor’s individual schedules in a centralized application. 

Zocdoc is a one-stop application solution for all the patients, doctors, and clinics/healthcare service providers. This acts as a platform that allows all the participants to communicate or connect with each other with an in-built chat option. Hence, the patients can get clear about all the queries with doctors or the clinic.

They also provide a scheduling system on a paid subscription basis for the users. The scheduling system can be accessed by subscribers both as an online service and via the deployed clinic calendar scheduling. Here, let me discuss with you what brings the Zocdoc frame among other applications.

Zocdoc business model and revenue model

It is an online appointment booking portal that allows individuals to find doctors and book appointments, as early as 24 hours. Zocdoc has become one of the leading applications in the US by connecting nearby available doctors with patients on less waiting periods than the traditional one. Here, let me tell you how it works

  1. Zocdoc for patients – Patients are allowed to see the doctor’s open appointment times and their availability. This also allows the patients to make better choices by the reviews regarding the service of the doctors. It gives the custom reminders according to the patient’s appointment.
  2. Zocdoc for doctors – Doctors can make their profile active to the patients. This also reduces the number of no show-ups and filling last-minute openings in the doctor’s schedule will also automatically update the patients. The doctor can also manage his/her profile with preferable timing and the service.

Since Zocdoc is designed as a patient-centric model. The booking of an appointment using this application portal is free. The primary revenue source of the Zocdoc is the subscription fee that doctors have to pay for Zocdoc’s services. The doctors have to pay an annual fee of $3000 for Zocdoc.

This automatically increases the efficiency of their practices and also reduces the waiting time period. So if you get the exact solution like Zocdoc for your business you can also earn and bring a revolutionary change in your region. 

There are many Zocdoc clone scripts available on the market but choosing the best one will be a tough job. Here, I suggest you choose our service where you will be benefited by an exact Zocdoc clone at an affordable price without any compensation in the quality.

An affordable platform that gives you exact Zocdoc clone

SpotnRides is a software-based application that has been well-developed with the latest technologies and advanced key-features. We have a pre-developed Zocdoc clone with the exact business and revenue model without any change in the quality of the application. Rather than the change in the quality, we provide the same niche key-features that are available in the Zocdoc.

Why do you have to choose SpotnRides for the Zocdoc clone? We not only provide you with the exact clone version of the Zocdoc application. Since we have developed a flexible model, it is able to be adaptable or easily changed according to your needs. In other words, you can also add an additional revenue model to increase your profit gain. 

Here, let me tell you the add-on business model of using our software as listed below

  1. Commission-based – You as an admin can also receive some commission on every appointment between the doctor and a patient through the application. 
  2. In-app advertising – Can also run third-party ads. By playing the ads of the pharmacy in your region, the link between doctors and the nearby pharmacy is established that assures the promotion for both of them.
  3. Top-listing priority – Doctors can pay you a few dollars of the amount to show their service at the top of the page for a certain period of time.

How SpotnRides Zocdoc clone gives you great work experience with flexibility throughout the workflow seamlessly

  • Multiple-social login – The patients are able to login or signup quickly with social media integration. At the same time, he/she can also maintain multiple accounts in one application itself. For example, the family head is able to handle their whole family profile. 
  • Easy-appointment booking – The appointment booking has been made simple with this feature the patient can tap on the respective doctor’s profile to check the available appointment seats and book the appointment according to their preferable time.
  • Calendar management – Once the patient logs in and booked the appointment according to their preferable time. It can be able to manage or re-schedule with this calendar management feature. This also gives instant reminder pop-up notification.
  • Advanced search option – This advanced search option will give you the quickly filtered doctors according to your requirements. With their available time and their services.
  • Feature-rich admin panel – The admin is able to check and manage all the users data. Once the patient books the respective doctor it will notify the admin panel. The admin is allowed to fix the commission price for each booking by using this panel.

The above mentioned are few of the features that are readily available with the Zocdoc clone script. If you want to add or remove any other features, it can be done quickly within a short period of time. We also have advanced niche features like real-time tracking and route optimization to reach your doctor shortly.

Bottom line

Are you looking to develop a Zocdoc clone, a doctor appointment booking app with popular platforms like iOS and Android? Then you’re in the right place, we will be delivering your application on-time. Still, why are you waiting? Contact us soon at [email protected] or by filling the below form and we will reach you soon.

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