How SpotnRides Wheelchair Accessible Taxi (WAT) Service App Solution Turn Driver as a Caregiver for Reduced Mobility Transport Services?

The world and the things present in it are equal for everyone. Nature doesn’t discriminate against anyone on the basis of abilities and disabilities. Transportation, a broad sector, help people to move from one place to another in a comfortable, safe manner. Accessible transport plays a major role for us to move around without limits.

One of the peculiar disruptions in the transport industry is ride-hailing service where people can easily book the taxi for their ride and reach the destination easily on-time. Accessibility in terms of transport has redefined its structure every year in order to cope up with the consumer demands on infrastructure, amenities, safety assurance measures, etc.

To look into the city of any region, the role of ride-hailing service providers is a remarkable thing and they assured the guarantee of accessibility on reduced mobility. Now, they turned their attention to the physically challenged travelers i.e. travelers who need a wheelchair to make them freely move from one place to another.

The infrastructure of the stopping points also renewed with the specialized platforms for those peoples to move freely. In the same way, taxi dispatching companies also move onto the specialized vehicles in order to support the wheelchair peoples and enable the new service called Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV).

  • In order to satisfy the mobility needs of the wheelchair peoples, the structure and the drivers are self-prepared in following ways:
  • Multiple security checks and analysis of the city layout are required for driver validation and then provide a valid license.
  • The size of the taxis is made comfortable and the door openings are high to allow a wheelchair to be buckled. 
  • Use the best fit wheelchair taxi app solution to onboard a taxi.

With these features, a Wheelchair Accessible Taxi (WAT) allows travelers to ride in a safe, convenient and stress-free manner. Right from personal enjoyment, grocery collection, pharmacy collection to the doctor’s appointment all is handled by a single booking through the taxi app for wheelchair users. 

SpotnRides, one of the prominent taxi-hailing solution providers, extend their taxi booking options to the people in a wheelchair and transform the drivers as caregivers to sort out all the mobility difficulties. Upon market research, 15% of the global population is living with some form of disability. Out of the 15%, 2-4% experience difficulties in functioning. Hence, the development of a wheelchair accessible taxi service app from SpotnRides makes you stand in a market with the dedicated options for your wheelchair accessible taxi service startup. 

How Wheelchair Taxi App Solution Reduces the Mobility Trend for Transportation Services?

Either taxi service providers or the gig employees who have the idea to start the taxi-hailing business, they have considered wheelchair people while buying the vehicles nowadays. Hence, the size of the vehicle is an increased form. The beneficiary peoples by the best wheelchair transport services are listed as follows:

  • Peoples who used either electric or manual wheelchairs are benefited in the form of traveling either regular or occasional basis by booking the taxi services through a wheelchair-accessible service app
  • When they are in need of rehabilitation or a frequent health checkup and another form of medical injuries, then taxi services are a better one for a stress-free ride
  • Staying at the home sometimes gives them extreme pressure and hence they are also in need of exploring the world either within a city or out of the city. To meet the needs for social, leisure, and work-related purposes, they need a WAT and went out.

Sometimes the senior citizens available in wheelchairs also need assistance for commuting needs. At that time, the taxi service for senior citizens is comparatively providing the best solutions from public and private transport. The following factors are to be addressed in your startup.

  • Lack of trip management

Managing the trips is the foremost issue for the drivers while numerous requests have arrived since this is not a normal ride and it takes a long time while riding. Lack of efficient management of trips causes the waiting time for wheelchair accessible riders and this leads to frustration.

  • Need for Specialized Assistance

If you own normal taxi service, the pickup and dropping location is directly visualized in the app itself. When you come to the ride-hailing services for wheelchair riders, the different destinations are more and the categorization of these into the single trip is the needed one. In the same way, some trips required voice commands and the direction of destinations is also capable of the ride.

With these things, wheelchair taxi service startups have emerged nowadays and they are regarded as an attractive one in the reduced mobility transport industry.  Upon the general view, these features are enough to launch your own startup. But, there is a need for self-preparedness of the drivers since they are regarded as caregivers rather than drivers.

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Things to transform a driver as the Caregivers for disability riders

Driving the person with disabilities from one place to another requires some extra care and responsibility.  As you all know that Assistive Technology (AT) has enormous attention in the transport industry nowadays since the growth of mobile maps, smartphones are ever-increasing. The aspects need to transform the driver as a caregiver as follows:

  •  Voice-based assistant

Difficulties in hand movements and other disabilities require a suitable voice-based assistant to book a new ride. When you have a plan to develop your own mobile app, you must include the voice commands through which the disability riders are communicated with the drivers about the destination, plan details, destination details clearly.

Hence, the drivers must understand those commands in a clear way prior to making the travel plan and scheduling the trips. Manual based storing operations may cause the failure of an error in trip notes. This enables the use of digital solutions.

  • Offering valid discounts

Since the disability riders are not in regular pay-out jobs, the cost for the transportation is to be fixed on moderate rates. In some cases offering valid discounts on repeatable riders makes you gain the trust and cost-effective ride. 

Affordable rides do not only provide customer retention and it also supports attracting new riders to use it. Hence, the main role of caregivers is to promote this information to the riders while traveling.

  •  Efficient handling special requests

While riding, wheelchair people are not in a position to buy things in shops. During that period, the driver or caregiver takes this responsibility and buys the needed things from the respective places. 

In the same way, maintaining the taxi as a clean and ramp in order to fit the wheelchair comfortably. Trained professionals by validating their documents are necessary for this care.

With these things, the drivers are transformed to the caregivers and play a friendly role while riding. You are aware of the impact of wheelchair accessible taxi service app development on reduced mobility transport industry and the things required for caregivers. The next session is to develop a suitable app. 

How SpotnRides Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) App solution assist for reduced mobility transport

SpotnRides, one of the experienced taxi-hailing service app development players extends the service into WAT services by a suitable app solution. The interfaces for the designed app are a rider, caregiver and admin. The workflow of the SpotnRides WAT service app comprised as follows: 

  • WAT service needed people to initiate the ride requests after registration was over.
  • As soon as the ride requests are initiated, the caregiver available in nearby places gets notified.
  • After receiving the notifications, the caregivers noted the information regarding the pickup and dropping location.
  • In case of any shopping requests, the intermediate trips and scheduling of trips based on the time metric also noted.
  • After reached destination, the riders get notified by the payment alerts and allow paying the amount by third party integrated apps
  • The riders share the riding experience with the respective review/rating panels.

  With these workflows, the SpotnRides WAT service app solution meets all the ride requests and performs with high-end satisfaction. The supporting actions of SpotnRides wAt service app solution for reduced mobility transport are as follows:

  • Multi-language Voice Assistant

Lingual support is the specialized support of SpotnRides solution where both the riders and drivers are communicated directly in any language. The feasible voice-based assistant transport offers the full-back end support to wheelchair, accessible peoples. 

The in-app messaging also an added metric if the person is in need of changing the traveling schedules. Instant communication among the caregivers and riders make both of us will do a comfortable ride.

  • Incentive Rides

The direct option is available in the SpotnRides WAT service app solution called promo codes where the riders can get the discount information on each ride request. If the people using the services in a repetitive manner, then governing them by the valid offers is specialized and beneficial to your business in terms of their retention.

  • Special Tasks Handling

Suppose the caregivers tied-up with the locally available retailer means, carrying special tasks like grocery, medical healthcare needs are easy while riding. One thing the caregiver needs to know is to make a proper schedule trip in case time exceeds the noted period. 

How SpotnRides Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) App solution increases visibility 

The previous section highlights the basic features that are used to enhance the performance of your startup in a reduced mobility transport industry. This section highlights some more unique features that increase the visibility of your business.

  • Real-time Tracking 

With the use of location-based mapping services, both the caregivers and riders are noted by the location information. The tracking option helps the caregiver to identify the optimal routes to the destination and thereby the traveling time is reduced. 

In the same way, the disabled persons also tracked the travel location while riding and easily identified the nearby shops for purchasing if they needed it. 

  • Scheduling trip Management

The number of trips is more or the number of trips on the same location more, the ride-sharing also enabled in the scheduling option where the group of people can participate in the travel and share their expenses. This makes the positive ride experience to the users and thereby the service provider getting more positive reviews effortlessly.

  •  Trip Preference

Based on the traveling experience, the preferred caregivers for a preferred location can be selected with the help of the SpotnRides WAT service app solution and this increases the number of trips for the specific caregiver. 

In this way, the caregiver earns the money in a considerable way. Getting consistent revenue will attract many peoples to participate with your service and the visibility of your startup is high in the industry. 

Final thoughts

Reviewing the specialized terms about the WAT services in the reduced mobility transport industry, you are getting the awareness of the needs of suitable WAT service app and the things needed for transforming the drivers into caregivers. 

Further, the impact of the SpotnRides WAT service app solution on the WAT is also discussed with the specialized features. The journey doesn’t end here. We are waiting for you to participate in the competitive race of the reduced mobility transport industry in [email protected]

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