How SpotnRides Uber For Tailors App Solution Brings The Designers At Your Customer’s Doorstep And Makes The Stylish Hotspot In Garments Industry?

Wearing perfect-fit clothes and stylish appearance is the latest icon in the fashion industry. Having plenty of unfitted clothes in the wardrobe has no use. Stitching the clothes according to the measurements by a tailor is the human-oriented profession and many of the individuals visited the nearby tailoring shops to acquire a perfect fit.

In some cases, the tailors make a frequent visit to the customer homes, take measurements, prepare according to the personal style preferences and they return back the perfect fitting clothes. In these cases, the following issues are commonly observed.

  • Unavailability of customers that leads to the waste of time
  • Schedule of the tailoring tasks by a human is the major limiting factor while orders are more
  • Lack of design patterns, interactive communicative support
  • Localized business platform
  • Unaware of technology and lack of updates as per the demands from customers

With these issues, the tailoring business degrades its familiarity. To bring it back, integrating this business with technology tools is the right way. Setting up an online marketplace app for tailors in the aggregate the local dressmaker or the tailors in the single platform.

When you look into the market, men’s fashion is growing faster than women’s fashion. Hence, there is a huge opportunity for the on demand tailors marketplace startup. The evolution of uber for tailors enables the tailors to have directly visited the doorstep of the customers by giving tailoring needs through the online tailors booking app.

With features such as large categories of design patterns, interactions about the globalized design patterns, online tailor booking business has the familiarity among the individuals; peoples have the passion to enter into the fashion industry, film industry, etc.

The exploration of business opportunities makes many entrepreneurs launch their own online tailoring services and acquire a wide range of customers. Adopting the right to demand the tailor’s app with real-time analytics support is the only way to achieve brand value.

SpotnRides, a customizable on demand mobile app solution for taxi-hailing services, decided to launch the tailor booking app solution where the customers can easily search the nearby tailors and alleviate the real-time issues easily. With some unique features, SpotnRides can also bring the visibility of your business globally.

How SpotnRides Online Tailors Booking App Helps Your Customers To Get Fit Clothes At Doorstep?

Prior to looking into the impact of SpotnRides tailoring booking app solution, let’s first look into the familiar aspects of the custom tailoring business. The clothes can be in diver’s forms and hence the selection of fabrics, design patterns and measurements are huge. Hence, man-based operations are not an adequate thing for the tailoring business and it increases the frustration.

  • Diverse Fabric & Cloth Selection

This feature can help the independent dressmakers where the customers can select a wide range of fabric and cloth types for stitching. Online custom tailoring business inherits with the feasibility of selecting the best fabric and clothes according to the seasonal basis like cotton shirts for summers, silken for the party.

The addition of new designs, styles and showcasing them to the customers through the online tailoring store makes the large size of customers attractive.

  • Real-time Tailoring Services

The arrival of mobile apps in the transportation industry aggregates the cabs and makes the customer perform a stress-free ride. Utilizing this concept as the base concept, the emergence of uber for tailoring aggregates the tailors in a single window and fills the stitching needs of the customer anywhere and anytime.

The traditional way of business model is limited to dressmaking only. But, the custom online tailoring business opens up the business options for alterations, designing the cloth as per the fashion industry concerns directly to the customer doorstep increases the visibility easily.

  • Organized Platform for Skillful Tailors

With the custom tailoring business, you can easily capture the right talent according to your needs. In the traditional way of tailoring, identification of a pool of talented tailors is a critical issue and whether they are economically fit or not is also questionable.

Alternatively, the custom online marketplace for tailors showcases the diverse tailors available locally and globally. Hence, the finding of the right affordable tailors is the specialized nature of the online platform. Customers easily made comparisons among the number of tailors according to their preferences is also an added metric.

  • Avoidance of Intermediaries

This is the most important aspect of the tailoring business where the customers can directly meet the tailors and do the orders without any middleman. The entire financial activities such as managing the number of orders cost spent for order and the sharing among the service providers and the tailors are fairly possible.

With these features, the custom online tailoring business grows fast nowadays. Making personalized touch in dressmaking and engaging the customer with the latest trends are the background tactics of this huge success of the custom tailoring business.

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Build up Digital Strategies Backed with Solid Vision on Sustainability of Tailoring Business

Assuring sustainability of the business is the major requirement and the growing latest trends require an update in the business practices. Nowadays, the digital transformation is observed in every on demand business model and hence the digital strategies to be adopted to assure the sustainability of the tailoring business are as follows:

  • Easily Adaptable to Field Services

Since this business needs a huge customer base and one-to-one interaction, field service workflows such as order management, compliance in specific style making, dispatching the stitched clothes on time, tracking and route planning are required. If the applications inherit these kinds of services and it is running at an affordable price, then they can be a fit for the huge user base.

  • Secure Digital Payments

Since everything is carried in online shopping and the growing cashless and carless payments, allowing the third party integrated payment apps is the needed digital strategy for your application. In the same way, the protection of customer credentials like the passwords and the user ID against the stealing software is the needed strategies

  • Engage Analytical Capabilities

Right from the new stitching requests arrived in the final dispatching; plenty of actions are running sequentially one by one. To meet such workflow, the application must have dedicated dashboards for easy reporting, in-app communication, etc to avail the perfect fit garments.

  • Ensure Scheduling on Events

Party wearing and the clothes designed for the fashion fall into the category of schedule. The developed application should provide scheduling support to the tailors. Then only, they can make the prioritization in the tailoring tasks and ensure the timely delivery prior to the events.  

These strategies are what you are going to focus on while developing your own startup. Observing this wonderful financial growth of the custom tailoring online startup, many of the players involved in the market develop the mobile application.

Under the competitive environment, the SpotnRides is an experienced taxi-hailing player extending the app platform for tailoring business and built up based on these digital strategies.

How SpotnRides Online Tailoring App Solution Redefines the Tailoring Business

To meet the expectations of the fashion seekers digitally, SpotnRides Online Tailoring App Solution inherits with plenty of options. SpotnRides Online Tailoring App Solution making the user experience is positive in the following ways:

  • Tailoring Services in Fashion Trends

Attaining a huge customer base is a crucial thing in a custom tailoring business since they are fashion freak professionals. Building relationships through the SpotnRides mobile app solution explores the possibilities of new players to be involved. 

Maintenance of new orders, handling the orders management, and third-party integrated payment apps assured the tailoring needs effectively. This ensures field service availability. 

  • Speedy Dispatched

Due to the handy search of the nearby tailors with the seamless browsing option helps the unknown customers to avail the stitching instantly. Getting the rapid reach of aggregated tailors through real-time routing availability reduces the time compared to the traditional way in terms of analytical capabilities.

  • Convenience Stitching

With the listing of wide tailors, customers can easily fill-up their needs. One of the important aspects of the SpotnRides solution is GPS tracking and this helps to know the location of the tailors. Interconnecting the local tailors with the fashion seekers geographically, reports generation to assure the convenience stitching as per the design requirements.

  •  Customer Retention

Selecting the top professional tailors based on the reviews and ratings assure the professional service to the customers. With this option, the retaining of the customer is assured. Besides, the allowance of third-party integrated payment apps assured the secure service platform.  

Bringing Fit Garments as Surprises: Smarter ways of SpotnRides Online Tailoring App Solution to make Stylish Hotspot

Besides the features described in the previous section, the SpotnRides online Tailoring App Solution also has the following features to make the stylish spot and bring more surprises to the garments industry.  

  •  Notification Alerts on New Designs

To cope up with the latest fashion trends, SpotnRides online Tailoring App Solution inherits with the option notification app where the fashion seekers get alerts on new designs. As soon as aware of new trends, if there are any changes in making, then this solution provides the instant communication option to convey the needed design.

  •  Scalability Based on Orders

Due to the customizable nature of the SpotnRides solution, you can easily add or remove the tailors based on the location. This assures the earning of high trust based on the quality dispatched dresses and attracts new customers. Holding the option called preferred tailor, the customer can easily select the favorite tailor without any frustration.

  •  Productivity Assurance

One of the high-quality options is scheduling where the customers are allowed to set the date and time based on the events, parties, and weddings. Tailors perform the stitching process and schedule the dispatching either on the day of the event or prior. The prior scheduling helps the tailor to process the huge orders easily.  

Final Say

Concluding this blog, you may take away the following key points: why the custom tailoring business gets this huge reach nowadays, what are the digital strategies needed to backup with the strong vision on tailoring business. Showcasing the diverse options on fabric and clothes is an attractive term in the online business.

Besides, the impact of SpotnRides online tailoring app solution on tailoring business is also highlighted. If you have the passion to start your own online tailoring startup, we SpotnRides will be there to assist you to grow. Make a profitable partnership with us at [email protected].

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