How SpotnRides Succor to Build Your Own On-Demand Personal Bodyguard App with All Amenities?

If you’re a VIP, celebrity, rapper, artist, politician, banker then you will be having a personal bodyguard for your safety. But what if a normal need it in emergency time or for late-night security. 

In 2020 there are many N no of new on-demand applications is making the people more comfortable and gives solutions for our day to day problems. We all know there no safety for anyone late at night.

Here you as a young entrepreneur can bring a solution to it. By investing your money on this on-demand personal bodyguard booking application. We all are well knowledgeable about the secureness in our region. 

People will get a cure by this app and gradually your application will become one of the most usable applications among the people. Here this blog will provide you full detail about your personal bodyguard application.

What is an On-Demand Personal Bodyguard App?

The use of booking personal bodyguard by VIPs are in the race, they use to book personal their own personal bodyguard for their security purpose. What if one such solution is available for all the working and common people to get it? I’m 100% sure that it will be boon.

One such service is on-demand personal bodyguard hire application, where people use to book their own personal bodyguards on their emergency purpose or for their personal security. The needs for hiring a personal bodyguard

  1. To get rid of social media threads,
  2. While traveling at midnight or traveling with valuable things/cash,
  3. To ensure your children are safe while traveling back home,
  4. To prevent crimes.

How can it be worthwhile? People may book their taxi through an application and if any emergency happens they will be clicking on the SOS option. Here, the entire on-demand application will act as a precaution for the user’s problem.

The user can book the bodyguard using your application. Once the booking is done they both can easily track the location of each other in real-time which leads to more safety. The user can also pre-book the bodyguard before they come out from the work.

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Working flow of the personal bodyguard booking app

Up to now you might have acquired the knowledge about the on-demand personal bodyguard hire application‘s demand. Here let me share with you the working process of it in detail as follows

  • The user who is in need of a personal bodyguard has to download your application from their respective stores. Then the user has to fill the required details to continue with your service, once they fill the details they are allowed to check the nearby bodyguard.
  • The user can book the bodyguard by viewing the bodyguard’s ratings and reviews. The users are also allowed to book the bodyguards hourly or a daily or on scheduled days. Once the user books the respective bodyguard it will notify the bodyguard whom the user booked immediately.
  • The bodyguard can accept or reject the user’s request, if he is rejecting a service then he should provide a correct reason for rejecting it. The bodyguard can easily track the user and with the tracking optimization feature, they can reach the user’s destination quickly.
  • The admin is allowed to manage the bodyguards and the user’s data. And the admin will get the instant notification on each of the bookings along with the users and the bodyguard details. Admin is also allowed to manage the bodyguards respectively.

Who can launch this application?

An entrepreneur, who is looking for an opportunity to enter the on-demand industry can have an on-demand personal bodyguard hiring application as an option. They can launch this startup in their region as an online marketplace for people who are in need of personal bodyguards for their safety. 

All you need to do is to advertise the app to attract an individual bodyguard or the bodyguard agency by explaining the benefits of getting listed in the app. And proper background checks will be done before admitting that person as a bodyguard. 

It is found that service gets more visibility when it is listed online. So, bodyguards will get more requests than before because your service is for all kinds of people without any bars. Here let me tell you the top firm in personal bodyguard hiring app.

  • Jinyiwei – Jinyiwei is a personal bodyguard application launched in Qingdao. It provides Uber-like service (uber for personal bodyguards) and it connects individual companies citywide with over 50,000 staff from 47 security companies. This Jinyiwei app provides bodyguards for anyone who feels unsafe at any time. It has shown the great revenue gain price range is expected to be between 70 and 200 yuan in an hour.

This shows the demands and revenue growth, even if start your own personal bodyguard application now you will taste your success soon. Here let me tell you how our SpotnRides app unique features make your application more user friendly.

SponRides on-demand personal bodyguard app development

SpotnRides is a software solution for all the on-demand applications and It is more flexible. We are gathered as a group of a variety of experienced persons, where we all are working experience on all the on-demand applications. 

So that we know about the latest trends and how to overcome the issues that have been faced in the on-demand application. When an application is more scalable then it can be easily modified as per your choice or you are able to adapt to the latest techs. 

Therefore, you must choose a customized application for your business. Our software fits your business model for the personal bodyguard hiring a business to bring high security and make this offer applicable for all the users.

Here, let me tell you the features that will make your application more user-friendly

  • Credential verification – The bodyguard can easily upload their profile with their certificate just by a tap. Once they upload their profile it will be verified by the admin to continue with the service.
  • Centralized dashboard – The admin will have a centralized web dashboard where all the bookings, requests, and listings can be managed. For every booking, he will be benefited from the commission.
  • Real-time tracking – Both the players are allowed to track their service in real-time this allows them to calculate the reachable time and the delay time quickly and update it instantly.
  • Preferred bodyguards – The user can hire the preferred bodyguards to make them feel more secure and satisfied by the previous experience. They are also allowed to schedule the preferred bodyguards before certain period itself.

Final say

The users have no need to be a star to enjoy the benefits of having personal security, now with your service they can be benefited by the safe and secure 24*7. By know, you might have get a good understanding of your application and how it works. 

Still, why are you waiting for? contact us soon to get started with your application today. Just fill the below form and we will reach you as soon as possible [email protected].  

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