How SpotnRides Specialize in Dedicated Cloud Server Management Through AWS for Ride-Sharing Services?

Taking into most important factors pay as you use and the instant access of resources as you want, Amazon Web Services (AWS) commonly known as cloud computing has the numerous attention in the on-demand delivery industry. 

A simple way of accessing the servers, storage or the database is the major advantage of AWS. Recently, the adoption of cloud computing is the key driving force for the business in order to cut down the cost and agility. 

Hosting of applications to the third-party servers under scalable environments says Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS) makes the customers pay as per the usage. With the major key factors like security and the authenticity of the data, public cloud vendors have evolved. 

In a crowded IaaS market, the worth of pegging the cloud vendors for the hosting is $49.1 billion in the year 2020 which is comparatively more than the year 2019 say value $38.9 billion-Gartner’s research Firm Report. In the same way, the growth value of logistics is $8.1 trillion and it is expected to double in the year 2023. 

The booming of logistics needs innovations in business practices and the adoption of new changes. Amazon and the ride-sharing services can outgrow their business model and have the intention to enter into the transportation logistics industry with dedicated server management.  

With the evolution of AWS, already living players in the on-demand ride-sharing market have opened the diversification of many services for competition. When the utilization streams are more, carrying the data storage, maintaining the huge database and migration of app premises requires automation in server management services. 

This blog will give you a detailed analysis of why AWS is getting popular, metrics for AWS cloud server management services and how the SpotnRides AWS supports the expansion of ride-sharing services clearly. 

What is the Importance of Dedicated Cloud Server Management Services?

Cloud battle: Who can win?

As discussed in the earlier session, considering data security and authenticity, there are big three public cloud vendors like AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google platform that participated in the cloud battle. Each of them provided diverse services to the clients to make their brand on the market.  

Selecting the one cloud vendor purely depends on the way of the individual work platform and their load. Each one differs from the other. The following metrics decide who will win the battle. 

  • Features-basis

When you look into the core view, all three vendors offer similar capabilities to attain flexibility, security and instant provisioning. Looking deeply, adoption of machine learning methodologies bring the differences to these categories. 

AWS adopts machine learning to support the new trends like image recognition, text to speech and the powerup Alexa. 

Microsoft Azure adopts with the focus to write and test the deployment algorithms related to the marketplace. 

The one-stop-shop API platform AI in Google enables the engineer to build the deployment models to deal with the open-source code. 

  • Hybrid Options

Deployment across the multi-vendors infrastructure needed effective maintenance of application premises and a wide range of solutions. Hence, three cloud vendors shifted to offering solutions to hybrid needs. 

The hybrid deployment from the Microsoft Azure stack offers shared management portals, APIs and interoperability. 

On the other hand, AWS provides fully managed services with pre-configured facilities. 

Finally, the Google hybrid deployment models support unified administration, security and policy declaration. 

  • Customers base

The high-profile user base for the cloud provider shows how the public cloud offers benefits to their sector. But, this may not be the deciding factor. 

AWS has a strong user base since it is truly successful in convincing the customers and it is solely responsible for the movement of the traditional business into the cloud. E.g. Netflix

Compared to AWS, Microsoft Azure has the fewest high-profile user base since it widely uses the Software As a Service(Saas) tools. E.g. Pearson, Ford

Due to the analytics and the machine learning capabilities, Google has recent attention and its user base is limited. E.g. HSBC

The final verdict from the comparison of above public cloud vendors is AWS continues its lead by offering a wide range of services. The expansive list of tools and services and better enterprise mobility features make a strong proposition for long-term enterprise. The consistent infrastructure growth in AWS supports the economy and aggressive price cuts. 

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Why do Ride-sharing companies stick to AWS Server Management Services?

Though the top ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft gained familiarities, they are stuck into the following issues. Due to these issues, they need an alternative comparison to stand in their market. 

  • Lack of Unique Projects

The transport provided by the ride-sharing services enabled a lot of players and they leverage their platform for diverse business. But, the success of them is questionable due to poor server management. Alternatively, AWS has widely profitable services since the establishment is done over the cloud. 

  •  Adopt a Divide and Conquer

This is mainly focused on pumping the cash-flow through the upward practices for the existing businesses. Implementing or switching to the new type of business involves the shared management of the investors. Since this is the competitive market, how far the satisfaction of the customers by the diverse services is the key to success. Hence, AWS supports the new launching services like trucking to expand their business opportunities. 

  • Medium for Drivers and Riders

Ride-sharing services suffer more issues when they come into marketing. Acting the best interface between the drivers and the riders is the crucial factor for those services and they are a failure in certain conditions. But, AWS operated in a customer-centric approach and always took care of customers due to its scalability.

The main key takeaway point from AWS is hosting the application on AWS to resolve the issue for the traditional hostings. Hosting your ride-sharing mobile application to the AWS usually runs on two scenarios even in high traffic and in low traffic. Let’s have a look into the gain metrics of AWS-SMS for your startup application. 

What are the metrics can startup owners gain through AWS-SMS?

The major intention of AWS is to allow the vendors or the service providers to quickly host the application and offer secure services to the customers. The most three important metrics of AWS are scalable, secure and cost-effective.  Automating the migration of online premises through the AWS Server Migration Services (SMS) will give you the following benefits.

  • Better Utilization

The first and foremost benefit of migrating your application to AWS is elasticity. Making the space when the new project arrives by achieving the backup files is the critical task for an application running. The provision of web dashboard in AWS allows you to alter the data storage and the computing power easily

  • Available Always

Taking the full responsibility of data processing of millions of businesses, AWS provides a guarantee in safety and the availability of data. The incredible redundancy in AWS makes the customers feel free from investing in the protocols that support data to be safe and physical media.

  • Cost management

The effective server management through AWS offers two major benefits on cost. One is on a monthly basis through which business owners can stretch their subscription on a 12-month plan rather than the large money for upgrading or overhauls. The other beneficiary is the elimination of purchasing and maintaining the physical hardware that indirectly reduces the cost. 

  Well. From these discussions, you can have clarity on the AWS server management services and the lack of ride-sharing services. Now, you have the question on your mind. A suitable platform is needed to avail of the feasibilities of both in order to expand the growth of your own ride-sharing startup.  

How SpotnRides AWS server management helps to expand the Ride-sharing services

SpotnRides, the ride-hailing software solution and it expands the streams into dispatch its taxi rides to different sectors and delivery platforms. The building of these services is in a generic way and the deployment to the customer’s hands is an easy way. But when we think into a cloud extent and need to explore the business lines in the future, then AWS is the only solution strikes in our mind. 

  • Positive Cash-flow

Making the SpotnRides server management with AWS helps your startup turn to be a positive cash-flow business. Bringing the new concepts and updates in the applications in an easier manner that opens up the investing platform and many peoples turned their interests on your startup. 

  • Remote Accessible

The players involved in the ride-sharing services have easily accessed the application due to the independent nature of AWS. Riders, taxi drivers, and the admin have opened up the app at any time and anywhere. Similarly, the provision of scalability features in SpotnRides AWS offers the options to either add or remove the taxi service providers based on the locations. 

  • Flexible Working

The hosting of SpotnRides applications to the cloud platform makes you gain more, work in flexible hours improves the quality of service and delivery rate.

  • Real-time Expansion

Maintenance of simplicity in operations and expanding to a large scale involves suitable scaling methods. The auto-scaling feature in AWS allows the ride-sharing operations to automatically shut down when no longer needed. Thereby, your cost is reduced.

  • Sharing on Peak Hours

The collection of reams of routing information during the rides in SpotnRides with the inclusion of GPS points helps to find the optimal route by using Amazon simulators. During peak hours, if there are two requests on the same locations, then this solution offers the sharing option that saves their money into 50%. 

Wrap up

Finally come to the end of the AWS journey. This blog will give you a wide analysis of the AWS and associated impacts on the ride-sharing industry. You gained major key points such as the best cloud platform, why the ride-sharing services need AWS, server management by AWS and how far offering the benefits to the startup owners, then the expansion of ride-sharing business with the SpotnRides solution. Avail your server management now by visiting us at [email protected].  

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