How SpotnRides School Visitor Management Software System Makes a Smart Front Office for Schools?

Are you interested in improving your school? Then why don’t you develop a visitor application for your school? Then you’re in the right place. This blog will provide you the best school visitor management application.

There is a need for a good school visitor management system to make your school visitor registration simple, with lots of visitors visiting the school in a day. It becomes very important to keep track of all activities. 

These are the benefits of implementing a visitor management app:

  • Safety by tracking visitors,
  • Stop unwanted guests,
  • Increased efficiency and accuracy in work and more such,
  • Meet parent’s expectations.

The best school visitor management system will simplify the entire visitor registration process at your school. One such solution is available with us, keep reading to know more about your application.

SpotnRides School Visitor Management System

SpotnRides is a modern software solution that aids you to overcome the difficulties that you have been facing in your system. Here, SpotnRides school visitor management system helps the schools to manage their visitors easily and efficiently, just by a tap.

Some of our key-features are exclusively made only for schools to secure and make visitor registration simpler. It is done by Insta check-in this feature makes the school visitor registration and visitor management quickly. 

Let me explain to you, our visitor management system for your school. This will give you a clear view of our software system and why you should consider it? how our software system supports your school with the following features

  1. Visitor management – You are allowed to manage your visitors and you can schedule free time, by checking your free time the visitors are allowed to boon the appointment with you and your management.
  2. Visitor blacklist – The admin is allowed to create a blacklist of the visitors that should be denied check-in at your school. This will allow your management to prevent unwanted visitors from your schools.
  3. Visitor sign-in and sign-out – With our software system you can easily track and monitor your visitor’s time-in and time-out. It will automatically be stored in the admin’s dashboard. 
  4. Visitor’s history tracking – The visitor is allowed to check their history of visiting the school as well as the details of their visiting will automatically be stored in the admin dashboard. By this, you can track who are frequent visitors and their visiting pattern.

By now you might get to know how you’re allowed to manage your visitors with their full details. Here, now let me explain to you how SpotnRides school visitor management system is more flexible. Keep reading to know about it.

SpotnRides flexible School visitor management system business model 

Since our software is more flexible, it’s easy to add or remove the feature according to your needs and it is also suitable for any type of business model in the school visitor management system.

  • Type 1 – If you’re in a plan to make your school digitalize, then this model exactly suits your requirements. In this the management act as an admin, the other two players are teachers and parents. 
  • Type 2 – In this type, you can invite the schools in your region to join with your application to make their visitor management system digital and here you can be benefited by a monthly commission from the schools as a subscription fee. 

Both models have a unique workflow, but I suggest you take the first type. It will totally make your school into a digitized form. With the help of this, you can easily pass the information instantly to the parents and staff.

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How SpotnRides school visitor check-in system made beneficial for parents and management

School receives different types of visitors; you aren’t able to treat them all equally with regards to their authentication. That too manually is tough. Collecting the data of the visitors day to day and maintaining it correctly, really a headache task.

These types of issues are easily carried out by our school visitor management system application. You can quickly collect the data and it can be easily stored in the cloud. It gives easy authentication to the parents to visit your staff by just a tap.

Parents can easily identify the free time of the staff and the management or with the in-built chat box, they are allowed to have the conversations. Staff can easily contact the respective parents and send them instant notifications.

SpotnRides niche key-features

The visitor can quickly sign-in by social media integration option and it won’t be more than a fraction of second. Once the visitor signed-in with the quick sign-in option then they allowed checking the visitor’s timing and to place the booking of visiting.

  • Schedule Management – Both the parents and staff are allowed to manage their visiting time. This feature will directly integrate with your calendar and send you the remainder notification of the visit.
  • Instant notification – When the staff wants to change the visiting schedule they are allowed to change it. This instant notification will send direct notice to the parents who book their visiting meeting with that respective staff.
  • Track the school activities – The parents can keep track of all school activities like exam schedules, upcoming events, PTA meets, etc. This feature will help the parents to know about the school workflow.

These are some of the features that are present in your school visitor management app. Once you’re ready to build your visitor management system software for school with us to know more features that present in your application.

Final say

By now you might get to know about our software and your application, with the instant check-in you can easily manage your visitors. This brings the solution for your school issues, allowed to reach all the parents easily.

Change your school into digital for more speed, accuracy, and accountability with our software. Still, why are you waiting? Contact us soon [email protected], we will reach you soon.

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