How SpotnRides On-Demand Uber For Nurse App Solution Provides A Doorstep Home Care Service By Connecting The Patients And Nurses?

Nurses are the real world superheroes who are facing different situations daily in the healthcare industries. They have to take care of everyone from a newborn baby to old age people in the hospital regularly and keep the patient’s health stable. They are the only person who provides their 90% service to healthcare. 

But when it comes to saying thanks nobody cares for them. It’s hard to hear right? A nurse career is intermingled with the same ‘old problems’ screaming for attention and new technology that’s set to change the way the healthcare industry works. A mobile application solution that can bring changes in the nurse careers that gives them the comfort and visibility of their hard work easily.

Here, this blog will give full detail about the on demand nurse startup and how it is going to bring a new revolution in the healthcare industry with our software. The on-demand nurse booking application allows the user to get almost instant access to nurse services offered by the admin.

Why On Demand Nurse App Solution Is Important For Your Startup?

Nurses are also known as a caregiver, they are not just a working person who is there for the sake of the salary. They have a good knowledge of how to handle the necessary and important healthcare-related issues immediately. By acquiring the knowledge they are well-aware to take care of the patients. 

They frequently have to deal with different health-related issues a day. This makes them much braver and brings confidence to their work passion with the dedication of performing different healthcare activities. Nurses not only aid the patients with their health-related issues but they also help and guide them with bodily functions. 

Rather than that nurses also help the patients who have gone through serious operations. They also help them with their day to day activities with full dedication without fail. This shows that the job of the nurse is not very simple as it seems. They have to face different situations a day and as a nurse, they should have the skill to manage their patients. 

By now, you might get to know that it is quite a tough job for normal people to face these situations. By understanding the braveness of the nurse, you as young entrepreneurs can bring a solution for them. Before getting into the solution one thing everyone must be aware of is that the nurses have longer working hours than other working people. 

After all these tough work hours, they still wear a sweet smile on their face. And they are always ready to help the people out there. Nurses play an important role in every hospital they only take care of the patients 24*7 by monitoring and tracking the patient’s health conditions. They use it to carry out the proper diet and treatment plan of the patient’s health.

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The major hurdles in the home nurse services

Though they play major roles in every patient’s health care life, still they face many issues in their career. Many nurses use to work for a longer period of time than their regular period but still, they won’t be recognized by the doctor or the clinic. As I mentioned before, you can bring a solution for them. Keep reading to know how?

Here, I have listed major challenges that are been faced by the nurses during their career period as follows

  • Overwork time – The world labor statistics describes that the people who work more than a regular period will cause serious back injury. The nurse profession has ranked as the highest at risk for back injuries in past decades. This also brings a shortage of nurses in hospitals or clinics.  

Nearly on an average of 38 percent of nurses are affected by serious back pain. Few of the nurses are pointing back injuries as a primary reason for leaving the profession, permanently without fail. This happens due to their overworking period, it can be covered or overcome by fixed working hours or preferable working hours according to their preference.

  • Improper shifts – Up-to-date, the count of the baby boomers generation (age-65 or above), now estimated at about 73 million. The large increasing population of aging baby boomers is not only living a longer life but they are also placing demands for more health care services away from the normal traditional hospital working period. 

Most nurses may feel uncomfortable when they keep shifting their service normal than their working experience. Especially the seasonal nurses face these problems, they might be well educated with the hospital equipment and they can’t able to adopt soon to home-based service. This can be overcome by categorized nurses with specific skills to handle the situations correctly.

  • Stressful environment – When stress persists, it can take a toll on your health and well-being. A stressful work environment can contribute to problems such as headache, stomachache, and also leads to mentally disturbed. Where the nurse job is quite the same, they used to work for nearly more than 12 hours a day.

They have to handle the class and book the appointments, rather than that they also have to maintain their work status with paper works. They need to maintain their work progress traditionally with paper. This can be covered by a digital tracking system of their work progress.

The above mentioned are the major 3 curious problems that have been faced by the nurses these days. You can bring a solution to them by developing an application that will let their working process easily and bring comfort in their jobs. One such solution is Uber for nurses, Keep reading to know more about our service and your application.

Empower home nursing service with SpotnRides on demand nurse app solution

SpotnRides is a software-based application solution that has been pre-developed and readily available with advanced key features at an affordable price. I hope you might have heard about the “one thing”, the one thing about our application is to connect the nurses with the patient’s easily with just a tap.

By using our application software you can easily start to achieve extraordinary results in your on-demand nurse business. There are many things that can be done by using our application but the one most important thing is to connect the nurses with the required patients. This leads the other processes like tracking and monitoring the work process.

We provide a full package of on-demand nurse booking app solutions with An admin panel, nurse application (iOS and Android), and patient application (iOS and Android). Rather than the complete package of our service, You will also be benefitted from the before and after launch service for a certain period of time. 

How SpotnRides advanced key-features facilities on-demand healthcare marketplace

  • Schedule timing – The customers/patient are able to schedule their nurse before a day itself according to their needs. This will make their day more productive and it will pre-intimate the nurse so that she could be on-time at the patient location. 
  • Advanced report – The advanced report will show you the monthly income growth of the nurse and her service. This feature lets the admin know about the nurse’s work progress. Once the nurse did her job perfectly and regularly her profile will be top rated as the best service by the admin. This brings the visibility of nurse performance.
  • Nurse profile – Customers/patients are able to check the nurse profiles and their bookings or schedules. This also lets the users know about her service and previous experience. This feature helps the users to choose the right service among other service providers. 
  • Service On/Off – The nurse can turn their service as on/off when they are ready to work. This gives flexibility according to their preference. So that they can turn on the service when they are free to work and turn off if they are busy or don’t want to work on that day.
  • Book and cancel – This helps the users to book and cancel the appointment of the nurse at any time. We can’t assure that we will be always in need of the service so it will help you to cancel at any time. But either cancelation is before 30 mins meaning it will be charged half amount from the user.
  • Rate & Review section – This allows you to take a good decision before selecting the right service. Yes, we can’t assure that everybody will provide good service but here you are able to rate and review the nurse service. This will help the other users and admin to know about their work process easier.
  • Offline mode – It will keep notify you of the nurse updates through message even when you’re offline after booking. This feature will let you as a patient know whether the service provider is on the track or not.
  • Push notifications – It will keep on showing the offers and availability of the nurse service nearby you. By this feature, you are always able to be connected with your users. This feature lets the users know the seasonal discounts and offers too.
  • Chat Box – Chat option is available in this solution that supports chat with the nurse. So that there won’t be any communication gap or you can also clarify any of your doubts with your service provider once you booked their service.

Bottom line

By now you might get to know about your on-demand nurse booking business. This will allow the patients to get connected with the nurse service when they are in need. Still, why are you waiting? Contact us today at [email protected] or by filling the below form and we will catch you soon.

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