How SpotnRides On Demand Chess Trainer App Maximize the Business Profit by Providing Doorstep Service to Play and Learn Chess from Home?

An on-demand service fulfills all our needs within seconds by providing a doorstep service. Alike chess trainer booking application that gradually gathers the attention of the people of all ages. It gives you instant training and it is applicable for both the experienced and new student who is looking for a chess coaching service.

The survey says that nearly 37% of people who use to play chess but still they are looking to learn more strategies to get stronger. If you’re an enthusiastic entrepreneur who is looking for an on-demand service then I suggest you kick start your own on-demand chess trainer startup. You can easily gain more profit in the on-demand services.

This blog is all about the online chess trainer business and how our service gives you the best solution for your business. Keep reading this without skipping part so that you can easily gain the knowledge about your application service and how your application works with the niche key-features.

Why Is There A Need For Trainer Driven Approach While Developing A Trainer Booking App?

Private chess classes allow the students to learn quicker than surrounded by a bunch of students. Another plus point in private chess coaching is the trainer can give full focus on the particular student and track the student’s progress. This lets the student choose their trainer according to their requirements.

Finding the perfect chess trainer for your coaching has been made simple with the on-demand application service. This is one of the things that brings the success of the personal chess coaches booking service. This lets the students learn, practice, and test their skills regularly at an affordable price.

Here, let me guide you on how to design an application that helps you to gain end-players attention and keep them engaged with your service.

  • When it comes to on-demand business, then you should take a survey about your end players to know their needs. This survey process allows you to develop an application that will fulfill their needs. So that, you can gain the profit easily and quickly. In this model, the user’s experience is the most needed one for service growth.
  • But like the user experience, service providers should also feel your application more user-friendly or else you aren’t able to gain growth in your business. Because service providers and customers are the two keys to your business growth, you have to develop your application in such a way to meet their needs.

Though the on-demand service is gaining popularity among the people, your application should be developed in such a way to make your customers engage with you more than quitting your service. One such solution is available in SpotnRides where you can make your application service more unique.

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SpotnRides chess trainer booking app solution

Usually, people adapt an application to bring visibility among their region or across the sea. But, not all the applications are able to bring the visibility because of the poorly developed algorithm or design. In an application-based service, user interfaces play a major role to gather the customer’s attention.

This shows that people are in need of the latest user interfaces that should not make them bored. A well-designed user interface allows the customers to engage with your application more time than other apps. The foremost step is to gather the user experience so your application should be designed and developed in such a way to give a good user experience.

Once you gain the user experience, then you can easily gain the profit in your application-based service. But, the user experience can be gained by the well-developed application with exact needed features and built with modern technology. If your application is filled with lots of useless features, that will lead to boredom.

SpotnRides is a pre-developed application that has uniquely designed with the latest trends in the designing tools and advanced features. The advanced features are readily available in the on-demand chess trainer app that simplifies your workflow and gives the best user experience to your customers and trainers. 

By choosing the SpotnRides chess trainer booking app solution you will be profited from the three interfaces that have been developed in both platforms. The three interfaces are Chess trainer’s app (iOS and Android), student app (iOS and Android), and centralized admin web-panel. 

Take a look at how your application actually works among the three interfaces individually as follows.

  • Student’s application – Alike every application the first step is to sign-in process to continue with your application service. Once they have sign-in, they are allowed to check the nearby trainer or they can filter the trainer according to their needs with advanced filter options. They can send the request to the trainer and when the trainer accepts the request, the student has to pay the fees for booking the trainer through payment can be done COD or online too. 
  • Trainer’s application – The trainer has to submit the required documents to the admin to start as a trainer with the online chess trainer service. Once the admin verifies your profile you’re allowed to continue the service with a preferred timing. So that students won’t find your profile at your busy time. Once your profile is visible, the students will be sending the request for the class you can accept or reject it according to your preference. Once the trainer accepts it, they are allowed to track the student’s location. The trainers are also allowed to check their service growth with the in-build feature.
  • The admin web-panel – You as an admin are able to check everything that happens in your application with this centralized dashboard. You’re allowed to reject the service providers once their service is not satisfied by the customers. Rather than that, you can also check your application growth and track your commission too. In this centralized dashboard, you will be getting instant updates on bookings.

You will be getting this full-package of online chess coach booking solution at an affordable price with full technical support. As I mentioned before, if there are more features that aren’t needed in your application, it will drag down your business revenue. Here, we have pre-developed the needed features that makes your service easier. 

How SpotnRides logistical attributes smoothie the booking experience through an application

  • Multiple Booking management – We can’t assure that when the customers will be in need of your service. So that we have developed this feature that lets the trainer manage their booking with this feature. It will remind the trainer about their bookings of a day and tomorrow according to their schedule. 
  • Class tracking and monitoring – A student can’t be knowledgeable by attending a single class. This feature helps the students to track their class process by letting them know how much class they have attended and gaining knowledge in a week. This feature helps both the trainer and student to know their progress.
  • Admin’s Centralized dashboard – You as an admin can track and monitor all the processes that take place in your online chess trainer booking application. It may be anything either login of a student or payment process, everything will be instantly updated. It will also show the engaged timing so that you can improve your service accordingly.
  • Variety of payment options – We can’t ensure that your students are well familiar with the online payments some might have. So that we have developed multiple payment options so that they can select their preferred payment option. This also lets them choose their local languages and the trainer with the same languages. 
  • Trainer’s training review – The student is allowed to share their experience with their friends and post their review on the trainer’s dashboard. So that the other student’s ability to know about the particular trainer’s service and coaching skill. This allows the admin to take the necessary action according to the review. 
  • Scheduled coaching – This feature gives the students fully eligible to book their trainers according to their free time. This also shows the trainer’s free time too, the student can check it and book the trainer. This gradually brings productivity among the students about their training.

Bottom line

Chess is a strategy game; it can’t be gained knowledge without a skilled person’s training. One such service is on-demand online chess trainer business. This allows the student to book their private coach at their preferable time to gain knowledge. In SpotnRides, we have developed the chess trainer booking app with niche features that reach your students easily and quickly. To reach us please fill the below form with your requirements or contact us at [email protected] our team will reach you soon.

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