How SpotnRides Laundromat Management Software Blown Away the Obstacles of Tide Cleaner and Features for Successful Startup

Appearances decide the value of the person and their work. Wearing clean clothes is the necessary thing if you are going to work, attending family events, business meetings. Without ever sitting in the laundry room, how can you get clean clothes?. Yes. If the laundry services are arrived at the doorstep by the single button means, getting clean clothes is easier and make your appearance as professional.  Technology provides the on demand app solution for getting clean clothes by sitting in our homes. 

With the launch of many tide cleaners, laundromat management software and dry cleaning services aimed to provide more time for the people to do their work instead of doing laundry on their own.  According to the US labor department reports, the average consumer spends more than an hour a day for sorting, washing, drying and folding laundry and this goes up to 375 hours in a year. Let’s discuss this in detail. 

How SpotnRides Laundromat Management Software Helps You to Improve Your Tide Cleaners Like Laundry Service Startup?

Stats on the on demand Laundry Services

Understanding the impact of online laundry management system on the global economy makes you know why the new startup is needed. Opting for the right platform for providing good laundry services to the customer is the major concern for your startup. Prior to opting, the study of global financial statistics of laundry services will give you a clear view of how you gain the profit by a startup in the laundry management platform.  Let’s have a brief analysis of it. 

  • At the end of 2020, the size of the tide cleaners participated in out of home laundry footprint is going to be doubled.
  • The availability of tide cleaning services is observed in 2000 locations in the US. 
  • Awareness of health and hygienic lead to the demand of mobile laundry services as of 2015.
  • The market value of the global on demand laundry services attained the US 9,358 million dollars in the year 2016.
  • The expected growth rate of the laundry services around 34% between 2017-2024 and the value is approximately 96,155 million dollars by 2024. 

Upon the analysis of the global statistics, you come to know this is the right time to invest the money to own laundry pick up and delivery app solutions and earn money in a convenient way. Where you go?. Ready for doing a startup. Before digging to the development, some studies regarding the impact of tide cleaners on the laundry management and the obstacles faced in realtime. Let’s go through the following sessions. 

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How Tide Cleaners took part in the laundry management system

Provision of convenience to the customers is an important criterion in the laundry service business and you are not escaping from them. To enhance convenience, the tide cleaners are adding two services namely, delivery and drop-off laundering. In the first one, the pickup and return of the laundry are done by the tide cleaners itself. In the second one, the customers can drop off their clothes and pick up after cleaning. The conclusion ultimately strikes on your mind that, the first one is a feasible choice for the customer side. There are following a wide range of solutions observed in the delivery services by the tide cleaners during the launch of the startup.

  • DropBox Maintenance 

People living in the apartments of the urban cities are forced to make a choice either convenience or reliability. Tide cleaners resolve this issue by placing the drop-boxes inside the apartments so that the people avail the laundry services without taking too much time. Here, the entire processes such as initiation of cleaning requests, processing the customer orders, and sending the notifications once the cleaning is done are processed with the mobile app. This maintenance is also done in the retailer locations like the supermarkets and the high-traffic areas. 

  • Delivery by standalone stores 

You very well know tide cleaners participating in the laundry business are to be trustworthy and they focussed mainly on customer satisfaction. To tackle the multiple challenges on the laundry services, tide cleaners use the valid drop off locations by creating standalone stores across the states.

  • On-campus Delivery

This solution is especially dedicated to the students to balance their life across studies and social lives. Handling the laundry services through the laundry trucks parked outside of the residents and alerting the students by the notifications is carried out in this process. To avail of these types of services, the users participating can purchase the monthly laundry plan and deposit the laundry in the tide cleaners bag. 

Now you are clear about the impact of tide cleaners on the laundry service business model and how their delivery activities were performed. During the delivery, some issues are raised. Being you are the new venture creator, you must know the obstacles faced by the tide cleaners. 

What are the Obstacles of Tide Cleaners facing?

The starting is an easy process with the help of many service providers. The application of your startup into a realtime business market, the obstacles arise. Hence, the study of obstacles is the basic need to assure the guarantee of customer service. The major obstacles are as follows:

  • Stand Against Tide Cleaning Competitors

A number of tide cleaners are available in each area. Selecting the right tide cleaner based on the service level is the only concern for good laundry service. How people selected. Knowing the presence of effective tide cleaner helps them to filter out the other on running scenarios. 

  • Tracking Orders

  In real-time implementation, tracking the record of incoming/outgoing clothes, and categorizing them based on the wash types like hot, cold and folding after wash is the major concern for tide cleaners. With so many tasks involved, then there is a probability of mismanagement. Tracking of orders by the digital model will surely reduce this probability and make customers happier.

  •  Gloomy Customers

An unhappy customer is the biggest defeat of any business. As you already know in previous sessions, the drop off laundering is not feasible in customer point of view. Instead of customers going to the laundromat place, providing them by hand on the app to monitor all the activities is the ultimate solution. 

Finally, you come to an end. The obstacles faced by the tide cleaners can be easily blown out by a suitable laundry pick up and delivery app.  Which one suits it?. SpotnRides is the best choice for that. How it provides the solution is the next section for you. 

How SpotnRides Solution to blown away obstacles?

Wondering the statistics report on laundry services, this is a suitable time to dig into this market. You have come across the section called the impact of tide cleaners on the laundry management system where three services like dropbox maintenance, delivery by standalone stores and the on-campus delivery. We SpotnRides provide a feasible on demand app solution for the practical difficulties faced during the services. 

  • Categorization of listing of services

The panel assignment dedicated to the tide cleaners may help them to track what’s the service is needed by the customer and prepare accordingly. Suppose the tide cleaners deliver by dropbox maintenance means, the listing of services in the SpotnRides section is responsible to show the location of dropbox, pickup and delivery time thereby the customer makes an arrangement accordingly. 

  • Tracking Record of pickup and delivery

Integration of In-app calendar and the time slot in the tide cleaner panels make them for easy pickup and delivery of clothes on time without fail.  Valid drop off locations like the stand-alone stores plays a major role for convenient delivery. A specialized section called the live tracking section in the customer’s panel helps them to know the live status of clothes and this feature supports the on campus and the standalone store-based deliveries. Hence, we at SpotnRides include the specialized features to fit for trends in tide cleaning setup that reduces the burden of both customer and tide cleaners effectively. 

  • Payment Gateway Integration and Feedbacks

Trust is the major concern in the laundry service industry and this comes in the ways of payments and real-time conversations. Multi-payment gateway support and the inclusion of the admin panel to monitor all the tide cleaning requests and payments will assure the convenience and make the customers happy.

Final Words

Instead of thinking the how the new startup to handle the laundry services, focusing on the real-time problems faced by the tide cleaners and how they avoided by your solution is to make you on top of the market. If you search for these opportunities, SpotnRides be the right solution and we ready to welcome you with your new ideas for implementation. Catch us on [email protected]

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