How SpotnRides Is The Best Choice To Create A Location-Based App For On-Demand Services?

Location tracking is an unavoidable thing and the enabling of GPS is mandatory while the app usage nowadays. Location-based services are the emerging trends in the on-demand industry where the identification of customer’s location is the necessary one to complete the delivery or any services as per their needs completely via an app for on-demand services.

They have direct influences in various on-demand industries like travel, food-delivery, automotive, e-commerce, etc. If your business belongs to one of these categories, then you will surely need a perfect location-based app to fulfill your customer needs perfectly. 

To start On-Demand services app development, several questions are revolving around your brain. This blog brings you the necessary details of the location-based apps and how the SpotnRides will be the perfect choice for development. 

What is a Location-based App & its Influences in On-Demand Industries?

Getting everything at the doorstep directly is the current expectation from the customer side. A business owner or service provider in the on-demand industrial sector is in need of the geographical location of the customers. Besides, the delivery players also access the customer’s location to complete the delivery within the estimated time or minimum time period. 

Focusing on above all aspects, the location-based apps are the important tools to make the service as prominent in the market. They are shortly defined as the digitized platforms to predict the location of the participants effectively and accelerate the process of locating things, products, even the customers are called location-based apps. 

With the use of various technologies like GPS, satellite signals, signal strength indicators, cell-ID, the identification of the location is easy. The owner of the service or delivery industries use this information to make the service quality and timely in the market. Nowadays, mobile phones come up with the GPS enabling the feature to bring the location information clearly to app owners. 

Since the benefits of location-based apps are high, on-demand firms largely preferred these apps in real-time. The industries that receive a huge benefit from Location-based apps are listed as follows.


Common features from GPS used are fleet management, locating the repair technicians, and the route tracking of towing technicians for the vehicle recovery industry. The ways that make the location-based apps registered their pace in the automotive industry are tracking the vehicle location, notifying the customers about the current position, and sending messages to the customer regarding the estimated time of arrival. 


One of the specific industries having a huge reflection from the location-based apps is the travel industry. Map-based view and the Geo-fence are high essential features that enable the customers to locate the hotels, rooms while they are on a trip itself. 

On-demand Multi-Services

Right from the taxi-booking to the professionals booking, the location-based apps are the perfect contributors to manage the service activities in easy ways. The navigation attached to the location identification allows either the taxi driver or the service professionals to perform the trips within the minimum time period. This results in high-productivity hours.

Retail Services

For those who carry retail services, the location information is essential to deliver the products to the customer’s hand correctly. In parallel, the customers also have the ability to track the parcel’s location with the use of location information clearly. 

The major benefits of location-based app usage in these industries are illustrated as follows.

  • Accurate & Fast Delivery of products due to the awareness of location information
  • Instant search of nearby shops, service providers, and technicians quickly. 
  • Improved in-app communication 
  • Getting a unique personalized experience. 

On the whole, the influence and the benefits of location-based apps are more and hence the location-based app development is a necessity to practice for the startup owners. But, how to implement them in 2021 is the tricky one for the players involved in the on-demand industry. 

Trending Ideas for Implementing Location-Aware Apps in 2021

Creating your own location-based apps in this new era can be easier with the availability of several app development players in the market. Prior to selecting them, it is necessary to get a clear plan with the ideas for the On-Demand services app. The top ideas for your own location-based app development are listed as follows. 

Brand & Offer Availability

One of the unique ways to attract customers is to create a brand identity from attractive photos or offers based on the customers residing in the region. In order to create more visitors, the location-based information is a special one. For this, location-aware apps play a major role and hence they are highly needed. 

Workflow Automation

A location-based app is a helpful tool to track the delivery executive or the service professionals to automate the tasks listed as follows:

  • Track the delivery executives till the arrival of the parcels at the doorstep
  • Locate the service providers in the nearby region
  • Notify the customers regarding when will arrive, estimated time of the delivery, etc in real-time. 

Easy-to-locate Products 

While looking in metropolitan cities, the existence of malls and supermarkets is a huge one and the products available in such stores also more. While developing On-Demand services applications for the delivery process, the location-aware concept is the main requirement. The effectiveness of location-based app development lies in the following ways. 

  • Recommend the products as per the consumers located in a region or by previous purchasing history
  • Remind the date of purchases
  • While customers access the On-Demand services application, they are greeted with various offers and special items that are helpful to increase the sales. 

Alerts on customers

As soon as the new products arrive in the market, they can be immediately notified by the customers by sending the alerts to the customers. Compared to other players in on-demand industries, how far the service is reaching the customer’s heart is the essential one. To achieve this, location-based information is a necessity. 

Weekend Travels

Since the relaxations are getting started around the world after pandemic globally, the peoples are starting to prepare the traveling plans. Hence, they prefer location-based apps to identify the amenities in the traveling area for a comfortable stay. 

With these ideas, the location-based apps make the service providers easily expand their services and provide quality services to the customers

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Be the Changer With the Essential Features of SpotnRides App

According to the allied market research report, the growth value of the location-based services will be expected to reach 157.34 bn USD by the end of 2026 and it will be increased to 183.81 bn USD in 2027. The growth rate analysis for the forecast period 2019-2026 predicted as 27.1%. The average growth rate during 2020-2027 will be observed as 26.3%. 

From this prediction, you inferred that the need for location-based apps is high in future years. Focusing on this aspect, SpotnRides is registered for On-Demand App Clone Development with the inclusion of location-aware methodologies. 

Right from taxi-booking to any service booking via app, SpotnRides considered the location information as the base and incorporated the suitable technologies to integrate GPS within the app. The basic features of the SpotnRides geolocation apps are listed as follows. 

Real-Time Locational Information

Locational information on Various items while ordering and service professionals while booking is essential. Integration of Google maps within the app allows the customers to track the location and use the information to make the travel a convenient one. 

Location-based Notification

One of the specific features called location-based notifications where they are simply alert messages regarding the status of the products or persons in diverse situations. 

  • Whether the products ordered are entering or available into the nearby customer’s location or within the location respectively. 
  • Notify the users regarding the current status of the products or the service professionals 
  • Notify the users regarding the arrival of new products. 

Regional Boundaries-based Alerts

With the use of a special function called Geofencing, the customers can set the regional boundaries where they are special interests. When the products or persons exit the boundaries, they are immediately notified. 

Perfect Route Plans

As the delivery partner or the service professionals, they are in need to prepare the perfect plan for the routes to the customer’s location to reduce the trip time. For a perfect plan, the location or distance information is the necessary one. By integrating the location-aware concepts within the On-Demand services app development, SpotnRides makes the service providers achieve the minimum time trips for more productive hours. 

What are all advanced metrics to make SpotnRides the Best Choice?

Besides the essential features, certain advanced metrics also played a supportive role to make the SpotnRides the best choice for startup professionals. Those metrics are listed as follows.

Increase in Size of App Onboarding Customers

Treating the customer needs as per the location brings more customers towards the business. Building up the potential customer base is the necessary one in the market. Getting the information regarding the location and fulfilling the customer needs as per their locational demands via SpotnRides allows the service providers to build a solid potential customer base. 

Increase in Sales

SpotnRides location-based apps highly contributed to the conversion of the visitors into sales-driven peoples. With the conveyance of the necessary information regarding the offers/discounts on the products, the customers can be impressed in the initial stages. By offering the fruitful options, you can make them stay on your business models for a long time. 

Greater Visibility

With the identification of location information, the service professionals, delivery executives participating with the SpotnRides can complete their services as quickly as possible. Moreover, productive hours also get increased. Carrying a wide range of customer requests and completing them in the specified time period assured familiarity in the market. 

Way Forward

Developing location-based apps is the essential requirement for startup professionals to carry a wide range of services irrespective of regional limitations. More number of app development players available in the market to implement location-aware concepts within the on-demand services app development. 

Among them, SpotnRides is the familiar player in the market providing a unique location-based application to fulfill all your business demands. Contact us by filling this form or emailing it to [email protected] to get an opt location-based app for your on-demand services.

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