How SpotnRides Highly Crafted Application Helps You To Build A Professional Piano Tuning Business?

An on-demand handyman service made our home task simple. They provide a well established professional service according to the issue. This also made the customers move towards the application-based service for any other repair task. When it comes to piano tuning, only a professional can give the right service. Yes, a piano tuner is well knowledge about the construction of piano and repair felt, wooden damages easily.

There are more piano tuning specialists available everywhere. In this digital era, without an application, they are invisible. They can be able to get the rapid bookings on the piano tuning and pitch correcting only if they partnered with the mobile application. 

The market value of the music instrument is expected to show a growth of 7% at the end of 2023. Then, there is the demand for the tuning service too, if you kickstart a piano tuning service startup now you can surely get benefited from a high revenue gain from your business shortly. This blog is all about the mobile app for piano tuning service.

Steps To Be Followed To Start A Professional Online Piano Tuning Business Today 

Pianos are mostly used for commercial purposes only or it may be used on a regular basis in academics. When it has to be shifted to one place to another, then one must be in need of a piano tuning service. It is a type of service that lies under the expert’s hand who has the knowledge about the piano built.

You might have found piano tuning business as the best business idea that can be implemented in 2020, but without the right following steps, you aren’t able to take your business to the next level. We have put together the guide with the steps that let you plan and exhibit the business clearly. 

  • Step-1 plan the business – For any entrepreneur who is looking to get started with an on-demand application-based service then he must have the essential business plan for their application based service. It helps you to mark the needed things and unwanted things (features). This process also lets you discover many unknown threads.
  • Step-2 Cost estimation – Cost is the turning point for all the business but when it comes to the starting of the business it is tough to put and gain it back. But in piano tuning service you can easily gain the revenue and reach your business goals too. You can estimate the cost of your service as well by taking the current service rate in the market.
  • Step-3 Targeted market – Your targeted markets are namely schools, colleges, public, studios, and recording platforms. These areas have multiple instruments and they are in need of tuning service on a regular period of time. In-home piano tuning will be less when compared to a bunch of studios. 
  • Step-4 A well-developed application – Once you’re ready with the above mentioned three steps then all you’re in need of an application that brings your business visibility. Yes, an application-based service can easily bring visibility to the business once you’re adapted to the right application.

In SpotnRides, you will get one such right solution that brings visibility as well as let you gain high revenue. Keep reading to know about us and our service.

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How SpotnRides act as a solution to manage your business

Normally, every on-demand software developer is ready to offer an application that lets the admin manage and track their service’s so-called real-time tracking. Yes, it’s true still, there are few software applications out there which are developed poorly. So entrepreneurs are getting confused while choosing the software for their business.

But your luck to be here because in SpotnRides you will not get one such solution. We are providing the best solution as well as excellent service to our clients that let us take our service across the seas. Our application has been pre-designed with essential tool features so that there is no waiting time for your business launch.

Though it is pre-developed we have the blueprint of the application so that it can be modified according to your business plan easily. Other than that we have years of experience in this application development field. So gathering the customer’s attention won’t be a tough job for us if you get our software application. 

We highly believe that user interfaces are the first key step to succeed in the on-demand business industry. Because of that, we have designed your application more unique with the latest trends in the UI design tools. Let me list out the three interfaces that take place in your piano tuning service as follows

  1. Piano tuner’s app (iOS and Android),
  2. Customer’s app (iOS and Android),
  3. Admin panel.

By choosing SpotnRides, you will be benefited from the above mentioned whole package of three interfaces. Our team will be available 24*7 for clearing your doubts so that you can contact us at any time without any hesitation. Let us see the workflow of your mobile application when it takes place in the application store.

  • As always the first step would be the downloading of the application from the respective store. Since your application has been available on both platforms, you can gather the attention of both the users. Once they download it, they have to register with the application to continue the piano tuner service. Now, they are allowed to check the nearby available service provider.
  • So once they check and decide the needed tuner, it will automatically send a notification for the service provider (piano tuner) they can accept or reject the customer’s request. Once they accept the request the customer can schedule the booking or book the service now. Then they can rate the service once the tuning service is finished and the payment process also made simple with our application.
  • These above-mentioned processes will be automatically updated in the admin’s dashboard. So that you as an admin can take an overview of all your application processes. Other than that all the user’s data and payment processes will be displayed on this dashboard. By checking the customer’s feedback, you’re allowed to change the service even better.

These processes all give a new experience to the customers and that keeps them engaging with your application more. The workflow was made simple with the essential tools of our application. Keep reading to know about it.

How SpotnRides Features made your professional piano tuner service booking easier 

  • Multiple Account Option – In-service application, gaining the customer’s trust is quite tough, but with the help of our application service, you can easily gain the customer’s trust. This feature tool helps the customers to register their accounts using multiple options namely emails, Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus. This lets them decide their registration process either to social media or email.
  • Service Tracking and Monitoring – As I mentioned before, using our application you track the service provider in real-time tracking, and the admin can monitor all the processes that take place in the application with the help of this feature. This feature plays an important role in piano tuning service, where it allows both the players (specialists and patients) to check their destination.
  • Admin’s Centralized Dashboard – Admin dashboard has been specially designed in such a way it gives all the details instantly. So that the admin can report or drop a report on the respective user when they didn’t follow according to the terms and conditions. Since it is a centralized dashboard, all the service providers and the customer’s details will be displayed as well as their reviews will be shown in this.
  • Possible Payment and Language Options – Always we can’t assure that everybody in your region is well aware of your local language so that we have decided to integrate the multiple languages and payments too. This lets the customers pay their service fare online or cash. If they decide to pay online then it can be done through an in-build wallet or other options. 
  • Tuner’s Service Review – This feature brings transparency to your service business. Yes, once the service is accomplished the customers are allowed to rate and review the respective piano tuners. This will help them to improve their service, and you as an admin can take it as a note on the particular service provider. This allows you to improve your piano tuning business by acting according to customers’ reviews.
  • Scheduled Service Booking – To give flexibility to the customers we have designed this feature tool that lets them schedule their bookings. The customers have been fully eligible to schedule their service according to their free time. This will intimate the service provider as well as and it will be marked on both the user’s calendar. There won’t be any overbooking issue because our software is a cloud-based service.

The above listed are the essential feature tools that have been developed and readily available with our application. If you want any changes on the feature it can also be done according to your piano tuning business. If there are more tools without any use then the customers will get fed up with your service.

Bottom line

Choosing the right application solution is very important when it comes to the on-demand piano tuning app. The average revenue estimate of a piano tuner is $35,000 per year by joining your application with all the tuners you’re allowed to gain more profit. In SpotnRides, you will be benefited from one such thing. 

Gathering the customer’s attention was made simple with our software service. We also hope that everybody has different business demands. So please fill the below form or contact us at [email protected] so that we are able to check it and catch you with the right solution.

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