How SpotnRides Fits the dApp to Bring Growth in The On-Demand Transportation Business?

In recent years, plenty of new technologies have been introduced for mobile application development. In those one such tech which has created a niche platform for itself is decentralized applications also known as dApp. It has its own uniqueness which allows connecting the users and developers directly. There is no need for a third party or a mediator host, it completely eliminates the needs of them. In a simple word as the name, it doesn’t require any centralized person or party to monitor and track the progress. 

So that it gradually makes the interest of the developers all over the world. This blog is for all the entrepreneurs who are interested in starting an app-based transportation business. Without any further delay let us drive into the dApp.

Two types of dApp

It is open-source software that was powered by Blockchain technology. It is a decentralized, open-source and operates on user incentive. There are two types of dApp, they are listed as below

  1. Bitcoin dApps,
  2. Ethereum dApps. 

These are the two types of dApp. Now let me tell you why developers prefer dApp than traditional app development. 

How Does dApp Development Differ from Traditional App Development?

As I mentioned above, there is no centralized person to monitor the process. In normal apps, there will be a developer or an owner of the app who changes the code and functionality of that application. But, the dApp is used to change the code and functionality automatically.

The main advantages of dApp that overcomes the normal applications are as listed below

  • Faster payment,
  • High level of data security,
  • Reliable data records,
  • No need for a lengthy sign up process,
  • It can’t crash or completely die,
  • Trustworthy and impossible to hack.

Where in a normal application, it can be easily hacked and third-party involvement that will reduce your cost. You might get a clear understanding of the dApp and what makes it more advantageous than a normal application. It’s better to choose dApp than choosing a normal application. Now, Let me tell you how SpotnRides software brings the growth in all the on-demand transportation business. Keep reading to know more.

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SpotnRides Modern dApp software solution

Nowadays no one can run their business without fittable software for their business. We all know that there is a steady growth in the transportation business. If not? Then there must be a problem in their system. Their software might not be that much smooth enough for the workflow. People get irritated when their app hangs or lags, so it’s better to choose the right application mainly for your transportation business. Here I will suggest you choose a modern software solution which will overcome the current issues.

SpotnRides is a software solution for all the on-demand applications and It is more flexible. We are gathered as a group of a variety of experienced persons, where we all are working on all the on-demand transportation applications. So that we know about the latest trends and how to overcome the issues that have been faced in the transportation business.  

When an application is scalable then only it can be modified as per your choice or you are able to adapt to the latest techs. Therefore, you must choose a customized application for your business. Our software fits the modern dApp solution for the transportation business to bring a high growth in all the on-demand business and scalable.

Let me tell you the key factors that make the users more comfortable, and convenient. These are the main causes of the growth in the transportation industry by using our software. 

End to End relationship

All the transport industries will have three participants ie, transport company, service provider and the user. Mostly those have seen in many transportation apps but in our solution it has been changed. Where there is no need for a host to maintain and manage the datas.

There is no need for any host, this allows to build a strong relationship between the service provider and the users. This also allows the users to know the revenue model of the providers where the trust is built on their service. 

The benefits you will gain by end to end relationship

  • Transportation flexibility,
  • Easy to access the information,
  • More efficiency, 
  • Improve the responsiveness to the customers.

Faster payment No intermediate

When the trust is created there should be a proper transaction. Though there is no intermediate, there will be no issues in the late payments for the service provider. This will also boost the workflow of the service provider. It also improves the quality of service in your business by transparency. It also boosts your business revenue very fast.

By using our software, your users are also allowed to do multi-currency payment.

Cost reduction for overall

In our solution, the absence of an intermediator makes the transaction faster and there is no need for the cost reduction too. This is one of the main reasons for the growth in your transportation business.

Secure peer to peer transactions

There is a gradual increase in revenue for that specific party. Though there is an increase in revenue, people are always very concerned about their privacy and security. Where our software solution allows the user’s transactions hidden from the third-party. This also built great trust among the users in your transportation business. Thus it empowers the business to run more smoothly than before.

Easy and clear tracking

The users always want the best service in everything likewise they are expecting to track their transportation very clearly and accurately. Here the users are benefited from our software through real-time tracking feature, where everything will be intimate to the driver and the users accordingly.

Quick vehicle cost determination

There is a clear tracking system in our software along with the vehicle cost determination. More than this our software can also maintain the data of the trucks or any vehicle, this will help the users to buy it at the correct price and warranty too.

The transport industry is regularly adapting its business with the latest technology. Blockchain technology can be more useful in making the transportation industry highly profitable. The suggestion from our side is to choose the best and correct solution for your business. 

Final say 

There are many advantages to adopting dApp. In the deep drive, blockchain-based dApps can help all on-demand transportation industries to run their businesses more successfully and efficiently. So still why are you waiting for?

Let us know which other ideas you have in your mind so that we can work it out for you. Make it happen now with us today, by filling the following form and we will be back to you soon. or tap a message to [email protected]

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