How SpotnRides Car Rental Software is Perfectly Suited for Online Booking & Management of Vehicles Rental Startup?

The present billion-dollar on-demand transport industry has a new addition. It is the self drive car rental business model. Car rental is not something new and is present for some decades. People in the US and European cities often rent cars for personal use. An increase in fuel price, maintenance, space constraint, are some of the strong reasons to explore car renting options.

But now this car rental startups model is catching up quickly to other parts of the world. With growing concern for pollution and traffic, the car rental markets going to transform to a new level; till 2020 this industry will grow at 12% CAGR. 

What has Changed Markedly in the Car Rental Business Model?

Using the on-demand model, any user can book a car for self drive at any time. Another big change is that the operator of the on-demand car rental need not necessarily own any vehicle; car owners can list their vehicles for rent and earn money. 

Complete damage insurance is now provided by various firms to self drive rental cars. 24/7 road assistance can also be made available. See, the on-demand car rental at present is completely different from its previous model. Now it has become customer-centric focussing mainly on seamless user experience.

How on-demand car rental startup works?

  1. Search and book a car from the app. Enter details like no of days required, seating requirements, mileage, and price.
  2. The user then needs to upload the driving license and other necessary documents asked by the car owner. A small security deposit is paid and it is optional.
  3. An SMS is sent to the user app just before the booked time. The SMS is verified and the car is unlocked for usage.
  4. After the drive is over, the user returns the car to the predetermined location and the car is checked for any damage. Finally, the invoice is generated for the final payment. 
  5. A checklist is sent to the user app to give feedback and register grievances.

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SpotnRides car rental management software for emerging startups

The self drive car rental startup market is relatively new and chances are bright that if you enter with an outstanding app solution. You don’t have to spend time developing the software product for it. 

SpotnRides has a pre-built rental car booking script. Zoomcar is the market leader in car rental and SpotnRides is inspired by it.

We have an affirmative answer regarding SpotnRides for the following questions.

  1. Does it have region based features and functionalities?
  2. Can they be customized to add new functions?
  3. Will the look and feel give a sense of ease and comfort?
  4. Is the admin panel foolproof with ultimate usability? 

Highlighting features in SpotnRides car rental software

Raise dispute: Both the user and car owner can raise disputes from their respective apps. Any damages in the car or flouting of rules can be reported using evidence. In-app customer chat is present to sort out immediate issues. 

Users can raise any unnecessary cost in the invoice by posting screenshots.

Instant roadside assistance: In case of breakdown or failure of the car, the user can use the roadside assistance feature to immediately find nearby assistance.

Car swapping: User after having registered a particular car can swap another car with the same price within the registration period. This is done in the car swapping option in the user app.

Invite contacts: After the ride is over and the user is happy with the ride, contacts will be suggested for recommending the service to others. Incentives like points are given for users inviting contacts.

Car owner panel: Upcoming and ongoing ride request and rides respectively are managed from a single panel. Quoting rates and specifying conditions is possible with a tap.

Multiple filters: Users can search and book cars based on different brands, fuel type, seating, car type, color, facilities, luxury, entertainment facility, ratings, mileage, and many more.

Car sharing and split cost: There is an option to join other users with the registered car so that the car can be shared. Costs can be split based on usage. This option is valid only when other user’s documents are verified and accepted by admin. 

Property claim: In case the user left any personal belonging in the car after it is returned, the property claim option is used to immediately notify the car owner.

Comprehensive admin web panel

The admin web panel in SpotnRides from where you will operate is known for its excellent user experience. Sophisticated features and computations tools are present without intimidating to use.

All claims, grievances, disputes, penalty, flouting rules, and many more for each booking is visible in the admin dashboard.

Wrapping up!

Asia and the US market are hot right now for the self drive car rental market. If you plan to launch now, it will be an apt time to reap maximum advantage; and you get more advantages if you use SpotnRides solution. 

Connect with us on [email protected] to get more info about our product. Also, get a live demo and simulation of the comprehensive admin panel. We are waiting to serve you.  

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