How SpotnRides Blood Donor Finder Mobile Application Seeks to Save Lives by Interfacing Donors with Requester?

Is there any substitute for blood? Certainly not. Growing medical innovations and technology will never find a substitute for human blood. This is only donated by the living donors. Around the world, the evolution of blood transfusion services saves millions of human lives day by day. Finding the donor with perfect blood compatibility is a complex and time-consuming process. Connecting the patient with the matched donors and sending the alerts to the donors in emergency scenarios are the crucial things in constructing a blood donor management system to be addressed. 

An interface that serves as a good connecting platform between the patients and the donors is required to deal with the real-time issues. The innovations in the technology made the blood recruitment services to find blood donors to participate in the voluntary blood donation camp. Though the more mobile applications offered better solutions, there must be some issues when you look into the deep. 

On the basis of certain infrastructure in the region-wise blood donation centers, the flexibility in web-based online blood donation system is needed in order to exchange the data among them. Uninterrupted communication between the bloody doors and the patients, finding the location of donors and the optimization in the routes are needed in order to reach the blood on time. The provision of convenience to the donor side through the online blood donation system saves time and ensures credibility. One solution for all these issues is SpotnRides. Yes. How it will be proved?. By going through this blog, you can arrive at a conclusion. 

What is Blood Donor Finder Application?

A Gap to be bridged on voluntary blood donation 2020

Healthcare service reports showed that NHS to fix the target of 68,000 voluntary donors in 2020 which is more compared to last year, say 54000. The collection of blood donations from the non-remunerated volunteer is around 84%. Promoting the awareness about the blood donation and the suitable identified platform are the better chances to increase the count of blood donors. Collecting the reports from country-wise analysis, the following major implications are there in realtime practices

  • Consideration of near donors are volunteers
  • Evolution of repeated donations around 0-30% due to the lack of customer satisfaction and donor loyalty
  • Unaware of blood should be waiting for the patient and no patient should be waiting for blood.
  • Too late delivery is not a valid one to save human life
  • Need of digital platform in the healthcare centers to manipulate the donor entries and the needy patients
  • Connecting platforms makes the donor, high willingness to donate blood.
  • Resolving the financial burden to donors by helping them in transportation.

With the above implications, some more gaps are identified through the in-depth analysis of the market. 

  • Seasonal Shortages

Blood shortages are observed during the vacation periods. Registered donors go out of the city limits and there is no provision for healthcare centers making the connection among them. During those periods, creating awareness through the social media pages and the identification of new donors nearby locations provides the solutions for dealing with the seasonal shortages. The necessary thing must be understood that the blood donation organizers have the capability to identify the quality persons rather than the quantity.

  • Value for a blood

The major observation in the peoples, as well as the health sectors, why charging rather than free donating. But, performing many tests on the window period, the span between the infection and positive test results is the cost-oriented process. Hence, the recovery of blood processing costs by the blood bank and promoting the registered donors by offers or promotions creating more willingness and thus many donors are registered with the blood donation bank.

  Upon discussion, you have gone through the gaps observed in creating awareness about voluntary blood donation in the year 2020. When there is a demand, there must be a new one. This the ultimate quote for technology. Way of integrating the patients with compatible donors, fine-tuning the searching process of the unpaid donors and converting them to the paid donors required a suitable online blood donation system. 

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Meet Your Match: Technology Path

As per the discussion in the previous session, the creation of a suitable platform that provides a seamless connection between the patient and the donors. Technological practices create an efficient path to meet the match on blood donation programs in the following ways. 

  • Cumulate the voluntary blood donors under one roof

The major objective of this concept is to bring the volunteer blood donors under one roof based on the geographical location. A proper network that provides the basic registration facilities for the blood donors and made by providing personal details. After the input data is saved and anyone who needs the corresponding blood initiates the request and brings down the donor through closest proximity. The provision of alerting messages to the donors available nearly and responding to the requests are performed in the network. 

  • Assure Security

Since this is a sensitive task, the qualified person and the prerequisite system are needed to assure the security of the process. The networks must be capable not to send the donation requests in three months for males and four months for females. To carry out this task, the scheduling of their appointments is required. Manual operations sometimes create errors in scheduling and hence there is a need for a digital interface. 

  • Alert donor anytime

People need blood only in emergency scenarios. During emergency conditions, they aren’t capable of sending requests in a proper way. Hence, the suitable alert system is the major requirement for the patients to raise the alert by an individual on behalf of themselves. Immediate notification to the donors located nearby makes the donor reach the respective hospital on time. 

When you construct the interface, the above key points must be noted to assure the sustainable developments in the bloody business. Though the technology path offers numerous perks to the blood donor interconnection, there must be some breaks to reduce the performance. The unaware of traffic density between the donors’ location and the patient’s destination. 

Furthermore, the SMS based services are to be needed even in the absence of internet services and this requires the phone numbers. The hospital staff can be directly logged into the system to know the availability of blood banks instead of getting approval from the admin and also needed one for a better interface. 

How Digitization turn Blood Donation to Better

Recruiting the new blood donors, keeping the paid registered donors to make the loyal relationship requires the utilization of digital technologies. Research statistics highlighted the need for blood for humans every two seconds. The blood donation lies in three conditions: voluntary paid with the help of family members and emergency conditions. Digitization turns the blood donation to be better in the following ways

  • Acquire Potential Donors

Talking and seeing the written documents when the number of donors is involved are critical tasks. Also, analysis based on the blood groups is a tedious task. Hence, the digital platform that integrates the donor list in the visual form and categorization based on the groups is needed to acquire the potential donors.

  • Support financially 

As per the discussion, blood donation is sometimes a payment process for the welfare of the donor’s family. With the suitable digital interface, the donors earn the batches, rewards, subscriptions in the shopping websites, and phone credits mean more peoples expose their willingness to participate in the blood donation program. 

  • Simplicity in Process

With the smartphones in all hands, the creation of a user-friendly interface to register themselves easily by going online is the feasible one. Diluting practices should be added up into the existing application based on the real-time issues needed. The digital platform must be easier to operate in scheduling the donations, creating easy alerts during emergency scenarios.

Carrying all activities by a single solution is an efficient task. SpotnRides acts as the best fit for the above digitization practices. It offers a better match between the donors and the patients in a unique way.

How SpotnRides offer better match volunteer blood donors with the patient? 

The first and foremost thing in using the SpotnRides blood donor finder app is there is no need of technical knowledge specifically. Any person can use the app and this was the major feature to carry the emergency condition. The establishment of an instant connection between the patient and the donors through this app provides numerous advantages as follows:

  • To reach nearest easily

With the physical conditions like the disruption in natures, traffic densities in the particular area, and road conditions affected the nearest donor to reach the needy hospital on time. But, the employment of digital GPS-based tracking in the SpotnRides blood donor finder app helps the donor to know the optimal routes from the diverse routes and thereby reaching the hospital on time and save the life of the patient. 

  • Validate credentials of donor

Since blood donation is a sensitive task, knowing the right persons by validating the previous donating history is needed to schedule the donating options. The quick way of document uploading option in the SpotnRides blood donor finder offers fast processing and makes you take the instant decisions for the next donor. This also helps to identify potential donors easily.

  • Rewarding Donations 

Provision of promo codes based usage in SpotnRides solution allows the donors to make a high willingness in participation and offers financial support to the family.

  • Integrate Social Media to handle the seasonal shortage

As per the discussion in the previous session, to carry the seasonal shortages, the promotion of your app in the social media helps to know the additional donors on the nearby location.  Further, SOS based alert creation deals with the emergency condition.

  • Real-time tracking blood donors

With the inclusion of real-time tracking features, the patients or the individuals on behalf of patients can easily track the movement of blood donors and provide the stress-free experience to them. 

 Wrap up

Concluding this blog, you gain knowledge on the impact of blood donors in saving human life, gaps in volunteer blood donation programs, how to fill them and creating the technology path for matching. The identified gaps are easily filled by the SpotnRides solution in a unique way. The incurring set of real-time features within the SpotnRides solution maximizes the donor participation level and creates awareness also in an easy way. Make a better interface platform for the donors and patients now by dropping your ideas into [email protected].  

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