How SpotnRides Best Appointment Scheduling Software Fits for Small Business and All On-Demand Industries?

In 2020, all the on-demand apps or industries have their own appointment scheduling as one of their core features. For example Uber, Appointment scheduling makes your task more easy and convenient for the users to find their professionals to connect with them. Mainly in the health industry booking appointments online has become a great demand nowadays.

But still, there are few industries or businesses that are taking their appointment through calls and managing it in a google calendar or in an Excel sheet it really lacks. This often leads to the mistake or loss in the data or sometimes mandatory mistakes. In the modern world, some un-moving companies are taking their appointments and scheduling offline. They still lags in the knowledge that they are missing a big slice of cake in the revenue.

By taking or scheduling your booking online will 100% grow your revenue and your users/clients/customers will feel free for appointing their bookings from their comfort zone. Is it the right time? Yes, it is possible to develop your own application now because there are still many industries that need your software. Here this blog will provide you everything about the appointment scheduling app.

What is an Appointment Scheduling app and What Makes it More User-Friendly?

An Appointment scheduling app is just like a business tool, where the users are able to book their appointment with their business leads or professionals, and they are also allowed to cancel it or to reschedule it according to their preference. 

The appointment scheduling app allows the users to check, all the available time to come in for their meeting or service or treatment, and they are allowed to book their appointment with their leads, without contacting them they can cancel it or reschedule it. This also makes it easier for the business leads to manage their schedule without any PI or managers. Here let me tell you the Pros and Cons of as follows.


  • It saves a lot of times for the leads and the users,
  • Constant and quick updates regarding the appointment,
  • Easy to access the data, since it will defaultly stored in the cloud,
  • More flexible to reschedule according to their preferred time,
  • In-built remainder to make you remember your appointment.

The main issue in the Appointment scheduling app is that it feels difficult for some users and they aren’t able to understand it correctly. Before choosing a scheduling app or if you’re going to subscribe to an appointment scheduling app then check that it has a well-organized dashboard because if it is not, then you can’t organize all your meetings or schedules properly. 

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Who is a perfect match for this appointment scheduling application?

This application can be applicable for two types of business persons

  1. One can invest, connect his application with the on-demand industry to earn commission for each booking. Here he plays as an admin.                                              (or)
  2. The person who is in an idea to take his business to the next level, can invest in appointment scheduling applications for easy appointments. There is no need to appoint a third person to maintain the dates of the clients.

There is no much difference as both can earn equal revenue.

There are a lot more applications in the market you can choose anyone, but if your application is filled with unwanted features, then your users will find an alternative solution. People are like birds they use to change their taste as per the seasons.  Here, keep reading to know the best appointment scheduling software and the workflow of your appointment scheduling application.

How SpotnRides appointment booking software overcome it

SpotnRides is a modern software solution for all the on-demand business industries. We have a group of experienced teams to bring a solution to the issues that are being faced in all the on-demand industries. Our team has successfully launched our services world wide. 

We have a ready-made appointment scheduling application which is more flexible, so that it can edit or remove the features according to your business model or according to the needs. Since our software is more scalable it is quickly able to adapt to the upcoming update trends in technology.

Your application overcomes the above mentioned issues by the best UI/UX design. Where the users are easily able to understand with the clear widgets to schedule their bookings with an attractive calendar. Since your application has developed with the latest tech, there will not be any lack this gives a more user-friendly feel to your app users. 

By now you might be more interested to know more about your appointment scheduling app without any future delay let’s drive into it. Here are the three interfaces of your application.

  1. The User (iOS and Android),
  2. The Service provider (iOS and Android),
  3. Admin web panel.

How these three interfaces connected together to give a smooth workflow?

The user – Have to download your app from their respective stores, register with the required details to access your app services and offers. Now the user is allowed to check your schedule and they can book according to their convenient time with the customized calendar in their application. Once they book their appointment the payment can be done with the multi-payment feature. In build, a notification will keep the users remembering their appointment.

The service provider – When the user books their appointment, it will automatically notify the service provider in their app and they can accept it or reject it. They can also manage their staff, clients booking within their app itself. They can also manage their received payment data and dates. The service provider can analyze their business performance by their bookings easily.

The admin – Will get a commission for each booking and all the data of booking details will be displayed in the admin dashboard.

Isn’t it simple, your app makes the work more simple and there is no need of third-person to manage your appointment and fixing according to your convenient time. Our software will be perfectly fit for all the on-demand business. Keep reading to know about it.

Impact of SpotnRides Appointment scheduling for all the business types

Our software is not only a solution for a particular industry, since it is flexible it can easily adapt according to the on-demand industry with unique features. 

Beauty & Salon

Now it is easy to add an appointment with your favorite stylist at your convenient time. The users are able to view their stylist availability. Stylists can manage their scheduling appointments through this app. Besides, saloon and parlour management is also feasible with the single tap solution. The stylist can keep updating with their special offers in-built chat box to their subscribers. 

Features – Scheduling with the customized calendar and automatic reminders, Multi-payment, Manage sales and Manage the client’s appointments.

Home service

The user can log into the app to check the available service around you. The user can view to explore the service provider’s profile and read their reviews. The service provider can create a new or make a change their existing jobs profile with a single click or they are also allowed to handle multiple jobs because most of them are experts in a few fields.

Features – Scheduling appointments based on client requirements, check the availability of relevant workers, Receive instant messages and notifications and simplify complex scheduling with the customized calendar.


It makes it convenient for patients to book an appointment with a specialist from their homes. The patient can view the availability of the doctors and place their appointment. Doctors can also manage their schedules according to their emergency time and can manage his/her clinic with just a tap.

Features – Always in sync with appointments and multiple calendars for doctors to handle their emergency situations.

Sports and Fitness

Now, your customer can easily reach you with just a tap or they can also reschedule their bookings according to trainers availability. The trainer can update his/her service and support in a short time. The trainer is also able to manage his/her fitness center from anywhere.

Features – 24*7 online booking, Schedule your unlimited appointments, Scheduled book multi-day classes with workshops and automatic confirmations along with appointment reminders.

Professional services

The professionals like consultants, lawyers by launching a scheduling app for clients to easily set up their meetings. Streamlined interface with the professionals and easy to manage your dashboard. The user FAQ provides quick automatic answers to all. This also allows to track your sales revenue and generate easy-to-read reports. 

Features – Multi-payments, reviews, and rating over professionals profile and business info.

When you give your clients/users to book an appointment with you in a short and quick way at their convenience, it will improve your revenue gradually. And you are able to manage your business better by answering the calls or checking your schedule. 

Final say

The appointment scheduling app saves your time and reduces the loss of revenue due to no-show appointments and last minute cancelations. By providing your users with great service will increase your Business profile even further.

Many have different ideas right? If you have an unique one, share with us today by filling the below form we will get back to you soon. or tap a message to [email protected].

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