How SpotnRides Approach Varies for Startups and Traditional Taxi Owners

SpotnRides is a provider of taxi booking app clone script similar to Uber business model. This solution is developed to mainly cater to the needs of entrepreneurs who want to enter the on-demand taxi market at a limited budget. SpotnRides is having a ready made script so that entrepreneurs need not spend time and money on developing a solution from scratch. 

Existing traditional taxi owners are also one of our target customers. Conventional taxis are in a position to embrace app based taxi booking model in order to sustain. Even though SpotnRides is pre-built solution, there is a lot of room for customization based on the requirements of the user. Also, it is necessary to shape the app solution to adapt to a particular region, locality, cultural diversity, consumer behavior, and language.

During the customization of the solution, our entire team from different domain work in hand with our customer and shape it well based on their requirements. The approach we follow during that time differs drastically for new startups and existing taxi business companies.

Let me explain to you about this in detail and if you are an entrepreneur or existing taxi owners, then it will be helpful to you before approaching us.

For new startups

Listening to ideas

We know that a startup has come to us to use our ready-made solution. Still, we are keen to listen to their ideas and know about their business plan, business model, target consumers, etc. SpotnRides is a taxi booking app which can be used for any type of taxi startups like kids taxi, pet taxi, elder taxi, ride sharing, carpooling, long-distance travel taxis, and many more.  

The customization in SpotnRides for each of these taxi startup types are different. For this purpose, we follow the listening approach with the entrepreneurs.

Confirming the idea

The idea conveyed to us by the startups is discussed with our development team to confirm the feasibility. Our app solution is flexible to accommodate any type of taxi startup idea but still, we validate with our teams to assess the resources and approx. time required. We evaluate the idea with the team thoroughly using problem solving techniques and create a road map. 

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Developing and deployment stage

This is a crucial stage. First, we change the solution as a minimum viable product for the startup idea presented to us. By changing the solution to a minimum viable product, we make sure the scalability, functionality, and basic features are present in the solution.

Now we assign the various developers from iOS, Android, web, and design to carry out the customization in the minimum viable solution to transform it into a fully developed product.

After conceiving the solution which was asked by our customers, we now assign the testing team to extensively test the solution in real-time to check whether the product is working perfectly in the customer location.

From the start of the development until testing, everything is done in a phased manner. 

Support after deployment

Post deployment technical assistance is pivotal for taxi startups. Frequent crashes and minor issues are inevitable when the app solution is made live. These issues are sorted by us as soon as it is identified. Since we are receptive to relevant new technologies, we will update the app solution at specific intervals. On-demand taxi startups require frequent updation of the solution to be in line with the latest advancements.

This is how we approach new taxi startups. Mostly taxi startups work on zero inventory model i.e. they attach vehicles as cabs to their taxi startups. For taxi startups, SpotnRides consists of the customer app, driver app, and admin web panel.

For traditional taxi owners

Traditional taxi companies already have their own taxi fleet. Failure to adapt to the changing market will surely make the traditional taxi firms irrelevant. 

Most of these conventional taxi companies come to us for a basic app solution. They expect the features in the app to be similar to the Uber app. 

Here, the listening part is eliminated and the discussion part is filled with a two way communication between the taxi owner and the development team. The discussion mainly focuses on customization of SpotnRides solution.

Customizations specific to the region, locality, languages, etc are done and extra features like vehicle maintenance management, fuel charges, driver salary management, vehicle data analytics, and many more unique features are added. Similar to the app for taxi startup, here too the app is made for both iOS and Android platforms.

Since the app solution has to handle any data, it is tested as a pilot service for some time to rectify any issues.    

The deployment and post deployment assistance is the same as that of the taxi startups.

Wrapping up

I hope you have had a clear understanding of our approach towards taxi startups and conventional taxi owners. Most of the process we follow is common for both of them.

So far we have dispatched our well crafted SpotnRides solution to both taxi startups and taxi owners across 15+ countries. For us, client satisfaction is our utmost priority. To achieve it we leave no stone unturned. Our experienced development team and designers have the competence to undertake whatever customization in the app solution for existing taxi companies and taxi startups.

If you are from any of the two categories, kindly contact us on [email protected] for more details and queries. We are happy to answer you and looking forward to partner with you.

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