How SpotnRides After Sales Technical Assistance Can Bring a Change to Your On-Demand Taxi Business in the Longer Run_

How SpotnRides After Sales Technical Assistance Can Bring a Change to Your On-Demand Taxi Business in the Longer Run?

Many small and medium entrepreneurs who are keen to try their luck in the on-demand taxi market have used our taxi booking app solution. We have put a lot of effort into developing the solution with utmost quality and make it as a minimum viable product open to customization. 

That said, we also strive to make a mark in the post-deployment phase by providing everlasting experience. Now, we will see how our technical assistance can bring a change to an on-demand taxi startup.   

Importance of post app deployment assistance

Gone are the days where the client relationship ends with the sale, now the client relationship continue as after-sale support. That too for an on-demand app-based taxi market, the need for after-sales support is pivotal because of the need to update the app with latest tech advancements as quick as possible and to remove any obstacle for the users that hampers smooth usage. Not to mention that the on-demand taxi market is competitive and even a short slowdown will make the users to look out for the alternatives.

After sale support is also necessary for us to check whether what is delivered is the same as what was promised.  As a solution provider who is evolving every day by learning, we would be happy to be a part of anything that helps us learn and we hope that after sale support gives us a learning curve.

Moreover, post deployment assistance enables a long term commitment with the on-demand entrepreneurs which is a dream for solution providers. This instills confidence in others to join with us.

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Our approach to post deployment assistance

SpotnRides follows a three stage support system.

  1. Immediate assistance after deployment

We have built the taxi booking app meticulously keeping in mind the scalability and the extent of its usage. Also, it is tested multiple times on various devices. Still, it is prone to some issues and crashing in between and this is considered normal in any app after it is made live. For example, during peak hours many users book taxis and the app may accidentally crash. This should be quickly solved.

Here, our team uses the best of our efforts to first identify the bugs and issues. Once found, the issues are sorted as quickly as possible. In this stage, we work hand in hand with the client to understand and solve the issues. This stage is important and how one reacts to this stage determines the long term commitment. 

  1. Customer engagement

In this part, we engage with the client for technical assistance to smoothly run the app. Here is when we ask the client to revalidate their purchase experience. Works like app updates, bug fixing, etc are carried out in this stage. Customer feedback is asked to realign our type of work to completely suit the project.

This is also the time when the client considers some improvement in the app in terms of customization like design changes, scalability, and addon features. This happens only after the app has become stable and we at SpotnRides seamlessly do these changes. Latest tech advancements are also suggested to the client only if it is relevant. 

  1. Building long term commitment

This is the stage where long term commitment building is done. In the last two stages, we focus on providing everlasting customer experience to the client. Here, we explain the various products and services we offer and help the client to choose one that is relevant for him based on his future course.  

This stage is more or less a chat room or a discussion group where the client’s help is used to access other potential clients. In simple words, the last stage is also used for asking referrals for customer acquisition and business improvement.

We also provide maintenance packages for our existing clients apart from the normal after sale service we provide mandatorily. We take responsibility and ensure the client’s business remains competitive, robust and secure.

Below some of the activities will be taken care of by our team,

  • API webhook monitoring
  • App crash monitoring
  • Third party integration update reviews
  • App store management & monitoring
  • Source code repository & versioning
  • Upgrade to support upcoming OS and devices
  • Feature extension
  • Minor, incremental and major enhancements
  • Continuous testing

These activities are mostly carried as a part of the second stage of maintenance support. The benefits attained by the clients after our support are.

  • Resistance from bugs and errors
  • Opportune reviewing & testing
  • Smooth Business Functionality
  • Optimized user interface and upgrades with revised solution

Our maintenance services support model enables better and faster software maintenance, increases app productivity, and result in higher app ROI. 

This support is also provided to existing on-demand taxi owners who use taxi app clone scripts similar to Uber. If you have not yet started then, partner with us to launch a taxi startup with our SpotnRides solution and experience the quality assistance provided by us. 

For more details about SpotnRides, contact us on [email protected]. We are available anytime to respond to your queries and doubts.

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