How do SpotnRides Top 10 Features help to Take Roadside Assistance Services in Next Scale?

After a long period of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, people are getting passionate to travel to different places. But, the long travel mostly faces the challenges of breakdown and it needs a good roadside assistance service to recover the vehicle on-time. Finding the towing service in between the highways is tough too.

To end this struggle and help the people to connect with the best roadside assistance, we at SpotnRides come up with the towing service app solution. This blog will be a handy tool for roadside assistance to reach the customers and scale up their business to the next level. 

Comprehensive of Roadside Assistance Service in 2021

A tow truck is used to move the disabled vehicles, from one place to another place and get them ready. There are three types of trailers in the towing market namely small trailers, 18 wheel trailers, and big-rig trailers. Each towing trailer is able to tow the different sized vehicle, the types change according to the capacity and weight of the vehicle.

  • Over the past three years, the roadside assistance sector shows an annual growth rate of 4.7% and it is expected to reach a growth of 8.95 bn USD by the end of the year 2024.

The demand for roadside assistance brought many new players in the towing sectors. Still, there is a huge change for the startups to gain victory in the towing industry. Using an app like Uber, helps the entrepreneurs to reach out to the right targeted customers and generate revenue seamlessly.

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Getting Familiarity for Roadside Assistance: Key-strategy to Gain More Towing Bookings

Uber acts as a foundation business model for many on-demand apps that are running in the current market. In that tow trucking service is one of the popular, and high revenue generating platforms in the on-demand space. Uber for tow truck app service connects the people with roadside assistance within a short period. 

Owning a towing business allows you to be your own boss of the business. This also allows you to provide a valuable service to the individual drivers, business owners, and other people in the market. In SpotnRides, we develop the roadside assistance booking app solution with the best user interface and stunning features. 

This helps you as an entrepreneur to quickly launch the towing service with a good marketing strategy and campaigns to the user’s preferences smoothly with just a few taps.  Maximizing the profit with our different money generating scheme in the app for towing service as follows.

  • Referral Commission – This provides an opportunity to the customers to refer their friends or family to get additional offers or discounts on the booked towing service. This earns new users and is able to gain a high user rate.
  • Membership Options – People used to subscribe to the membership and get benefited on the timely usage. This is flexible for the delivery agency, logistics services, and other transportation business holders in the market. 
  • In-app Ad Banners – Let the tow truck providers advertise their service in-app itself. This allows them to gain the user’s attention and gasp the booking easily. You as an admin can collect the advertisement fare. 

These are a few of the revenue-maximizing schemes that we have integrated into the SpotnRides app for tow trucking solutions. You can also find other schemes like fee recommendations, commission fare on each booking, verified service fare, and many more. Other than these revenue-generating schemes, we have integrated the top 10 features to bring real fame to the on-demand market. 

Top Superior Features of Uber for Tow App from SpotnRides to bring Real Fame

  1. Capacity Check – The basic thing in the towing service is the towing truck capacity, and it should be more than the vehicle that is to be towed. This feature allows the user to choose the right trailers according to their vehicle capacity.
  2. Service Distance Trace – Letting the users know about the booked towing service in real-time. This also allows the customers to view the exact time estimation of the service arrival and the fare of the service they booked.
  3. Driver Profile Verification – Verifying the driver’s profile with the required documents will improve the service standards. As a service provider, this will improve the towing service transparency. 
  4. Towing Packages – Since, there are multiple tow packages, listing out all of them will allow the users to choose the right package according to their current needs. You can also list out emergency towing service with the additional fare for quick vehicle recovery service.
  5. Service Comfortability – It’s true that the tow truck service isn’t able to provide a luxurious vehicle recovery service, still the users need a comfortable booking service. to improve comfortability our app allows the users to book and customize their booked service at any time. 
  6. Convenient Payment Gateways – If the users are not convenient with the payment options then they won’t be placing their bookings. Thereby, we included the multiple payment gateways along with the COD option to build a convenient towing service.
  7. Active Location Sharing – Most of the time the users aren’t aware of their location at the dark time. Therefore, this feature has been integrated to let the users share their live location with their service provider as well as the friends/family circle. 
  8. Refunding on Cancellation – Refunding on the service cancellation will improve the user’s experience. With this feature, the users can cancel the booked service within a limited time, or else the charge will fare accordingly. 
  9. Booked Service Support – This feature helps you to support your users with their queries and able to reach their doubts on time. By responding to the user’s queries timely will build good brand visibility. 
  10. Towing Feedback System – The end-players can file feedback on their service and the filed feedback will be directly dropped to the admin’s web panel. The admin can over-check the service feedback and improve the service in the upcoming days. 

These are the top 10 features that help you to take roadside assistance services into the next scale. In SpotnRides you can also find other advanced features like multilingual, pop-up service notifications, service referrals, and in-app wallet. If you have any unique feature idea, it can also be developed and delivered to you on time without any competition in the service quality.  


These top 10 effective features that are mentioned in this article, will help the towing service provider to reach their business targets easily. SpotnRides uber for tow truck app is fully integrated and developed with the latest tech stacks. It helps the business person to run their business with the utmost care and they are able to provide a bug-free towing service in real-time. Reach our experts at [email protected] with your business ideas today, to build the best towing app solution according to your demand. 

Get Free Demo of Tow Truck App – WhatsApp | Skype

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