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How a Towing Dispatch Software Can Enhance Process Visibility and Transparency in Your Towing Business?

Most entrepreneurs know about transparency and its essential in a business. But another element that is equally important in a business is known as ‘Process Visibility’. Especially, when you are managing a huge fleet, you need to focus on the term.

Your towing business is one of the best examples to explain the importance of the term. 

In this blog, you can check the importance of process visibility & transparency and how they can be enhanced with towing dispatch software

What is Towing Dispatch Software?

A digital tool that helps to manage, and monitor the drivers and fleets (tow trucks) is called Towing Dispatch Software. It can help you to streamline your roadside assistance service. The software can connect the customers, tow truck drivers, and the admin. 

Through this software, the drivers can update their real-time status, vehicle status, details of the services they are provided, and others. As it is software, it can be accessed through browsers regardless of the operating system. 

The main objective of this software is to accept online bookings from the customers and assign them to the tow truck drivers automatically. Along with this, it can manage the driver and fleet safety, workflow and others. Monitoring the workflow of the towing service can ensure process visibility and transparency.

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What is Process Visibility in Towing Business?

Before diving into the technical aspects of the towing truck software, let’s check the process visibility. Process visibility is the ability to monitor, check and update the working process in a business/ service to the admin and other stakeholders. 

It can help the admin and other managing authorities of a firm/ organization to find out the flaws in the workflow, and the part which can be updated to maximize the efficiency. In the towing business, the entrepreneur must know the process of service in real-time.  Especially, it plays a vital role, if the entrepreneur manages a huge towing fleet. 

The lack of visibility in a towing business leads to operational risk, security risk, strategic risk, reputational risk, and even financial risk. The financial risk may occur if the stakeholders couldn’t have visibility in your business properly. So, ensuring visibility is also a primary thing for a tow truck business.

Subtle Difference Between Transparency and Process Visibility

The word, transparency, and visibility seem to be the same, they have unique definitions and properties as factors of business success.  Transparency means honest communication to share the actual actions performed in a business and visibility means that insight into the process and the current state of the business. 

In other words, transparency is important that can make your business credible to the customers by assuring accountability. On another hand, visibility is a tool for the administration of a business and stakeholders that provide present and future insights and real-time progress of a process. 

In short, a business that has visibility can ensure transparency. That means process visibility is a fundamental property that can assure transparency. As an entrepreneur in the tow truck business, you should ensure transparency and visibility.  

Must-Have Features of a Tow Truck Dispatch Software

With a tow truck management software (tow truck dispatch software) you can obtain process visibility and also transparency in your roadside assistance service. To do that the software must be filled with the following features.

  1. Real-time Optimization – It is the basic property of a tow truck dispatch software that can reduce the waiting time for your customers. This can be possible by gathering the live location of each tow truck and the customer’s location. By allocating the task to the service provider who is nearby to the location of the customer. That means the task allotment process will be optimized based on the real-time location.
  1. Managing Schedule – The tow truck dispatching software has the facility to manage the pre-planned schedules. So, you can allow the vehicle mechanics and sellers to book/ schedule your towing services to move their vehicles online and manage the schedule properly.  
  2. Customized Despatching – This feature of the roadside assistance software, can help you to manage the dispatching process when the customer books a personalized tow truck. For example, with this feature, you can easily manage the difficult process like towing a lengthy truck through a congested city and other scenarios like this. 
  3. In-app Connectivity – A roadside assistance software can integrate with the towing app to enable in-app contact facilities like chatting, messaging, and even phone calls. This can ensure service quality during the towing service. 
  4. Instant Alerts – Through this towing software, you can send notifications to the mobile of your customers and drivers that are relevant to the current report or situation. For example, you can send notifications related to the progress of the service or offers or receipt of bills or any other through the notification. 
  5. Proof of Service – This tow truck dispatch software can support the digital proof of service system like proof of delivery. It will be very useful when you provide roadside assistance services like the on-demand mechanic service or full vehicle services. While handing over the vehicle,  you can record the process with the digital signature of the customers. It will support you in the legalized matters and also ensure the on-time delivery of the repaired vehicles.

With these features, roadside assistance software will be a great tool for your tow truck business to manage and monitor. 

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Enhance Process Visibility and Transparency with a Towing Dispatch Software 

The top-notch features of the towing dispatch software can ensure high-end transparency and processing visibility in your service. Such features can be provided by only the eminent app developing firm. 

SpotnRides has been providing high-end towing software solutions along with towing business app solutions. By availing of our dispatching software, you can ensure transparency and visibility as it has operative features with it. 

With this software, you can get a multilingual and supportive interface, cutting-edge features, and UX to aid your towing business management process. It is a simple single-step solution for your business as you can install and customize it easily. So, get the best one to get a high outcome. 


Transparency and visibility in a business are one of the most important things that can ensure success in the business. A towing software can help you to obtain both for your business. 

Tow truck dispatch software from SpotnRides will provide the dedicated support to automate your dispatching process. In addition to this, it can help you to obtain transparency and process visibility in your towing business. 

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