Guide to Develop an On-demand Doctor Booking App: Features, Technologies, and Monetization

If you work in the healthcare business and want to increase the quality and productivity of your medical services, developing a Doctor booking app or a web platform may be the ideal option for your practice. 

As many patients now believe that an on-demand doctor booking app is vital for every healthcare provider, regardless of whether they are receiving treatment at a hospital, clinic, or private practice.

Why Should You Consider Developing a Doctor Booking App?

As more individuals get smartphones, they want to use them to organize doctor visits, medication pick-ups, and a variety of other health and wellness-related activities. 

As a result, more consumers will opt for a healthcare provider that provides digital features such as prescriptions, online communication, and video conferencing. 

Furthermore, according to the Accenture survey of 2021, the ability to book a medical consultation online ranks fourth among the priorities when selecting a medical provider.

As a result, the ability to arrange an On-demand Doctor booking app plays a significant influence on patient satisfaction with various medical services. 

It’s simple: when you have the choice to arrange doctor’s appointments online, you know you’re getting the best of modern treatment. 

Both patients and doctors want to believe that they are taking advantage of all technological improvements in order to automate and maximize their valuable time.

Here is a more powerful figure for online medical consultation scheduling: 

  • Only 6% of online appointments are for same-day appointments. 
  • While 20% are for next-day slots. 

Both of these are indications of how convenient it is to have such an option for online medical appointment scheduling. It is not unrealistic to expect that all of these figures will rise in the near future.

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Top 7 Perks of a Doctor Booking App for Patients and Doctors

So, you now understand what a Doctor booking app is, what primary possibilities it provides, and why you should start thinking about using this solution. But first, let’s go over some of the specific reasons why the simple choice to book a doctor online might have a little but significant impact on your medical practice.

1. Cost-cutting Factor for Your Business with the On-demand Doctor Booking App Platform

When you consider how a Doctor booking app may help you, the first thing that comes to mind is probably cost-cutting. This is true for patients as well as medical organizations. 

Consider that a single unfilled time slot in a physician’s schedule costs roughly $200. Furthermore, the United States has a very high no-show percentage of roughly 30%. 

This means that many scheduled consultations are canceled due to the patient and are not replaced by another appointment. According to the SCI Solutions research, the cost of missed visits in the United States is $150 billion.

When clinics and hospitals use online scheduling software, the availability of a doctor booking app allows them to save money. This allows them to better manage consultations. 

They can keep track of cancellations so that doctors can see one of their other patients if someone cancels an appointment at the last minute. 

As a result, this type of medical app can minimize doctor effort and avoid unused time slots, which is truly cost-effective.

When these types of apps are in place, the working hours of administrative staff are also decreased, lowering the overhead for clinics, hospitals, and so on. 

When a booking is made by staff, the doctor booking app helps to eliminate a lot of human labor, errors, and salary payment. 

When appointment scheduling is automated, employees may be able to spend their time more effectively on other duties. 

Furthermore, 34.3 percent of appointments booked using online platforms were planned when the office was closed when no one would have been available to take a phone call.

2. The Time-Saving Aspect for Both Patients and Doctors

This brings us to another consideration with the Doctor booking app: time savings. When an app handles the logistics, the patient saves time because they can quickly and conveniently arrange medical visits online. 

The doctor is not required to participate in the online appointment scheduling procedure, nor are their receptionists or other employees required to operate the phones. 

The system seamlessly syncs with everyone’s calendar, sends reminders for forthcoming appointments, and can even send a warning if a time slot is canceled so that other patients may book it right away.

As a result, no-show rates are reduced because patients are told about scheduled consultations in advance, saving doctor’s time. 

It again reduces the rate of an unused doctor working time with the aid of notice of recently canceled appointments, while patients who need consultation urgently can get it faster.

3. Ease of Locating a Specialist

The doctor booking app is frequently linked with a platform with doctor’s profiles identifying specific clinics or locations. 

It means that a patient can readily identify a specialist if they are experiencing an issue that necessitates specialized knowledge. 

The app’s doctor profile listings can put patients in touch with the proper doctor without the need for time-consuming phone calls, thanks to simple filters and search capability.

4. Increased Offline & Online Medical Practices

The prevalence of doctor booking app development suggests that medical practices having the time and resources to grow and flourish.

This can help doctors receive more patients and get more experience. A doctor booking app, according to the Deloitte analysis, provides for the consultation of two additional patients each day. 

As a result, it boosts the provider’s profitability by increasing job efficiency and broadening doctor’s experience.

Furthermore, by integrating the doctor booking app with the telemedicine platform, this Medtech solution may grow medical practice online and consult with even more patients remotely. 

You might be interested in this article about the expense of a telemedicine system.

Monetization of an On-demand Doctor Booking App 

As a result, now that you understand the advantages of developing an On-demand doctor booking app for your own practice, consider developing this software as an investment that you may monetize quickly in the future. 

If you look at popular doctor appointment scheduling solutions like ZocDoc or DoctorOnDemand, you’ll notice how advantageous these apps are for both patients and medical professionals that utilize them. 

A Doctor booking app is a compelling method to monetize doctor-on-demand services. Here are some ideas for monetizing this app type. 

  • For doctors who want to be included on the app and perform their own medical services, many applications offer a subscription-based approach. 
  • Doctors can conduct paid online-video consultations with customers who are unable to travel. 
  • If you are a medical entity, you can grant access to your on-demand Doctor booking app to third-party organizations or clinics.
  • You can charge patients for elite memberships. You might offer video consultations or a personal AI-powered assistant. 
  • Based on the information provided by the patient, contextual adverts for clinics or pharmacies can be displayed. 
  • If it matches your business strategy, you can develop additional paid on-demand services. 
  • You can charge a fee for last-minute consultation cancellations or urgent scheduling.

The Primary Features of a Doctor Booking App That You Must Have

  • Online and Offline Doctor Appointment Scheduling: A doctor booking app should have as its foundation online and offline booking capabilities that are simple to use and always work correctly the first time. You should have appointment status features as well as a fully functional calendar. 
  • Admin Dashboard For Mobile App: An admin panel for doctor and patient profile maintenance should be included in a doctor booking app, which is frequently built in PHP. If somebody on the network’s profile is changed, it should include a notice module.
  • Listings of Doctors with Search and Filters: It’s also critical that your app has extensive doctor listings, as well as search and filter capabilities. 

If you need to discover a professional, you can tailor your search and restrict the possibilities in seconds. 

  • Profiles of Patients: Personal information should be included in patient profiles so that doctors can familiarise themselves with a case history if they are about to encounter the patient for the first time. Uploading and scanning documents would surely come in handy. 
  • Notifications and Reminders: Your app should also include fully functional appointment email, phone or app reminders, and push notifications to ensure that no appointments are missed.


I hope you are now clear on the features, tech stacks, and monetization of the Doctor booking app. If there is one tool that can alleviate your administrative burdens while also improving the patient experience, it is the doctor booking app. As a result, it is on its way to becoming the new normal in today’s healthcare industry.

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