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We are living in a modern era where everything has become digitized through a mobile application. Our day to day life has become more productive than before with the help of technology. People can now book or appoint the service they needed from their homes. Hence, Doctor appointment booking apps have also become one of the crucial for people’s lives. This will reduce the waiting time and allow the patients to know the doctor’s schedule.

This has become easier than the traditional way of booking an appointment at the hospital. Now the users can connect with their doctors with one touch on their mobile screen whenever there is a need for health issues. So if you’re the one who is interested to develop an application that can make a link of the patient to book an appointment to the doctor through their smartphones.

Then you’re in the right place, even if you have no idea about how it works, benefits you will gain and how to develop such an application. No worries in this blog you the full details of the doctor booking application that will be highly applicable in your region. Before knowing about the workflow and other details of the doctors appointment booking application. You must be well-aware of the cost of developing an application according to your requirements.

Developing or building an application from the starting stage will cost you higher. But in modern technology, there is a cure for it where you can get the clone version of the top tier application that exactly suits your needs. Don’t get panic, developing a clone version application is not illegal until it is developed in the right way. One such service is available with us in SpotnRides.

On-Demand Doctor App Like Practo Clone Script:

Practo Clone Script is a one-stop application solution for all the Patients, Doctors, and Clinics/Hospitals-Healthcare service providers. This Practo application-based platform allows the doctors, patients, clinics & hospitals to communicate or connect with each other. It is trusted by doctors and patients. Where the patients can get to know about the doctor’s schedule and be in touch with doctors.

The key-Features in Practo clone script

The listed features that make your doctor booking application will enhance the experience between the doctor and the patients like Practo application. Moreover, these features make your application smoother and user-friendly. The below-given features are the necessity for the on demand doctor booking application.

  • Doctor listing with the availability option – The users will gain confidence while approaching verified doctors to profile listed among the region with star ratings and review. Listing of available doctors with their name, specialty, and rating will make the patents get a clear view on whom to place their appointment. 
  • Advanced search toolbar – This feature helps the patients to search the Doctors by their specialty, services with advanced search and filter options. The organized search module gives the patients to find their needed doctor easily with the doctor’s availability this also gives a better experience.
  • Patient well-organized dashboard – The patient is allowed to check their current booking status and past appointments history in this dashboard. Patients are allowed to write reviews on their all completed appointments. The patient dashboard contains all their consultancy & doctors they have consulted in a well-organized way.
  • Admin organized instant dashboard – The admin can manage all the user’s data. The admin can also manage all of his user’s appointments to the doctors and CMS pages. The admin can also check his/her commission easily on each booking of appointing using your application.
  • Hospital management (Doctor application) – The doctors can easily manage their hospitals by this feature in their application. The doctor can manage upcoming service requests, timings, Chat with patients and can manage home health-care service requests, their payments, and refunds.

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SpotnRides Practo clone script

SpotnRides is a modern software solution for all the on-demand industries. As I mentioned above, Practo is one of the major medical social networks available for healthcare professionals, that can easily connect patients and doctors through an application. We have a pre-build application of the Practo clone script.

Our script features match the flexibility to schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments quickly by just a tap on your mobile screen. Our skilled developers have developed your application Practo clone script that allows you to do exactly the same as the Practo app. Since we have developed, it is more customizable and it can be modulated as per your request.

SpotnRides business model in on-demand doctor app

The cost of developing an on-demand application can be easily reimbursed by the revenue model. So the application should be developed in such a way that you can earn the money back.  And it is important to know that your application gives all sources of income for you. We SpotnRides assure that you can easily gain revenue by using our software.

Here, let me tell you the top three business model of using our software as listed below

  • Commission-based – In this model the owner of the application (Admin) receives some commission on every transaction that occurs on the app between the doctor and a patient. The app would be a platform through which the doctors can reach their patients easily to provide their service.
  • In-app advertising – In the application, you can run third-party ads. This is one of the most common and widely used business models by every platform. By playing the ads of the pharmacy in your region by linking your application with them by promoting their service. You will get money on a regular basis.
  • Feature listing – This is the only platform where the huge list of doctors is providing their service to the patients easily. The doctors can invest in featuring themselves on the top lists so that the patients can easily come across their profiles as first. In this business model, the doctors will be paying the extra charge for listing their service as a top.

By now you might have got to know about the Practo clone script, how it is functioning and the revenue you can be gained by using our software. Here, let me tell you the SpotnRides additional features that can be added with your on-demand doctor appointing application. Keep reading to know about it

SpotnRides additional features

  • Profiles of patients – The profiles of the patients can include their basic information such as their height, age, weight, persistent medical conditions, and allergies. On the other hand, doctors can also add their specifications, experiences, education qualification, etc. This will give a full depth understanding of both the end-users.
  • In-built Chat Box – To connect the doctors and patients in real-time via an in-built chatbox. This feature will allow the patients to clear their doubts with their doctors about their diets or tablets etc.  
  • Navigation – The in-built navigation feature will help the patients to the time period of the clinic from their destination easily. And they can reach their doctors easily as soon as possible by using the route-optimization.

The above mentioned are a few of the additional features that can be included in your application to make it more user friendly. Still, there are a lot more unique features available with us once you join your hands with us we can discuss it. 

Final say

By now you might have got to know about your on-demand doctor apps. However, the use of our software and the advanced features in your application will generate higher revenue. Still, why are you waiting? Contact us today by filling the below form and we will reach you soon. If you have any queries then please contact us at [email protected].

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