Get Easy Medical Emergency Service By Launching Uber for Ambulance Marketplace Startup With SpotnRides Uber for Medical Transportation App

Are you interested to start a business in the medical industry, but you’re not a doctor or a nurse or didn’t have any knowledge or degrees in the medical field? Then here is the best option for you to start a private ambulance service with an app like Uber.

Why We Need Uber for Ambulance App?

When someone calls 911 for an emergency or non-emergency purpose there will be a delay in the arrival of the ambulance. Many of the people couldn’t able to reach the hospital at the right time due to the delay in ambulance service. Statistics show that 3.6 million patients miss their medical appointments due to the lag of delay. There is a large no of people suffering from asthma, diabetes, and cancer they all have regular checkups.

In the world, there are 78% of adults aged above 50 and nearly 80% of them have any chronic health issues. So there is an on-demand for private medical transportation, which can, able to act as both an emergency or non-emergency purpose.

Need an app to start private medical transportation, why?

Since it’s a tech world people use to book or order everything online just by a tap on their smart device, so it is the right time to start your own on-demand medical transportation business using an app like Uber. If you are going to appoint a developer to create an app for you, it costs much more than you expected and will take more than four months to develop your app and then the play store has to approve your app. Here I will suggest the quick solution on how to build an app like uber for this business model.

To create an app just like Uber within a short period of time, I recommend you to choose Uber clone. Which has all working interfaces and functions as that of Uber with all the features to start your medical transportation business instantly.

Why SpotnRides to develop your ambulance booking app?

I hope that now you have got an idea about the Uber clone app, at the same time to make it double-quick. We SpotnRides are here to aid you the young entrepreneur to kick start your business quickly. We also completed and handover similar projects to our clients and if you come up with any unique features to have in your mobile app, we are 100% sure that your details are like ours it will not be leaked in anyways. Our team will assist you 24*7 through mail or Skype. Now let me show you the interfaces that have been included in your Medical transportation app.

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Interfaces used in your Medical transportation app

Alike all booking apps your Medical transportation app also has three interfaces. They are as listed below

  • Patient’s app (iOS and Android),
  • Driver’s app (iOS and android),
  • Admin web panel.

Are you ready to take a look at how your app will work in each point of view then keep reading to know about it.

How your Medical transportation app works?

  • At first, the patient who needs your service has to download your Medical transportation app from their respective app stores.
  • Then they have to fill some necessary details of them to continue your app services.
  • Once the above process is over they are allowed to book an ambulance which is near them.
  • A patient can also able to book by viewing the driver’s profile or review of him.
    When the patient book an ambulance nearby them the driver will be notified and he can able to track the patient’s location.
  • When the driver picked up the patient, he can able to track the location of the health care where the patient marked as a drop location.
  • The shortcuts will also be displayed to reach the destination quickly.
  • The admin can able to check all these details in his web panel itself.
  • Once the service is over, patients can review or rate the driver’s service.

There is always a need for an ambulance in every country. Even if you are able to take your loved one through the car you cant able to get them at the right time than an ambulance. So it’s a good idea to launch the Medical transportation business to earn more in a short period of time.

Final say!

By now you would have got a clear idea about your Medical transportation app. We are looking to engage with enthusiastic entrepreneurs, like you to launch our product and so that you can also grow along with us.
To get more details and queries about SpotnRides, tap a message to [email protected] We are available 24/7 to fulfill your needs.

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