Features and Workflow Of SpotnTransit, The Logistics Delivery Software

Features and Workflow Of SpotnTransit, The Logistics Delivery Software

All around the world, logistics transport for various purposes stands as a critical component in developing a country. Consequently, logistics delivery is evolving with time everywhere. Moreover, goods delivery businesses can attract and retain customers by delivering goods faster and more efficiently than competitors. This is possible only by managing the complicated activities of logistic transportation. Given that multiple hindrances can occur during the delivery of goods, logistics delivery software has been making waves in the industry by managing the delivery process effortlessly.

We will look at SpotnTransit, one such logistic delivery software’s features and workflow, here in detail.

Nature and Purpose of Logistic Delivery Software

Logistic delivery software functions to manage the operations involved in logistics. Additionally, it streamlines the entire logistics process, from order placement to delivery. Furthermore, designed to simplify the logistics process and enhance delivery efficiency, SpotnTransit is a logistics delivery software. This parcel pickup and delivery software allows the admin to handle the business efficiently. 

Entities of SpotnTransit 

Three different entities work together to make the workflow streamlined and the logistics delivery simple.

Admin panel

  • The admin panel is a masterpiece for handling the entire operation involved in logistics delivery.
  • The panel allows you to add new service providers
  • Admin can fix a fair rate for the logistics services.
  • The admin announces offers and deals
  • Looking over the entire operation is possible
  • Total revenue management is possible through the panel
  • The admin sets languages and currency modes for customer convenience

Service provider app

  • Registration of the service provider is simple using the app
  • Notification of the services is received through the app
  • The management of availability can be set through the app
  • Navigation can be tracked using the app
  • Communicating to the customer is possible with the service provider app
  • Route optimization is possible by using the service provider app
  • A payout for the amount is requested through the app

Customer app

  • Booking delivery can be simple with the customer app
  • Receiving the estimation for the service is simple through the app
  • Tracking the deliveries is simple
  • The app accepts Multiple payment methods 
  • Histories of the services are available
  • Customer grievance option
  • SOS option for emergency situation during logistics transportation

These are the entities of the Last Mile Delivery Management Software

Disclosing the workflow

  • The administrators set up the different service providers over the service radius. 
  • The service providers set the availability option.
  • The customer uses the app to book the service by marking the location. Additionally, they select the service provider from the list of available options. Subsequently, the app will generate the request.
  • The service provider receives the notification. Either accepting or declining the service is possible for the service provider. 
  • On accepting the service, the customer is notified through the app.
  • The service provider reaches the location through the guidance of the map option available on the map.
  • The service provider picks up the logistic supplies and travels to the destination. 
  • The customer can track the status through the ongoing service option present in the app.
  • The service provider maintains the completion status. 
  • The status is updated for customers. 
  • The customers can pay either online or through the cash-on-delivery option.
  • The app allows customers to enter ratings and reviews for the service provider.
  • The service providers update the job details and payment details through the app.

This is the complete workflow of the SpotnTransit Parcel Pickup and Delivery Software.

Features of the SpotnTransit

SpotnTransit comes with several features that enhance the logistics delivery process. These features include:

Real-time Tracking: 

SpotnTransit allows customers to track their deliveries in real time with their app integrated with a map.

Automated Dispatch

The software automates the dispatch process, reducing manual effort. It helps in avoiding empty trips.

Route Optimization: 

SpotnTransit optimizes delivery routes, reducing delivery times and costs. It increases fuel efficiency for service providers.

Proof of Delivery: 

The software provides proof of delivery, enhancing accountability in the process. Moreover, logistics delivery software enables and ensures trustworthy logistic deliveries. 

God’s Eye: 

God’s Eye Future monitors all bookings happening through the app, whether ongoing, completed, or scheduled for the future.

Multiple payment modes: 

The payment method is diversified to make the customers comfortable.

Benefits of SpotnTransit

A few benefits of the Spotnransit  are as follows:

  • It automates the dispatch process
  • Reducing manual errors
  • Optimizes delivery routes
  • Reducing delivery times
  • Real-time tracking
  • Enhances accountability


SpotnTransit is a Logistics Delivery Software that has been designed to enhance the delivery process. Moreover, the workflow is designed to simplify the logistics process, from placing orders to making deliveries. In doing so, it streamlines the process, improves efficiency, and enhances customer satisfaction. Develop such a logistic delivery software with Spotnrides to manage your logistics business. Furthermore, choose an expert logistic delivery software app development service with a proven track record in this field. Furthermore, you can add more features to the app according to your expectations with our app development company.  

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