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Execute Pricing Strategies to Penetrate Australia’s Taxi Market Through Didi App Clone

The taxi market is one of the fastest-growing industries globally. Recently a report from Allied Market Research, the global taxi market is expected to reach USD 120.89 billion by 2027. Especially, the Australian taxi market is projected to reach USD 3812 Million in 2027. 

Australia is one of the lands on which a taxi business can be nurtured successfully. So, you can choose this location to establish your taxi business. To penetrate the taxi market of the country, you should carry through many tactics like pricing strategies with an app like Didi.

Now, let’s check the working strategies to step into the market with the Didi clone app through this blog. 

What Is the Pricing Strategy and Role of an App like Didi Taxi to Do It?

Pricing strategy is the method to derivate the final selling price to the consumers. In the taxi business, you have to fix a profitable rate for your service. At the same time, it should be reasonable to customer perception. 

Sometimes, the least price attracts more customers. In contrast, sometimes people will avail of a product even the price is high. It depends on the demand in the market, customer segments, cost price, and others.

However, fixing the right price with strategy is a long process and contains many factors. But working on this will make your business successful. For instance, Didi, a famous taxi firm has enlarged its taxi service in Australia and other countries by following the pricing strategy along with other tactics.

The firm has an operational app to connect service providers and customers online. They fixed the fare and commission rates and automated the revenue process through the app. The app helps them to make awareness of their low-cost cab-hailing service and attract more customer base. Now it is the third-largest ride-hailing firm in the world. It is also a hard competitor of Uber for the number one place. 

Before, exploring the methods to execute pricing strategies with your Didi clone app, you should know about the pricing strategies and their types. 

What Are the Types of Pricing Strategies?

There are many more pricing strategies for a business. In common, four types of pricing strategies, you should know them before fixing a fair price. Let’s take a look into the methods of pricing strategy here.

  • Premium Pricing Strategy – This strategy should be followed when you have strong competitive advantages. In this strategy, firms are intentionally fixing high prices for their products to encourage a favorable perception of quality among customers.
  • Skimming Pricing Strategy – When you launch a product for the first time, you can follow this strategy. Initially, the price of the product will be high, then it decreases. Usually, it has been followed by tech-related firms.
  • Economy Pricing Strategy – It is a gentle pricing method through which, a firm can provide a lower price due to low production costs. It is easy to implement and appeals to price-sensitive customers.
  • Penetration Pricing Strategy –  This pricing strategy will help the business to attract new customers when you start a business and are new to the market. Through this strategy, you can rapidly reach more customers and provoke the words of mouth marketing method.  

You have to execute the best pricing strategy concerning competitive pricing strategy, pricing capability, demand on the market, brand reputation, and others.

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How Does Pricing Strategy Help to Penetrate New Market?

When you start a new business (in this context, the taxi business) you have to prepare and execute many strategies including pricing management. When you successfully implement this strategy, you can establish customer reliability for your business. 

To make this, you have to clarify your business goal and vision first, then you need to understand your customers and their buying behavior. After that evaluate price optimization measures and feasibility. 

Try various price ranges and check the impact on your revenue, to choose the right price. You can also conduct customer surveys to check it. After that enforce the best pricing strategy with an effective fixed rate.

When you are new to a market, you can choose the penetration pricing strategy. It means you should provide a lower rate in the market for your product to attract more customers. At the same time, the quality of your service should be attractive. By doing this, you can gain more market share. 

But remember, this strategy will help only to penetrate the market not to sustain the market. You have to switch your pricing strategy depending on the concurrent situation. Let’s check it in detail in the next part.

Disadvantages of Penetration Pricing Strategy and Mitigation Process

As we have seen before the penetration pricing strategy will aid you to gain more sales volume and market share if it is executed properly. But it also has some risks and disadvantages. Check the drawbacks of the strategy to avoid occurring loss.

  1. Expectation – The customers are choosing your business due to the low price. So, they will switch to another business if competitors provide the lowest price. Through this, you may lose your customers. 
  2. Negative Perception – When you sell your product at a lower rate continuously, many consumers may get a negative perception of your product or service as poor.
  3. Consequences In Market Trend – If you convert more customers and occupy more market share, then it will decrease the profitability of the market. 
  4. Hardness In Switching Process – The penetrating pricing strategy is not a long-term strategy. You have to switch over to another strategy to sustain yourself in the market. If any flaws happen, then the possibility of loss will increase for your business.   

The best mitigation strategy to avoid these perils is to switch over to the right pricing strategy. For instance, after you got a maximum customer base, you must improve the quality of your service and execute the economy pricing strategy until your business gains a competitive advantage. After that, you can follow the premium and skimming strategies. 

Now you are ready to get back to the topic, the procedure to execute pricing strategies with your Didi clone app. Let’s check it.

How to Execute a Successful Pricing Strategy in Taxi Business with an App?

As far now, you explored pricing strategies and hereafter you will know about the best way to implement the strategies with an app for your taxi business. Didi taxi will be a great example of this. 

This taxi firm has emerged as a leader in the field of ride-hailing service quickly by its price advantage. It provided a cost-effective solution to customers worldwide and charge a low commission rate on a trip compared to other taxi aggregators. So, many drivers also wish to use the Didi taxi. 

By combining the low price strategy with high subsidy, it has been growing as one of the largest taxi service providers in the world. It decreases the disadvantages of the penetration pricing strategies by increasing user engagement and loyalty with high-quality service. 

So, you can also follow the same tactics to build a strong customer base for your taxi business with the app. The app will act as the touchpoint that will deliver the business values and standards. Through this, you can differentiate the service quality when you switch your pricing strategy.

For instance, when you start a taxi business, you can follow the penetration pricing strategy with limited features of the app like Didi. You can disclose its complete features when you change your pricing strategy to the economic method. 

And allow customers to pay the premium subscription to enjoy the maximum benefits from your service through the app. By doing this, you can monetize by following the premium pricing method. 

The Didi taxi has already in an affluence state by executing this strategy with their app, especially in the Australia region. So, it is advisable to develop a taxi app like Didi to penetrate the Australian taxi market. Know more reasons to choose the Didi clone script.

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Why Should You Choose Didi clone app for Your Taxi Business in Australia?

Besides its strategic app structure, the Didi app has been liked by people across Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Africa, and Russia. So, when you build a taxi app like Didi, you will get a high possibility to attract more people with the seamless UI. Check out more reasons why you should prefer a taxi booking app like Didi. 

  • By availing of this Didi clone app solution, you can provide a wide range of app-based services including ride-hailing, taxi-hailing, chauffeur, and others. 
  • The interface of the application differs from the Uber clone. So, the people feel fresh to use your app like Didi. 
  • In addition to this, you can provide basic features like multiple payments, an online booking, and cancellation facility, a review panel, and others to your customers.
  • Your driver will be empowered with the dedicated driver app. By using this, they can easily sign up and log in drivers and get bookings from nearby customers, and others. 
  • Admin panel will help to monitor and manage everything related to the drivers, customers, and revenue flow. 
  • Deliver the added benefits like the estimated time of arrival (ETA) feature, Emergency Button, and share your ride status using our in-app Safety Toolkit and others to increase the value of your business, 

To develop such an effective mobile app clone, you have to employ the best Didi clone app solution. SpotnRides has been providing the best Didi clone solutions to help entrepreneurs like you. So, you can rely on our intellectual team of developers to get futuristic features. With this feasible app solution, you will provide flawless service to customers, especially in the Australian region. 


When you target the Australian taxi market, you should develop an app like Didi. Through this app clone solution, you can easily execute multiple pricing strategies. SpotnRides has been helping small taxi businesses build the Didi clone app to compete in the Australian market. So, implement the working strategies with the Readymade Didi-like app, developed by the leading app clone solution provider.

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