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Establish an Online Two-sided Marketplace in the USA by Getting a Handy Clone App to Hire Handyman

People are using the word “near me” frequently to find local service providers or shops or services. For example, “handyman services near me” is one of the terms most searched keywords related to the handyman service. If you are an entrepreneur in the handyman industry, then you should make it an advantage for your business.

By following multiple sophisticated practices and including recent tech solutions, you can do it. Having a handyman service app like Handy, you can also attract more customers in this digital world. 

Let’s get into the blog to know the ways to establish an online two-sided marketplace for your handyman business in the USA by getting a handy clone app and its benefits also.

On-Demand Handyman App like Handy: Needs and Benefits  

Adopting advancements in your handyman business is one of the effective ways to be run with the recent trends of the market. Nowadays, people are using internet browsers to find nearby services and mobile applications to avail the services.

So, you need to concentrate on the online presence in your handyman business. For that purpose, you should have an on demand handyman app like Handy. By having this handyman app, you can allow your customers to interact with your business online and avail of your service. 

That means you can automate your business flow and get more customers even without moving to any place from your desk. Let’s check more details on it. 

A Handy Clone Script: An App to Hire Handyman and Else

It’s a good decision to get an on demand handyman app like Handy. But, you should wait for a long time, and invest more money to get such an effective handyman service app. 

Instead of focusing on a new handyman app development, you can choose the ready-made handyman app like Handy which is known as the ‘Handy clone app’. By choosing this, you can launch your handyman service app in the market in a short time as it is a ready-to-use solution. 

Through the Handy clone app, you can ensure the online presence of your handyman business. Besides this, you can get the following benefits. 

  • Allow your customers to hire your handyman service providers online,
  • List diversified services and categories,
  • Attract customers with in-app marketing and loyalty programs,
  • Easy and secure payment systems,
  • Improve your customer experience by empowering them with multiple features,
  • Earn passive income by connecting handyman service providers and customers, etc.

With the handy clone script, you can make an online two-sided marketplace. By doing this, you can be the monopoly for the handyman service in a unique way. Let’s check how.

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What Is Meant by Online Two-sided Marketplace?

Before diving into the advantages of a two-sided marketplace, find out what it is. The two-sided network or marketplace is nothing but an intermediary platform that connects two distinct user segments to provide mutual benefits. In simple words, you can understand it as an aggregator model. It can benefit you, your customers, and service providers.

For Customers:
By having the best Handy clone app you can be the aggregator of local handyman service providers. So that your users can find out the best handyman service provider ‘nearby’ their location. Through that, you can satisfy the customers who frequently search for local services by using the word, ‘nearby’.

For Service Providers:
However, the service providers can also get benefits by joining hands with your online handyman service. They can be easily founded by their potential customers. There is also the possibility to gain more new customers.

For You:
By following an aggregator model like Handy, you can reduce the waiting time to get the handyman service for your customers. At the same time, you can extend your service range by including more service providers in multiple regions.
By having numerous service providers, your customers can avail of multiple types of services like Drywall Installation, Fixture Replacement, Smart Home Upgrade Installation, Power Washing, and others through your app. This will improve your customer service quality.

But can a Handy clone app help you to increase your revenue? Let’s see.

How Does a Handy Clone App Sell Your Strong Points?

Customers are trying to get expert solutions to do their cleaning, TV and electronics mounting, plumbing, moving and other works professionally. If you are providing a list of all specialists and a simple procedure to book them with your Handy clone app, you can get the attention of your customers.

A Handy clone app has the potential to list multiple ranges of service providers and categories. It has effective features to engage customers and convert them to book your service. 

  • Effective search tools like sort, filter, and find buttons will reduce the searching process,
  • Detailed descriptions and ratings for each service provider to help customers to choose the best,
  • The notification facility of the application helps customers to know about new offers,
  • It also helps the service providers to get instant alerts about the online booking,
  • Estimated time of arrival and scheduled booking services, etc.

Along with this, it allows your service providers to manage their profits. So that, they can highlight their specialization and experience. By listing the list of handymen with the highlights, sell your strengths of services providers.

Providing diversified and fast service will be your core competency. By including it in the banner of your Handy clone app and highlighting it in the Handy clone script. But to maximize your profitability you need an extraordinary Handy clone app script. 

Tips to Choose a Handyman App Development Firm to Get Handy Clone

To get such a Handy clone app, you need to choose the best handyman app development firm. In this part, you can get an idea to select the right place to get your Handy clone app. 

Before selecting a Handy clone script provider, you should do some research on the firm and its previous customers. You are advised to select the best Handy clone app solution provider if only its review satisfies you. 

We, SpotnRides have been providing operative Handy clone app scripts to businesses like yours. By choosing our Handy clone app, you can customize the UI and features as per your need. Through this customized Handy clone app script you can get uniqueness in your handyman service app. 

With the customized Handy clone script you will get a customer app, handyman app, and admin panel.

  • Customer App – This app contains the features and tools to ease the customers to find the best handyman services in their region.
  • Handyman App – With the handyman service provider app, all your service providers can list their services and get more customers online.
  • Admin Panel – It is the dedicated panel to manage the online handyman business. Through this, you can optimize your business and revenue flow. 

With these, you can easily create a network of handyman service providers and customers to achieve an online two-sided marketplace in the USA. 

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Summing Up

By considering the U.S handyman service franchises industry, the market size is measured as USD 4.5 billion in 2022 by Statista. It is expected to grow further. So, having a reliable online handyman service can ensure success in the market.

But, you need an effective handyman service app like Handy. You can also maximize your revenue by choosing the customized Handy clone app from SpotnRides. 




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