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Effective Ways to Utilize the Rise of Independent Workforce in the Current Market

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Everything has changed. Including the hiring process. A few years back, when an organization needed to hire talents they conducted on-campus or walk-in drives. But now, such a legacy process has been replaced with an independent workforce model. 

With this new method of agile working methodology, most people and companies can reach their goals and objectives in a short time with more potential. But, what are the things you should note about this new trend to make money? Haven’t any idea?

Here is the answer. Throughout this blog, you can collect cumulative data on the “Independent Workforce” trend and the ways to utilize the model for your business. In addition to this, it also deals with effective ways to monetize the new trend with a tech solution like Uber for X script. Let’s get into the blog. 

What is Meant by the Independent Workforce?

The Independent workforce is a term that is used to denote the people who are working as a freelancer, contractors, consultants, temporary, etc. As per a recent report, nearly 51 million people are working as independent workers. 

Simply, they are the participants of the free market system. Through this system, organizations are hiring independent workers for the short term. It can also be identified as the gig economy. 

But, can it be the future of the working model?

The actual answer is “It may be”. As the number of participants in the system and the market size of this culture is increasing gradually, it has the potential to impact or change the hiring process completely in the future. 

For example, the independent workers are having the sufficient economic force to contribute USD1.28 trillion to the US economy. That’s why it can be the future of the working model. Let’s talk about its positive aspects and how you can benefit from the independent workforce model. 

Ways to Gain Benefits from Rising Independent Work Culture

If you are running a startup or a business, and searching for talents to expand your business, you can consider the independent workforce. So, you need not spend your money to pay them as a monthly salary or each month. Instead, you can pay for the service that you consume from them. It helps you to reduce your expenditure more efficiently. 

On other hand, if you are a freelancer/ consultant/ contractor, you can work for many clients at the same time. This can provide you with a high income which can be more than your salary from a firm. At the same time, it allows independent workers to work at their feasible time. 

Many startups are providing many services like SaaS development, legal support, designing work, and others with minimum in-house workers and many independent workers. So, they reduce expenses and provide many services to their customers. 

Even more, they choose shared workspace to maximize their cost-effectiveness. So, if you are an entrepreneur who is wishing to establish a startup with minimum investment, you can choose this method. 

But, apart from these common benefits, you can monetize the rising independent work culture. Scroll down to the next passage to check this out. 

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How to Capitalize on the Current Trend of Independent Workforce?

As we discussed above, the number of participants in the gig economy (Independent workforce), In the US alone, 36% of US workers are independent workers. 

The report shows that in case the working model keeps growing at the present rate, it will occupy more than 50% of the US workforce by 2027. 

So, it is the best choice to invest your money to monetize by using the trend. All such independent workers and organizations that need such workers are connected with a freelancing marketplace like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelance, etc. 

Such online marketplaces allow individual workers to create a profile and list their services on the platform. The employer (companies who are searching for independent workers) can browse the list to find and choose the best worker to do the work for them. Each time the employer chooses an independent worker, the platforms are charging the worker a commission. 

Simply, you can develop an online marketplace for such independent workers to earn money. By creating such a platform you can get more income with the following methods. 

  • Commission Rate –When the employer chooses a worker, you can charge a certain percentage of the deal/ contract as your commission. Usually, freelancing services charge more or less 20% as commission.
  • Listing Fee – To get advantages in the listing, some workers are ready to pay fees. So, you can charge them a listing fee to prefer their profile in the listing process.
  • Passive Income – You can also earn money by showing ads on your platform to get more income passively. So that you can increase your profit range drastically.
  • Premium Charge –You can charge a one-time premium fee or subscription to the employer who wants to avoid ads while searching for talents.
  • Personalized Service –By including advanced options for the workers to promote their services like E-mail-marketing, personalized notifications, etc you can charge more fees from them.
  • In-app Purchase – You can sell relevant things like video editing tools, audio process tools, content-creating tools, or any other professional tools through your platform.
  • Affiliate Marketing – Once your platform has been recognized by the users, then you can earn money by promoting third-party services or products through its affiliated programs.

So, creating an online platform for an independent worker marketplace can provide you with these financial benefits. But such a platform should have the capabilities to attract and engage potential users (workers as well as employers). That means, it must be seamless, limitless, and productive. Let’s check how to develop such a platform. 

Uber for X: How Does It Help You To Develop an Online Marketplace?

To drive this business model successfully, you need to develop a web application and also a mobile application. But creating a mobile application with custom features may cost you a lot. So, you can choose ready-made app solutions. 

Ready-made solutions are nothing but pre-developed app scripts that imitates an application that is already successful in the market. For example, the Uber for X script is a ready-made solution that comes with three elements; Employer App, Worker App, and Admin Panel. 

With these three elements, you can streamline the marketplace business. Through the employer app, the organization can search and find the best independent worker. The worker app of the Uber for X script allows freelancers to create and list their services online. The admin panel has all the features to manage and monitor the marketplace business and its flow. 

By including some custom features with the script, you can obtain uniqueness in your marketplace platform. Such an effective Uber for X script can be availed from SpotnRides. As we have been providing ready-to-use scripts for many businesses worldwide, you can rely on our Uber for X solution. 

Summing Up

By having a credible app solution like a customized Uber for X script, you can develop your marketplace for independent workers. Through that, you can get an advantage and make profits by utilizing the recent trend of an independent workforce. SpotnRides can help you to do this in a short time with its productive ready-made solutions.

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