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Delivery Route Optimization Saves Time and Money: How to Do It?

Planning the delivery route is an essential step you have to automate with proper delivery planner software. In case you’re running any kind of delivery service in your business, then you have to know how the delivery route planning software can help you to save time and money. 

This blog is the right choice to know the details related to a software solution that can optimize delivery routes effectively. Let’s get into the point now!

What is Delivery Planner Software?

It’s a software solution that allows you to manage multiple deliveries. Simply, it automates the process of planning routes and logistics for cost and time-effective delivery. Usually, the software has the following features with it. 

Route Optimization 

When your delivery team has multiple drop-off locations in a single trip, then the team needs software to optimize routes. With the route planning option, they can plan for an effective route that connects all the drop-off places with a single tap. 

Real-time Data Analysis

The delivery planner software has real-time data analysis options like real-time traffic updates, road blocks, by integrating third-party APIs. So, you can plan the shortest routes or avoid traffic for the peak time in advance. 

Driver / Fleet Tracking

Particular delivery planning software solutions can be integrated with mobile apps which are dedicated to drivers. By accessing GPS through the app, you can get the real-time location of your fleets and drivers. It’ll help you increase transparency in your delivery services. 

Accurate ETA

Providing accurate ETA (Estimate Time of Arrival) is essential to bring customer satisfaction. ETA can be provided by multiple means, like SMS, Email, and Tracking link. But ETA accuracy can be improved by utilizing GPS tracking technology solely. It allows customers to plan their time and make necessary arrangements to receive the goods or services they have ordered. An accurate ETA can also help to manage customer expectations and reduce the number of inquiries and complaints related to delivery times. 

In-app Communication

It helps you to communicate with the drivers and wise versa to ensure clarity on the delivery plan in case of any need. It furtherly enhances transparency in the delivery process. 

Proof of delivery

It’s simply a digital receipt that proves that the delivery has been done. POD consists of a written acknowledgment of having received the order of a specific amount of money on a specific date and time, the name of the person who has received the product, and other shipping details. It helps you to organize your delivery process with the proper documentation process. 

A software solution with all of the above features can help your business grow with an effective delivery service. But many entrepreneurs waste their money by investing in software even if their businesses didn’t need it. So, let’s check when your business needs such software. 

Is Your Business Need a Delivery Planner Management App Solution?

Not all businesses need a delivery management app solution. Only if you’re dealing with multiple deliveries frequently then you need the app solution. Whatever the thing you deliver, like groceries, parcels, furniture, milk, mail, or anything, you can use a delivery planner to optimize your delivery process. But you need customized delivery planner software for ease of management and optimization. Now, let’s check how personalized delivery planner software can help you to be profitable. 

How does Delivery Planner Software Save Time and Money?

The main objective of adopting a delivery route planner is to save time & money and increase productivity. In this part, you can check how it can help you to improvise your business operation. 

It Saves Cost

Route optimization may be a lengthy process when it is done manually. At the same time, there is also a possibility of mistakes or mismatches in the delivery plan. It may cost you high and lead to reputational risk, capital risk, and operational risk. But a simple delivery route planner software can help you to avoid such costly mistakes. 

In addition to this, it also provides the shortest path on which you can cover more drop-off points. So, it indirectly helps you to cut unnecessary fuel costs. 

It Saves Time

Some mistakes like entering the wrong address may be a great error and waste hours of time during delivery. But the delivery planner system can help you to avoid such errors. As it’ll provide the preview of the planned route before starting work through the admin panel, you can cross-check the addresses easily, At the same time, in case of any mismatch, it can be easily managed by optimizing the current route with a single tap. 

High RoI

As the software can help you to complete more delivery in a single day, it’ll be effective to increase your revenue. 

So, a single software solution can help you to save money & time, and monetize your business. 

But, you should keep one thing in your mind, that is, not all software can be effective for your businesses. At this point in time, there are many delivery route planner software are available on the internet. But, you must choose one software that can be personalized as per your business needs. 

We at Uplogic Technologies have been providing such delivery route planner software under our product SpotnRides. As it’s a completely customizable white-label solution, it can be personalized for your business need. So, consider it also before buying a delivery route planner software


Simply, by having personalized delivery route planning software, you can save time and money. SpotnRides delivery planner software is the right solution you can avail, customize, and rebrand legally for your business. Contact us for further details.

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