Crucial Reasons Behind Multi-Service Businesses Adopting Gojek and Grab-like Super Apps

Crucial Reasons Behind Multi-Service Businesses Adopting Gojek and Grab-like Super Apps

Less time consumption is the reason behind using a multi-service business or a super app. The customer uses a single app to fulfill their needs, reducing the juggling time involved.

The global super apps market was valued at USD 61.30 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 27.8% from 2023 to 2030. Trends of paying and ordering online and through apps are projected to reach a drastic point. This growing popularity makes many other works available online. The dependency on super apps also increases because of convenience and simplicity involved. Okay, then know about the other crucial reasons for developing a multi-service business. 

What is a Super App?

The super app is a single point where many services like payment, online ordering, and other services are found. At first, the term super app meant an app that has online transactions, e-commerce, and messaging options. 

Many notable examples are as follows Alipay, WeChat, Lark, Tata Neu, Gojek, and Grab. Always Super apps are multi-faceted and convenience is the main reason for their growth.

What is a multiservice business?

A multiservice business is like a one-stop shop for various services. Instead of focusing on just one type of offering, these businesses provide many services. It’s like having a buffet of options in one place, making it convenient for customers. Who might be looking for diverse solutions? Think of it as a business that wears many hats to meet a broader spectrum of requirements.

Why does a multiservice business need a super app?

As discussed earlier, the major reason for the need for a super app is its ultimate convenience. Since a super app can be a single point for different services, people save time while using it. A survey states that people using mobile phones keep only limited apps. Other apps are recycled, most likely. The app’s convenience and openness to different tasks keep it maintained.  

So to sustain the user list, apps need to be more persuasive and multi-tasking in nature. This culture remains constant because of its convenience for customers and users. The hectic nature of people makes them invest time in any operation with less time required. The instant lifestyle makes the super app more attractive.

Gojek and Grab’s Success Components

Gojek and Grab are the notable competitors in the super app concept. Let’s analyze their success components. Analyzing leading companies can give an idea of super apps and multiservice businesses. 

Gojek and Grab, both originating from Southeast Asia, have succeeded through key components:

1. Multi-Service Platform:  

Gojek and Grab started as ride-hailing services but expanded, offering a wide range of services. They evolved into super apps, providing services like food delivery, payment, and more. This diversification attracts a broader user base and enhances user retention.

2. Localized Approach:  

Understanding the diverse cultures and needs of local places is mandatory. Consequently, both companies localized their services. This involved adapting to various languages and payment preferences, as well as incorporating relevant services. As a result, this localized approach significantly contributed to their acceptance in different markets.

3. Seamless User Experience:  

The success of these platforms is also attributed to their user-friendly interfaces. They invested in creating intuitive apps that are easy for users to access. A smooth and enjoyable user experience contributes to customer loyalty.

4. Adaptability and Innovation:  

Their ability to adapt to changing market conditions and continuous innovation set them apart from the competition. Additionally, they introduced new services based on market demands, incorporated user feedback, and embraced technology.

In the case of Gojek and Grab’s success, it can be attributed to their multifaceted approach. This includes their understanding of local nuances, technological innovation, and strategic partnerships, all combined to create a comprehensive and user-friendly platform.

The Prospects for Super Apps Worldwide

The prospects for super apps suggest that this trend may expand beyond its initial geographical roots. Furthermore, as technology advances and user preferences evolve, there’s potential for super apps. Consequently, this could reshape how people access and use digital services, providing a seamless experience.

Keep in mind that the success of super apps on a global scale depends on various factors, including 

  • Cultural preferences, 
  • Regulatory environments, and 
  • Competition with existing platforms.
  • Planning properly for the environment and the business can be a push in the initial stage.

Benefits of Super app development for multi-service Businesses

The advantages that come with creating a super app for businesses offering services. Here are some potential benefits:


Developing a single super app can be more cost-effective than creating and managing separate apps. It can lead to savings in development, marketing, and maintenance costs.


With a super app, businesses can seamlessly cross-promote their services within the same platform. Consequently, this can lead to increased visibility of different services provided by businesses.

Increased user Retention: 

Offering a variety of services within a single app can enhance user retention. Once users find a platform that meets many needs, they are more likely to stick with it.

Competitive Advantage:

In markets where super apps are not yet prevalent, it can be a competitive advantage. It allows businesses to differentiate themselves by offering a comprehensive solution.

The development of a super app can enhance user experiences, cost savings, and a competitive edge.

Factors to Notice When Developing a Multi-Service App

There are several important features to consider to ensure its success and functionality. The important points are:

Service Integration:

Ensure seamless integration of various services within the app. This involves smooth communication and data exchange to provide a unified user experience.

Data Management:

Implement robust data management to consider how to share, store, and update data. This includes database design and synchronization mechanisms.

Security Measures:

Increase security by implementing encryption and updating security measures to protect user data.

Cross-Platform Compatibility:

Ensure that the multi-service app is compatible with various platforms. Including platforms like web browsers, mobile devices, and other relevant environments. This broadens the app’s accessibility.

Summing Up

The outlook for multi-service businesses is intricately linked to the concept of super app development. Comprehensive solutions hinge on an approach that satisfies diverse customer needs, fostering greater loyalty and revenue.

If you’re in the multi-service sector, seize the perfect opportunity to create your own Super App, akin to Gojek or Grab. Since the possibilities are huge, the advantages are clear. Make note that, SpotnRides can be the ultimate location to get assistance and trustworthiness in the journey of multi service app development.

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