Cost and Features of Developing a Mobile App Solution like UberEats for Restaurant based Food Delivery Business

The restaurant business is a highly competitive market. You have to constantly innovate to be in the competition. Now with app-based food delivery system, you can be different from the competitors.  Mobile food delivery system can act as indirect marketing for your restaurant. People may come to know about your restaurant dishes and prices even if they are far away from the restaurant.

If you are a small restaurant but have exciting dishes, surely online food ordering app will help a lot for your business.

Cost of developing a food ordering app like UberEats for your restaurant

Firstly, I would definitely recommend using app clone scripts which is similar to food delivery apps like UberEats and Foodpanda for your business. Because developing an app from scratch is very expensive and it will take a lot of time. Developing from scratch costs anywhere in between $20,000 to $40,000.  

There is not a definitive price for developing an app using app clone script. But the cost is way below the cost of developing from scratch. The platform(iOS, Android) in which the app is going to work influences the cost of developing a lot. So, be clear with the platform you are going to use. If the app needs to cover large people then it should be designed to work on the web also.

Factors that influence the cost of app development

  • App UI/UX is very important since it helps to establish a connection with the customer. Compromising on the UI/UX design can be detrimental to the business. Even it costs a lot, spending in app design is worth it.
  • Size and scalability of the app, whether it needs a database or not. This factor plays a crucial role in determining the number of funds required to develop the app. If you need to scale the app to unlimited users, vast operation region then the cost increases accordingly.
  • Advanced features like data sync, geo-location, in-app camera, priority delivery, and push notification add to the cost of the app.
  • Wallet feature and its inclusion also affect the overall cost incurred in developing the app.

Indispensable features in food delivery app

Once you have decided the budget and features required based on your business model and operating region, approach the right vendor for the UberEats clone script. SpotnEats is an app development firm which specializes in creating apps dedicated to on-demand markets.

SpotnEats can develop food delivery app similar to UberEats for your business. We can alter the app based on your requirement. Menu browsing and ordering are made easier and hassle-free for the user in our app.  

Apart from the features you ask, there are some features which are necessary to the food delivery app.

Table reservation feature

Apart from food ordering and delivering on the app, the user who wants to dine in at your restaurant can reserve the table. This feature should be made in such a way that the user can reserve the table, specify the time and also order the food so that the user doesn’t need to wait for food.

Ordering and payment feature

The payment system is imperative in an on-demand app. Multiple payment options should be there so that it is flexible for people to choose the convenient payment option.

The payment system is designed to be very safe and secure. SpotnEats follow a set of standards while establishing a payment system.

Menu browsing

This feature should be on the front page of the app. The user should feel easy to use this. Its design should not irk the user. The menu bar should have proper search option with proper arrangement of food according to their cuisine. The user should be able to find the menu subcategories and able to move the dish to the cart for ordering.

Offers, Referrals, and Discounts

To make the customer use the app for the first time it is necessary to provide offers and discounts on the food menu. In a survey, it is found that many people use food delivery app just for the offers and discounts on it. Using push notification, offers, referrals, and discounts can be sent to the user.

In addition to the offers, repeated users can be provided with loyalty points. Such a feature can build a brand image among the people’s mind.

All the above-mentioned features are already in place with SpotnEats food delivery app. Additional features can also be added to the apps based on the request. If you have any doubts regarding our food delivery app, drop a mail to [email protected].


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