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Convert Retailers of the USA as Your Customers of Packers and Movers Business With a Dolly Clone App

The moving service industry is one of the growing markets globally. If you are an entrepreneur in that industry, then explore and execute working ideas into your business. This blog deals with innovative ideas to expand your packers and movers’ business with the help of the Dolly clone app.

By having such an app for movers and packers business you can engage your customers and also retailers. Let’s get into the blog.

Need for App Like Dolly in Current Packers and Movers Market

As per the recent report from IBIS World, the market size of the US moving services industry in 2022 is estimated at USD 8.8 billion. It is also expected to grow further. This report shows the opportunities in this industry. So, choosing a packing and moving business plan is a good choice to gain revenue.

But you should know that traditional advertising and booking processes of your packing and moving service are no more effective than online marketing and booking methods. So, it’s time to upgrade your moving business with a sophisticated solution.

As you are focusing on the USA market, you can follow the Dolly movers as it is one of the effective players in that industry. By having an app like Dolly for your moving service, you can take your business online and get the benefits of the online presence.

Along with this, you can allow your customers to book your services online with a few taps. Let’s check more facilities that can be enabled with the app like Dolly.

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What Can You Do With a Dolly Clone App?

To cut extra costs and time to launch an app like Dolly for your online moving service, you can choose the Dolly clone app. With this Dolly clone app, you can provide all categories of packing and moving services to your customers. For instance,

  • Moving Apartments – You can aid your customers while shifting their apartments through your service.
  • Store Delivery – With the Dolly clone app, you can focus on retailers and wholesalers by providing same-day delivery from any store.
  • Truck and Muscle – Simply, with your ready-made app like Dolly, you can ease the delivery and goods transporting process by providing Truck and Muscle support. Allow you, customers, to choose any one of them also.

The Dolly clone script includes a customer app, helper app (delivery person), and admin panel. With the helper app, you can aggregate all delivery persons under one network. Through that, helpers can find real-time requirements of nearby packers and movers.

They can schedule any future appointments with the on-demand moving app like Dolly for helpers. The helpers are allowed to accept or reject any requests as per their availability.

With the detailed admin panel, you can check the current state of the delivery person and their exact location. Through this, customers and admin can track the delivery process. In simple words, with a Dolly clone app, you can provide complete packing and moving service online.

How To Provide Final-mile Delivery for Retailers?

Usually, the consumers need the packing and moving service occasionally. So, to generate regular income, you need to focus on the retailers. Many retailers and the whole sellers are outsourcing the packing and moving services to provide last-mile delivery to their customers.

So, you can focus on the retailers and try to convert them into your customer base. To do that you need to provide some special care and features through your Dolly clone app.

  • Promise same-day and delivery in minutes,
  • Allow customers of retailers to schedule a delivery,
  • Providing all-time delivery and booking option,
  • Help retailers to improve their CX by on-time delivery, etc.
  • Contactless delivery,
  • API integration,
  • Tracking facility, and others.

In simple words, you can follow the B2B (Business to Business) working model while providing the packing and moving service.  You can also create an API integration facility to integrate your service with their part of the supply chain.

Through this, you can get the attention of startups by enabling the while-label online delivery service. You can also try to provide in-app damage protection insurance with the best Dolly clone app script.

Add-On Features of Dolly Clone From SpotnRides

By having the best packers and movers app like Dolly clone, you can deliver the best online moving services to the customers and also the retailers. But you need an advanced on-demand moving app like Dolly.

SpotnRides has been providing such best packers and movers app like Dolly with many more advanced features. At the same time, you can support the helpers with the special tools for the delivery person app. Let’s check the features of the Dolly clone script now.

Customer App

  • Online Booking and Scheduling Facility,
  • Real-time Tracking Feature,
  • Allow Your Customers The Category of  Packing and Moving Services,
  • Rate and Review Process,
  • Multiple Payment Methods, and others

Delivery Person (Helper App)

  • Accept or Reject Orders,
  • Dashboard To Manage Tasks and Mony,
  • Delivery Route Optimization,
  • Include Endless Helpers to Expand Your Business,
  • History and Others.

Admin Panel 

  • Monitor and Manage Delivery Process,
  • Introduce and Change Any Offers and Details,
  • Creating Many Revenue Streams and Others.

With this Dolly clone script from SpotnRides, you can also list any other unique services like Haul Away Old Items, Item Assembly, Reverse Logistics, White glove service, and others. At the same time, you need unique UI in your Dolly like app to attract new customers and provoke brand remembrance.

Maximize Your Revenue With Customized Dolly Clone Script

When your online packing and moving service has competitive advantages, you can get more customers; which means, your revenue will increase. To understand the concept better, you should know the revenue streams of your business.

Your primary revenue stream is the commission for each transaction. That means you’ll get a share of the amount provided by the customer to use packing and moving services through your application. Another part of the share will be provided to the helpers. But you can increase your revenue with the Dolly clone app.

  • Ads- You can earn passive income by showing ad banners on your application.
  • Premium/ Subscription – You can collect money and provide some premium services like the fastest delivery services to the retailers who partnered with you.
  • In-app Wallet and Credit – By creating an in-app wallet and providing a credit facility you can gain some interest from the customers.
  • Insurance – You can also sell damage protection insurance to your customers.

But, you need a customized Dolly clone app to include these advanced features. We, SpotnRides can provide a customized Dolly clone through that you can include or exclude any feature and get a custom UI. Through that, you can achieve brand remembrance to your customers.

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Wrapping Up

As per the recent report from IBIS World, the market size of the US Moving Services industry has recorded 1.6% growth per year on average from 2017to 2022. It is also expected to grow more with technical advancement.

So, if you are focusing on the market, then you are advised to get a mobile app like Dolly to provide multiple varieties of packing and moving services. By adding some additional unique features through the customized Dolly clone app from SpotnRides you can easily convert retailers and other target audiences of the USA into your loyal customers.

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