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People in the modern world are busy with day-to-day work tasks, official assignments and always be engaged with duties. In which, transportation is becoming inevitable for them. Whether having your own vehicles or hiring/offering on-demand taxis for trippings, proper maintenance is a must for flawless travel completions. 

But in certain cases, incidents like unexpected breakdowns and accidents that happen on the roadside cause travelers to stop moving further for the destinations. In that case, their foremost assistant would be the tow trucks app available in real-time. Regarding, we are going to discuss the app like Urgent.Ly from SpotnRides.

Are you an entrepreneur? And, looking for an on-demand tow trucks business startup? Then, this blog is right for you. Let’s get it started!

What Is Urgent.Ly and How Does It Function?

Urgent.Ly is an online tow truck service app. Through this, the customers can book roadside assistance to tow their vehicles from one place to another easily. Additionally, other services like fuel refilling, vehicle battery replacing, tire changing, ditch and winch services, etc. could be smartly booked via the service platform.

It has three different app interfaces. Those are the customer app, tow trucks service handlers app, and the admin app. Via the customer app, the end-users book their tow trucks from anywhere in service regions. 

Afterward, immediate notification alerts would reach the concerned available tow trucks service providers nearby. By accepting the requests, the concerned party reaches the customer location for the required services.

The admin in the behind connects them both with his digital network on the basis of commissions. Right from the users to payment transactions, everything in the online business is smartly controlled by him/his as per their business plan.

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Is On-demand Towing Trucks Service A Profitable Business Choice?

Of course yes. The towing trucks business with a digitized platform has a high market value estimation by researchers. Vehicle repair is a common one for all owners whether they are individuals or businesses.  But the thing is a right time service for the vehicle breakdowns helps the travelers being trouble-free from thinking of missing flights, important meeting attending, regular office logins, and so on

Focusing on the needs, when you provide the digitalized app-based services to the customers, it would get your startup reached to targeted region peoples quickly in real-time. And, while your new tow trucks app meets the existing roadside assistance apps’ user demands. It furtherly boosted your business for lucrative business sustains among the rivals.

Effective Tow Trucks App from SpotnRides for Your Gainful Business Online

Your new tow trucks app is developed with an app like Urgent.Ly available from Sptonrides has optioned with several enhanced built-in features. Through these, you can smartly evolve your startup in the online marketplace. Below, find the list of such powerful in-app sources for your fruitful business.

Easy User Signup

On your new tow trucks, app users could log on through two different options. They are signing up with their name and phone number/email ID. Or, can get rapid access through log-on via social media credentials.

Real-time Location

From the customer app, the end-users can pin their exact locations for the tow truck drivers. So that utilizing live geolocation tracking, they can reach the customers on time without fail.

Easy Vehicle Management

Your new app from the app like Urgent.Ly from SpotnRides has easy multiple vehicle management solutions. You can actively track the relevant details like how many trucks are allocated currently, how many are available for customer services.

Multi Modes of Payments

And, your app in the marketplace accepts multi-payment support provisions. Therefore, the customers can pay their bills in two different ways: online or offline. Additionally, the online mode supports multi-currency too.

Customer Feedback

The tow trucks app from SpotnRides has a customers rate and review section. On that, they can register their experience with your digital platform, and services got. It highly assists you to improve your service and business as per their respective demands.

Dedicated Reporting & Analytics

From your admin panel, you can have all your business details, reports and analytics gathered from multi-angles of your tow trucks service flow online. Along with, you could lively monitor your every business activity with the god eye view technology option.

In Conclusion

The increasing number of vehicles in public for people convenience brings several advantages to travelers. In which, the towing trucks become huge assistance in an unexpected vehicle breakdown emergency on roads. Following the on-demand towing business success in the real-time marketplace, your new startup in the achievable business area makes you so wise by having a clever idea as an entrepreneur. 

And, your selection of the app like Urgent.Ly to build your new app from SpotnRides offers the discussed enhancement for your fast business lucrativeness.

Let’s make a discussion with our technical experts by sending your business plan and contact info to [email protected] for more details.

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