Bring the Uber-like Model to your Construction Business and Manage the Workforce and Materials with an On-demand Mobile App Solution from SpotnRides

The growing cost in the construction industry is a cause of concern. To reduce cost the only way is to outsource as many services as possible. Also, construction companies are looking to hire equipment in order to avoid maintenance and other issues. Hiring and outsourcing are good but it has its own inefficiencies like getting the right person at the right time for work.  

Here, technology can be utilized to the maximum to tackle this problem. Being in the on-demand app development industry, I hope using an on-demand app solution will be a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

What is On-Demand Uber for Construction app?

Construction firms and contractors just need to use this app to hire/rent relevant equipment or service providers. It will be nice to launch this idea as a startup and earn good money.

This startup will be more apt for construction firms and civil contractors. Below are the services that can be accessed under the Uber for construction app.


Freelance semi-skilled workers list their services along with descriptions in the app. Construction firms require a lot of them. Bulk booking option can be applied for a certain time period in the app. 


Heavy vehicles required in the construction and other civil activities can be searched and booked from the app. Daily/weekly/monthly hiring is possible. Heavy vehicle owners can find the best users from the app.


Raw material suppliers have the option to sell the materials directly by contacting the users from the app. Other supplies also follow the same procedure. 


Architects, building consultants, civil engineers, interior designers, etc are highly qualified professionals. They are in high demand and engaging them for full time work is a costly affair. Contractors can hire them temporarily from the app. 

See, unlike other on-demand services, a slew of work can be done under the Uber for construction app. Even if you are a tech entrepreneur, I think this idea will be attractive.

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What is present in the app solution?

  1. Admin web app
  2. Contractor app
  3. Supplier/professionals app 

Contractor app

The contractor app is available as both mobile and web apps. Contractor registers all the details and chooses the service required like for example, workers or equipment or professionals. All the negotiations can be done in the app itself. There is an in-app chat feature to have instant communication.

Supplier/professionals app

This is the service provider app. Workers/professionals/equipment rentals shall register under the specific name to list their service. All other details like fees, conditions, timings, etc are mandatory.

Admin web app

All the orders, bookings, rentals, registrations, operation costs, commissions, overall revenue, etc are updated in real-time on the admin dashboard. The document submitted by the service provider can be viewed in the admin panel. Separate options are available to access tools and data.

Additionally, we at SpotnRides shall add the provision to bid rates. Both the supplier and service provider are given liberty to arrive at the right rate.

On-demand Uber for construction in the long run

  1. The volume of construction output is poised to grow 85% to $16 trillion by 2030. A major share of this comes from India, China, and the US. So the present requirement and future prospects are bright. 
  2. The construction industry is deprived of technological innovation. A Uber for construction app can make waves in the market. Overall process efficiency is expected to increase at least 30%.
  3. The capital required to enter this domain is relatively less. No big assets are required. 
  4. We facilitate you by providing a finely made app solution. You can purchase and launch your startup in a matter of a few days.
  5. Multiple services are listed in this app and there is no fear losing the startup because of a service.

Next step

I think you are convinced with the Uber for construction startup. The next step is to get the app solution. Half of the success depends on the quality of the app you possess. This you can be confident after partnering with us for SpotnRides. 

On-demand startups suffer from a lack of product innovation and tech change, it is not the case with SpotnRides. We along with you will be in constant touch with the on-demand sector and instantly update relevant changes.  

A lot of features in the present app solution was applied over time. You just need to make market research about the viability of Uber for construction and we customize the solution depending upon it. 

A lot more services can be added in addition to getting raw materials, professionals, suppliers, etc.

Wrapping up!

Get details about features and customization of SpotnRides by tapping a message to [email protected]. We would be delighted to partner with you and launch Uber for construction. 

Get Free Demo of Uber-Like Model App  – WhatsApp | Skype

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I am working as a Senior product developer and have developed and delivered Web and Mobile products for numerous clients.

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