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Revolutionizing the maternal care services is the major requirement for young mothers in order to know what are all the activities to be followed up on during pregnancy time. Providing high-efficient maternal care services is a specialized activity in the healthcare industry where many of the nurses, caretakers are involved in this process. 

For the motherless women, the need for these caretakers is high and they also played the caterer’s role to prepare the food according to the guidelines declared by the doctors. In-home maternal care services are a highly essential service platform to integrate the wide range of caretakers with motherless women.

After the evolution of online platforms like the on-demand antenatal service booking app, getting the caretakers or volunteers attached to either hospitals or NGOs can directly meet the pregnant ladies and provide extreme care services directly at home. An antenatal clinic booking app is one of the feasible options for the regent ladies to book appointments with the doctors easily. 

On the basis of this aspect, SpotnRides develops a maternal healthcare booking app where the caretakers and the motherless women are getting connected smartly. SpotnRides makes the on-demand maternal care services an imperative one in the market. This blog brings the essential clarifications regarding the impact of the maternal care booking app in the healthcare sector. 

On-demand Maternal Services: Tech-Based Caretakers for Motherless Woman

As the caretakers, they have to perform the trips from one region to another sequentially in order to fulfill the pregnancy education and the real-time needs. They not only act as the caretakers. But, they also played the roles of shoppers, caterers, mentors, etc till the child-care activities too. 

Finding the right and experienced caretakers are now made easier with the arrival of online platforms. Yes. Turn to on-demand maternal care services brings many real-time benefits for pregnant ladies, caretakers, and the service provider. Normally, the on-demand maternal services are in need to revise in the following metrics. 

Accessibility to be Revised

The accessibility of the caretakers should be improved. The lack of knowledge on the availability of the caretakers in the scheduling period brings the burden to the pregnant women while booking itself. 

Delay Due to Lack of Location 

Lagging in the identification of the exact location of the pregnant ladies induces delays in the caring stage. Also, the traveling time is maximum that highly affects the number of service requests handled in real-time. 

Improper Schedules

The fluctuations in the time-frames of the caretakers bring the bigger issues in the scheduling. Improper schedule assignment on the caretakers creates collapses in real-time. 

Top-Quality Caretaker Booking

Since this is a life-saving platform, experienced as well as the most accessible or familiar caretakers is the major preference from the women. To identify the efficient person, the experiences from the previous bookings should be analyzed. 

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SpotnRides Launches Maternal Care Service booking App to Make Connection Closer

With the major inferences from the impact of the on-demand apps, every maternal care service provider looks for feasible maternal care service booking apps to make the activities smarter. As per this requirement, SpotnRides develops the feature-rich app with the following interfaces: Maternal caretakers, pregnant women, and admin. 

Maternal Caretakers: The volunteers attached to any NGO, healthcare centers who have skills and qualifications in maternal and child healthcare make the registry with this interface. As soon as the new service requests are raised in the app, they will get the appointments and starts work. 

Pregnancy Women: Pregnancy ladies can easily use this interface to identify the maternal caretakers in real-time, book them by specifying the duration and get the instant care service. 

Maternal Care Service Admin: The admin who manages all the maternal care appointments, service request completion, earning management, welfare programs management by simply using this interface. 

Generally, the maternal care service booking app from the SpotnRides acts as the perfect interconnection platform in the following ways to boost the service quality. 

Smart Caretaker Profile Creation

One of the specific mentions in the maternal care service booking app from the SpotnRides is that profile formation is a smarter one. By the direct specification of the qualification, contact credentials, pregnant ladies can easily book the caretakers. 

Pregnancy Women Database Management

Pregnancy ladies start requests by specifying the essential details like name, age, location, mobile numbers, marital status, and signs of physical complications. The dedicated database for these details in this app helps the caretakers to provide top-care easily. 

Easy-to-Integrate Any Sectors

One of the special metrics by using the SpotnRides maternal healthcare booking app is the integration. Any healthcare unit public, private and other units can easily participate through the app to promote their existence easily. 

What are all Metrics SpotnRides Followed to Improve the In-Home Maternal Care Services?

Improvement in the in-home maternal care services highly depends on the interaction between the caretakers and the pregnant ladies are strong enough, follow timely appointments, and how far they address the emergency needs. SpotnRides creates a unique platform to meet all these demands. 

Feasible Chat Option

This allows the care service professionals to interact with the pregnant ladies via in-app modules in the maternal healthcare booking app. Suggestions, foods followed, physical implications all are communicated wisely with the professionals by the SpotnRides app. 

Timely Promises Follow-Up

Time is an efficient parameter while handling pregnant ladies. Taking them for monthly check-ups, booking appointments with doctors, shopping the goods for maternal care, etc. Follow the time for these services highly depends on the distance they performed the trip. 

By the inclusion of GPS enabling and the map-based navigation options, maternal care service professionals fulfill all the needs by traveling in minimum time. 

Pregnancy Alerts

By the inclusion of SOS alerts, notifications, reminder options, the pregnant ladies are benefitted easily. During any complications, the pregnant ladies click this button for instant care. 

How to Bring New Facet to Maternal Care Services via maternal healthcare booking app?

Even though maternal care services are taking into online, still some areas where the services are lagging. Retention of caretakers as well as pregnancy ladies, preferred caretaker booking, and the familiarity of the services need a fine-tune in real-time. SpotnRides maternal healthcare booking app fits these demands with the inclusion of the metrics as follows. 

Long-Term Retaining

The impressive options like the subscription plans and the valuing of the top-rated service providers with revenue beneficiary options make the retention of the players high. 

Book Preferred Caretakers

As per the reviews or previous experience from the other people, the SpotnRides allows them to book the preferred caretakers repetitively. By the use of availability toggles, the booked caretakers easily showed their availability. 

Strong Social Presence

One of the special mentions from the SpotnRides maternal care service booking app is the integration of social media profiles of caretakers. With this, the service providers can easily club-up the caretakers and form the community easily. 

Wrapping Up

High-quality care is an essential one for pregnant ladies specifically motherless women. They start to look for convenient platforms, say maternal healthcare booking apps to search and book maternal care service providers. 

SpotnRides provides the maternal care service booking app to bring the new facet to on-demand maternal care services. Have an idea to launch maternal care services, share the details at [email protected] to bring them into reality. 

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