Allow Your Patients in Canada To Get Doctor Appointments in Minutes with A Maple Clone App

The trends in the healthcare industry are changing. People are tedious with traditional doctor appointment methods. Now especially, after the pandemic period, the patients are using online platforms to get an appointment with their doctors.

But the sadness is, that all practitioners couldn’t get any benefits from online presence due to lack of technical support and others. They are depending on third-party platforms like aggregators to get more appointments online. So, focus on the aggregator business in the healthcare industry to unlock more possibilities for success.

By having a Maple Clone App, you can connect the patients who want to get the doctor’s appointments in minutes and the doctors who want to get more patients online. This blog contains complete details of Maple Clone Script and its benefits. Let’s get into the blog.

Are Doctor Appointments in Minutes Feasible?

In recent days, the wait time for doctor’s appointments is playing a vital role in the healthcare industry. So, all clinics and practitioners are in the run to obtain a short waiting time for the appointments. In this race, advancements in technologies and applications provide a better solution that is called an online doctor booking platform.

Did you know the statistics? The number of apps downloaded per year has increased by more than 63% from 2016. 

This shows the user penetration and acceptance of the mobile app in recent times. So, you can build an online doctor booking platform with an app. It is preferable to have an app like Maple, to achieve the fastest doctor appointment process. With an app like Maple, you can achieve doctor appointments in minutes. Let’s check how it is possible.

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Know the Workflow of an App Like Maple

To understand how Doctor appointments in a few minutes are feasible, you should know the workflow of an app like Maple. The Maple is a Canada-based virtual care platform that allows online doctor consulting and appointments via chat, audio, or video medium.

Through this, a doctor can diagnose and prescribe medications for the patient’s illness over the internet from anywhere. The firm has been the aggregator of healthcare providers like clinics, specialists, and general practitioners. So, if you are having any ideas to start an aggregator model startup, then you can clone the telemedicine app for your business.

The Maple clone script comes up with three elements. They are the Patient App, Doctor App, and Admin panel. With these apps, your patients can easily log in and get care by entering their symptoms or a description of medical requests.

After that, the advanced AI-powered system of the Maple Clone app connects the patients with the available doctor or practitioners. With this application, your patients can schedule an appointment with a specialist at a feasible time. After the online consultation process, the prescriptions can be sent to the pharmacy as per the patient’s choice or they can be delivered to their doorstep with the integration of e-pharmacy.

How to Be a Successful Aggregator In Healthcare Market with Maple Clone App?

Being an aggregator in the healthcare market is not an easy task. You should focus on multiple things from business plans to marketing strategies. The best app for telemedicine (Maple clone app) can help aid you in that.

  • For example, with your Maple clone app, you can include endless service providers and patient profiles. By doing this, you can create a network of patients and doctors online.
  • This application has the potential to list multiple categories of treatment like Dermatology, Psychotherapy, Endocrinology, Naturopathy, and other types.
  • You can manage all the things like revenue streams, user data, treatment pathways, and others with the admin panel of the Maple Clone app.
  • The Maple clone app can be an effective solution that ensures a seamless process in your online aggregator platform.
  • With the futuristic features of the Maple clone app, like multiple payment systems, in-app doctor consulting through video, audio, and chat consultation, and others

Along with this, the Maple clone app has the efficiency to run in-app marketing campaigns. So, to be a successful aggregator you should have an effective mobile app like Maple clone script. The features of Maple clone can keep your users live and engaged.

How Does a Maple Clone App Empower Your Healthcare Business?

Features are the elements of a mobile application that make the difference in the UX from one application to another. So, the features of your mobile application must have unique and effective features to attract customers and convert them. Now, let’s take a look at the features of the Maple clone app.

  1. Sign-up – The sign-up pages with instructions will be attractive and ease the onboarding process for doctors and patients.
  2. Search Tool- Your patients can choose a category of treatment and easily select the best match for their search with the help of search tools.
  3. Appointment and Consultation – Both patients and doctors have a unique dashboard for managing their appointments simple.
  4. Rescheduling – Your users can reschedule the appointment in case they have the situation.
  5. Reminder – On the day or one day before the appointment, the patients and also doctors will be reminded with the help of a notification facility.
  6. Multiple Payments – Your patients can pay with multiple payment options through your Maple clone app.
  7. Review and Rating – Each patient can review and rate the service of a doctor based on their personal experience. It helps you to manage CRM and patients to identify the best service.

In addition to that, the Maple clone script has multiple features and attractive UI to attract doctors to enroll to provide services and patients to avail of the services. But it is advisable to get some uniqueness with your app like Maple clone to maximize the reliability and retention.

Focus on Individuality With Maple Clone Script From SpotnRides

To make individuality in your Maple clone app, you need to customize the clone script. By choosing the best ready-made Maple like app solution provider, you can get it. SpotnRides has been developing and distributing such customized Maple clone apps to the entrepreneurs like you.

With our customized solution, you can include or exclude any features and appearance as you want. So, you can be unique in the market. With our tailor-made Maple clone script, you can provide seamless service to the patients.

  • For example, you can include the in-person doctor booking service with this Maple like the app.
  • Allow your customers to choose the method of online consulting at the time of getting an appointment.
  • By integrating pharmacy, you can deliver the prescriptions to the patients at their doorstep.
  • By connecting medical labs with your network, your patients can easily communicate and get appointments from doctors and labs in their feasible time on one platform.

By having such unique features, your online doctor booking and telemedicine mobile application (Maple clone app) will be your competitive advantage in the market.

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As per the Statista report, the market size of the digital health market in Canada is projected to reach USD 3.14bn by 2026. So, Canada is one of the markets in the globe which have enormous opportunities in digital health including telemedicine.

So, you can compete in the telehealth market of Canada with the best Maple clone app script from SpotnRides.

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