5 Essential Features of Your Uber Clone For Successful Fleet Management in 2021

Managing the fleet against the numerous fluctuations in the transport industry is a critical thing in recent days. To offer a wide range of services to travelers, the number of service providers involved in the business model is more and this leads to a high-complexity. In order to alleviate such complexities, the business model to be updated with the latest features.

Currently, the Uber business model is a familiar one for effective fleet management. After looking at the grand success of Uber, the Uber-like business model with the custom feature set is the trendy idea for fleet managers to make fleet management as successful in the market. 

Suppose if you are a fleet manager and running fleet services, the updated business model is an essential one for you to achieve success. Prior to the update, you must be aware of the challenges and trends in the fleet market in 2021.

What are all the Challenges in Fleet Management in 2021?

Effective fleet management is the most needed one in 2021 since the people started their trips after a huge restriction for Covid-19. Right from the new service requests to the trip completion, several functions are carried out by your business model.

Automated workflows through the app-based business models are the big alternate solution for your manual-based risks that reduce the time and cost value. Your automated business model also includes the features that help to overcome the challenges. The top challenges currently emerged in the fleet market are listed as follows. 

Lack of Fleet Efficiency

A number of vehicles in the active state, scheduled trips, and fit into real-time diagnostics are the common metrics to make fleet management as efficient as one in the market. But, the fleet efficiency is highly disrupted by outdated structures. Hence, the app-based model must require you to revamp the structure with the features related to those metrics. 

Productive Hours are Minimum 

The unaware of feasible distance for the trip completion increases the operating time that reduces the trip orders per day. This greatly affects your service productivity. Hence, the awareness and navigation of location are necessary to increase productivity. 

Need For Trip Plans Improvement

For corporate and luxury trips, proper planning is essential. The booking options must hold the scheduling in-prior with the tracking feature. The expansion of the taxi services to the eldercare transportations highly need advanced booking options and proper trip plans. 

Lack of Safety-Assurance Options

After the huge impact from the Covid-19, the status of the safety measures is either followed or not is to be known prior to booking. This behavior from the customer side stimulates you to include the related options in the booking models. 

The common challenges listed above are in need to be overwhelmed in the coming year, say 2021. To identify the proper solutions, knowledge regarding the trends that drive the upgraded business model is necessary.

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Why is the Upgrade in Fleet Management needed in 2021?

On the basis of the principles like safety, reliability, and cost-effective, fleet management covers a wide range of customer needs. The common trends that acted as the base for the upgrade of fleet management in 2021 are listed as follows

Strong Data Analytics 

Collection of real-time data and using them towards business growth are the major trend in the market. Reports regarding the trip data and customer’s preferences should be carefully maintained for the necessary update in the business model. 

Towards on Cost Savings

Most of the cost consumption is observed in fuel, waiting time and the main reason for this is unaware of the locations. Fleet managers are actually planned to build a cost-effective model that highly demands the location-aware and smart navigation options as the base feature. 

Multi-Vehicle Selection Options

Fleet managers should have a focus on providing multi-vehicle selection options for riders or travelers. Right from the corporate to the adventure, the trip variants are huge and hence the vehicles offered related to the service are also an important upgrade in fleet management. 

An upgrade of the current fleet business model related to the above metrics is an essential thing. To make it successful, you must choose the perfect uber clone and include the necessary metrics. 

How to Build Your Uber Clone For Successful Fleet Management?

As the new launcher or the experienced fleet manager, you must be aware of the challenges and the top trends in fleet management. Your own Uber clone business model should include the appropriate features listed as follows. 

Trip History

The history of the entire trip offerings in the single dashboard is one of the essential features to be considered. Your Uber clone should have the specific option to show trips, schedule information, real-time status, etc in order to improve fleet efficiency. 

GPS Smart Navigation

The mapping of driving routes with the customer’s place and the consistent monitoring of the idle time via uber clone allows you to create multiple efficient routes for trips that lead to high-productivity. This also has a serious influence on the cost-effective business model. The perfect mapping with the minimum distance information reduces the trip time and hence the fuel cost too. 

Secure Data Management 

Storage of the data in a secure cloud platform is an important one for quick authenticated access and making the smart decision on that. If you play an admin role, the specific focus is given to the data storage also to capture a huge range of fleet owners and customers in real-time. 

Plan to Offer Scheduled Services

Prior to designing the perfect Uber clone app module, special focus is given to include the advanced options for the scheduled trips. This option will bring you more bookings from the corporate travelers and the tour planners that may increase your revenue quickly. 

Safety-Assurance Option

Prior to booking the fleet, the travelers are in need to check whether the safety measures like wearing a mask, sanitization, etc are followed or not. The additional options associated with the ratings included in your uber clone model ensure a safe trip in the future. 


As the fleet manager or the new startup owner, getting ready to meet the trends in 2021 is an essential one for you. Prior to doing that, you must be aware of the challenges and the corresponding trends in the fleet market. Building the Uber clone with the five essential metrics listed in this blog allows you to be the frontline in the fleet industry quickly. 

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