Why You Need a Minimum Viable App Solution for Your Taxi Startup and How SpotnRides Can Help for It?

The app solution is an important part of a taxi startup and it comprises of the customer mobile app, driver app, and an admin web panel. It is clear that the customer and driver app establishes a connection between the taxi startup and the users. Because of this, both these apps must have all the basic features and provide a good overall experience to the users. 

And, admin web panel is where all operations and transactions between the driver and customer are monitored. Besides, crucial data are taken from the admin web panel.

So both the apps and the web panel must be well made with all necessary functions. Here is where you need to think about a minimum viable product(MVP) app solution. Let us see this in detail.

What is the MVP for a Taxi Mobile App?

The MVP of a mobile app has all the basic features and functions which is flexible enough to modify. This type of app is not an unfinished but a simple complete version with basic functions. The total no. of features is minimum to the point that it is perfectly usable.

Spotify, which is a top music app explains an MVP as “ Think it. Build it. Ship it. Tweak it

Typically, the MVP of a mobile app is used for beta testing and piloting. 

Significance of the MVP

Having a taxi app with fully loaded features is not necessarily attractive. Instead, it is better to release a simple version of the app and then add the necessary features one by one based on feedback. 

Unnecessary errors crashes, and payment failures can be avoided in the MVP app. The on-demand taxi booking market is competitive and taking calculated risk is the right approach.

Releasing an MVP gives you time to analyze what people want based on region, language, ethnicity, age demographic, and many other factors. 

Efforts are not wasted and you will be able to narrow down the focus and give an effective app to users. If the users are not even accepting the MVP, then there is no use in working further.

A successful MVP helps to create a small and strong user base. Finally, the significance of an MVP app is not limited to what  I said so far.

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Why your taxi startup needs it?

Low cost

The cost of taxi app development consumes a lot of initial investment and with an MVP solution, the cost is reduced. Many experienced solution providers have a taxi booking solution as an MVP at a low cost. You just need to buy it and quickly launch within days. The lower cost is both for design and development. For bootstrapping startups, this savings in app development cost is significant.

Expensive market research and product research is also not necessary.

Only addition, no removal

At first, you will think of releasing a taxi app that closely resembles Uber or Ola, but if it is not well received in your market you have to rework in it. Redeveloping a fully loaded app solution is impractical. This problem is not with an MVP. In MVP you will only add and not remove anything.

Continuous improvement

Constant learning and evolving are necessary for a small taxi startup. This MVP model helps you do that and also this approach makes you sustainable in the long run.

Getting investors

Getting an investor for a taxi startup is difficult unless your service is impressive to customers. Having a taxi app that is an MVP helps you to focus and give what is needed to users and it can get easily noticed by investors.

What is the MVP benchmark for a taxi solution?

Not every taxi app that has the minimum features qualifies as an MVP. There is a benchmark for it and your taxi app need surpass it. First, pick the most important features and make it available in the app.

Make sure your MVP app is clear without any issues and remove any functions if it hampers the app’s performance. The app needs to give an all-around experience to the users even if it runs with basic features.

Now let me give you some points to follow to make sure you have an MVP taxi app.

  1. Test the taxi app among a closed group or with the app development company for some time. Even minor issues must be sorted immediately. 
  2. There are many MVP consultants who can be used to validate your taxi app.
  3. Use latest data analytics tools to find the pain points faced by taxi app users and see if it is faced in your taxi app.
  4. Have buffer features to replace it with any features in the app that is not well received by users.

SpotnRides taxi app

SpotnRides is a readymade taxi booking app which is available with us as a minimum viable product. Our development team earnestly followed all the points to make SpotnRides eligible as an MVP.

Once you have purchased our app, it can be launched immediately. So any feedback can be easily got and changes can be made in the solution quickly.

Custom features are optional and can be added even before launch. If you are yet to start this taxi startup, please take a look into our taxi app.

I am sure that SpotnRides can give you a competitive edge in this market. You can quickly reach what you desired and all this at very less cost.

For more details, drop a mail to [email protected]. We are keen to answer you.

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