[Infographic] Why this World is Moving Towards the On-Demand Industry? Getting Rich or Gaining Popularity or Leaving a Mark in History

The first modern taxi appeared in the streets of London in the 1800s. Then the taxis transformed as an industry and spread to all parts of the world. Some 10 years back this industry was disrupted by a company name Uber. Uber introduced the app-based booking concept. Uber harnessed the potential of smartphones and the internet. Since then, the app-based model became popular and is being applied to many services that were desperate for innovation. Using an app, the users can access the service anytime and anywhere and hence this app-based service is also known as on-demand service.

The entrepreneur community too were enthusiastic in entering this on-demand space. Here at SpotnRides, which is a leading on-demand domain expert has prepared a detailed infographic on why everyone is moving towards the on-demand industry. This infographic has answered the drive that makes one to pursue the on-demand business, whether it is Getting Rich or Gaining Popularity or Leaving a Mark in History.

The infographic also gives insight about the market share of on-demand services, the mindset of employees working here, and popularity among people with stats.

Also, this infographic explores the breath of the on-demand industry by explaining the various domains, different revenue models, and present market scenario.

Some truths about these startups are also quoted with facts. 

Check out this infographic and finally don’t forget to look into our products at SpotnRides.

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