Why Customers are Showing Interest in SpotnRides and Building their On-Demand Taxi App for their Business Venture?

Uber has created a lot of impact in the on-demand taxi market and because of that many such tech startups are looking to build apps like Uber and launch a startup. The ride handling market just after Uber seemed like a fad but, 10 years have passed and it has not lost its momentum. With the present pace of expansion of the ride handling market, it is expected to reach $220 billion in revenue by 2025.

One top benefit of the on-demand taxi business is that it can be started and maintained by small-time entrepreneurs without much investment. Because of this, many IT solution providers are building readily made taxi app solutions just like Uber.

What are the Benefits of Purchasing SpotnRides Taxi App Solution?

SpotnRides is one of the many on-demand taxi app solution providers. In many ways, we are different from our peers. Within a few months of the launch of our most coveted taxi booking app, entrepreneurs and startups from over  20+ countries have partnered with us for our solution.

SpotnRides is very much similar to Uber, Lyft, and Ola. We handpicked many niche features in top taxi apps and put inside our taxi solution. Below are the benefits you will get when using our SpotnRides app.

  • SpotnRides is a readily built product, so the need for major change is the app will not occur. The basic solution itself suffices for good operation of the startup.
  • Many optional features are available with us which can be attached to the app based on client requirement.
  • SpotnRides is a white label solution, so there is much room for keeping a customized logo and brand name.
  • We prefer one time payment and after that full source code will be provided without any encryption.
  • We believe in long term commitment. So all our clients will be assisted for a long time. Timely updates and new feature addition will also be done.

To keep up with the current market trend, we at SpotnRides have introduced a host of new features to our taxi app. All of them are aimed at the safety of the taxi app user.

If you decided to get SpotnRides for your startup then I assure you that it will improve the reliability of the app from both the drivers and riders.

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What are the Customer-Friendly Features you can see in SpotnRides?

Add a tip

Apart from paying the ride fare, there is an option to tip the driver if the rider is super happy with the ride. A link will be sent to the rider just after the ride with a message – “ Want to tip the driver? Then click here to pay from your wallet.” 

This feature is provided by Lyft and few other taxi firms. We decided to add this to help our clients acquire more drivers. This “ add a tip” feature recognizes the driver’s work.

Find a lost item

So many riders claim that they inadvertently leave personal belongings in the taxi. For them, find a lost item option in the customer app comes handy. Immediately after the ride, a message will be shown in the customer app to ask whether any item is lost in the taxi. If yes, then the rider can send a message to the driver of the last ride.

Mandatory feedback by rider

Star rating and optional review is default in our SpotnRides taxi booking app. But now we have added a mandatory feedback system if the start rating given is below four stars. The rider has to give a proper reason for less rating and this helps the admin to send suggestions to the concerned driver to improve the service. We hope this option will reduce driver attrition.

Driver details pop up

We redesigned the app in such a way to enable the user to view the driver photo and car no. when the taxi is nearing the rider destination. We can also customize the app to show a pop up of the driver details. We believe this is the next level of user experience.


The above listed features are some of the reasons for many customers to choose us over other IT solutions. We constantly reinvent our SpotnRides product to match the industry needs and rider requirements.  If you like to talk with us regarding SpotnRides and find more about its functionalities, then tap an mail to [email protected]. Our business team will contact you immediately. 

You can also request a demo of SpotnRides to get a first hand experience of how our taxi app will be.

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