Understand the Technologies Behind The Splendour Success of our On-demand Taxi App Booking Solution Similar to Uber

Everything in this world is influenced by demand. All the product and services firms work to balance the supply-demand ratio since failure to balance it can be detrimental to the company.

The same applies to on-demand taxi companies. They hold the number one position in the on-demand market. But that should not make them complacent. So, they have to constantly innovate and improve their solution. Even the on-demand taxi industry was introduced after a series of innovation in the existing taxi services to the point that its services are provided on demand.

Below I have mentioned the working of some of the features taxi solutions and the technology stack behind them.


All on-demand services send notifications to their users. Taxi companies also send push notifications, SMS, alerts, etc to their users.

Push notification

Text notifications and push notifications are sent for the following stages.

For the driver: Accept/Decline ride request

For Customer: Ride accepted, ride declined, cab arriving.

Normally, push notification is not sent when the user is offline. SpotnRides use Google Cloud Messaging(GCM) for its Android app and Apple push notification service for iOS app.

SMS notification

Twilio, Nexmo, Plivo, and Sinch are the leading SMS notification, service provider.  

GPS location

GPS is used for two purposes in taxi solution. One is to locate the device and second is for route navigation. The first priority while providing this service is real-time updation and accuracy. The technology service used for this is.

Inter-app communication

The driver app and the customer app has to be able to communicate between them. Improper communication between them will earn a bad name for the company. Most of the communication takes place on the cloud.  But the driver app should be always online for communication.

Some of the instances where they communicate are.

  • Sending ride request to drivers
  • Live Location
  • Pick up and drop off location
  • Chat between driver and passenger app
  • Cancellation


The payment in cab booking services is not limited to cash payment. Digital payments like eWallet, net banking, credit/debit card can also be done.

Split fare feature is available in case of carpooling in the taxi.

Payment gateway

Braintree and Swipe are the two biggest payment gateway system that is widely used.

Infrastructure and storage

Web panel

SpotnRides use the latest language like node JS for web panel development.

Mobile programming language

Above is the list of all technologies used for mobile app development processes like image loading, architecture, logging, networking, etc in both Android and iOS. The list I mentioned above is the best in the market. Even leading on-demand firms like Uber, Ols, Postmates, Lyft, Airbnb, just to name a few uses these technology stacks. An added advantage of using the best in the market technologies are bug-free, error-free, and a seamless application.

Our flagship products include SpotnRides and SpotnEats. SpotnRides specializes in app development related to the taxi industry and SpotnEats focuses on app development related to food delivery business, grocery delivery business, etc. We always use the above-mentioned technology stack for all our services.

Image source: www.dzone.com

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