Transit From Driver To Mobile Notaries: Familiarizing Strategies From SpotnRides Mobile Notaries App Solution For Your Own Online Notary Business

Doing some things in a routine life leads to boredom and needs a change or update. One such interesting thing is going to happen for you after reading this blog. Have you heard about two things: gig economy and mobile notary?.

The gig economy is a term highly influenced by freelance or part-time employees who evolved after the big recession in 2008. Mobile notary a business term describes the working of notaries who travel from location to location to certify the writings. Notaries usually have the habit of visiting the client’s place directly, verify the documents, and assure their client’s authenticity.

With the evolution of smart devices and on demand mobile applications, the traditional way of notarizing the documents is converted into an online platform. Booking the notaries, getting notarization in comfortable schedules are performed in an easy way.

In the earlier days, forgeries in the signatures and the fabrication of notarized forms enabled many of the fraudulent activities due to the lack of digital tools. Nowadays, the digitization helps the notary to do the proper authentication.

One of the difficulties observed in notarization is knowledge on the availability of the signers in the residence or office, scheduling the notarization appointments and reaching the destination on-time. The evolution of the uber platform supports the growth of taxi-hailing services in a predominant way.

Many of the gig players having the vehicle are directly tied-up with the taxi company and perform the rides for earning. If they need a change or something different from the rideshare driver role, then mobile notary is the perfect job. Yes. With a suitable app for mobile notary services, each of the rideshare drivers transferred their role as a mobile notary and earned additional revenue.

The online mobile notary services provide the notaries with the powerful backup options to continue the ride services directly to the client’s places and perform the notarization convenient schedules with the high-value of trust.

The charge fixed per client is directly depending on the distance covered, a number of orders on the same day and the number of trips handled. In addition to the notarization fee, the traveling fee is also the additional revenue stream for these Gig players. Getting the travel fee in advance is the major requirement to handle the travel expenses.

Understanding the revenue streams, many of the entrepreneurs are willing to create their own online notary business nowadays. SpotnRides, a taxi app booking solution now extends the options to the mobile notaries to perform the convenient ride while doing the business. It inherits smart features like communication, financial.

Since this is the highly authenticated travel, transparency in financial management, the cost spent for every ride is the major thing. Keep reading this blog, you will surely be convinced about why the SpotnRides online notaries mobile app solution is needed for online notarization business.

How Mobile Notaries App Solution Acts As A Profitable Platform For Ride-Sharing Drivers?

Getting notarization involves the long-distance travel to the nearby available bank, business service center. But, the availability of notary at that time is questionable which makes the customer frustrated.

In contrast, moving a notary to the public is a beneficial thing for the customers and engages them with stress-free authenticity. Why is this business highly-familiarized nowadays? Below are the reasons.

  • Signing as a Profitable Thing

With the availability of digital payments, playing in the financial boundaries is easy for the mobile notaries. For a single signing, they can earn $150. If the services are familiar in the market means, then the signings can be increased up to four on a day. This increases the cost value to be $600 and $3000 per week.

One of the fine-tuning aspects in the earning process is to reach the destination in an optimal route with minimum time. If these features are enabled means, then the mobile notaries can cover 6 to 8 signing tasks and this increases the earning amount.

  • Ramp in Build-up Connections

During the initial period, a number of notaries are small in nature. Getting frequent appointments and the considerable earning while associated as the driver role on the taxi service company can make more players to be involved in the business. In another way, meeting people are either individuals or business professionals.

If the clients are business professionals means the expansion of business connections without effortless promotional activities. Growing the client’s base increases the revenue stream and this makes the driver play the notary as a full-time role.

  • Scheduled Workflow for Multi-parties

Comparative to the standard notaries, accessing the online notaries is flexible mostly on the convenient hours. If the client’s schedule the appointment within the application means, then the unnecessary travel, waiting time is eliminated. Adaptability is the major metric in case any emergency needs on the client’s side.

Upon considering the individual needs, schedule of appointments through the online mobile notary services, an extension of business opportunities enable multiple ridesharing drivers to take part in the notary services and avail the extra-revenue benefits without any extreme effort. In addition, to cope up with the schedules, the identity of the notary is also assured with the help of application itself.

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How Online Notary Business is helpful for Gig Employers?

The online notary business is not only efficient for ride-sharing drivers and it also provides plenty of revenue options for the Gig employees. Once they know the concept of notary services and getting the certificate as a notary means, then the earning is not resistible by any of us. They can register themselves as the notary and start the services by uploading their document proofs. Apart from earning, below are some of the gaining metrics listed for Gig employees.

  • Meetings as per Public Schedules

The first important thing is to conduct meetings with the signers as per their own schedules. Hence, the regular working hours are completely changed to the convenient hours. While handling multiple schedules on the same day, the app will perform switching the time periods for the gig players. Suppose the gig player is not available on that period, then the signers search for the next notary to cope up with the schedule.

  • Assurance about Digital Awareness on Location

Since this is the authenticity validation business, the competitors of the signers always keep eye on their surroundings. Awareness about the location of yourself and the signers not only provides the benefits to on-time reaching, but it also helps to perform a secure ride against any unwanted activities.

  • Work-Life Balance

Working as a gig employee, a work-life balance is completely achievable compared to the regular workers. Suppose there is a notary request raised out-of-station, then after completing the notary services spending the time with the family members is also the specialized thing for the gig players.

Since they acted as a private employer, the service providers provide the offers and promotions through the application itself in order to retain them. Hence, the beneficiary ways and assured revenue are the great perks for gig players in the online notary services.

  • The breakpoint of Location Limitations

Collecting the parties and organizing them in a notary office greatly influence the time due to the location limitations. In contrast, the mobile-based or online notary services, a suitable location preference can be made easily by specifying the location through the application itself.

Showcasing the nearby notaries by the online solution, the clients are directly interacted with the mobile notaries (gig employers) without approaching notaries available in big cities. This makes the client’s to have a convenient experience.

With the handy devices and the right application, gig employers are benefitted as mobile notaries. SpotnRides, a promising solution especially dedicated to the gig employees and ridesharing drivers inherits the above considerations effectively.

Strategies from SpotnRides Mobile Notaries app Solution to bring the familiarity to Mobile notaries

When you opt SpotnRides mobile notaries app solution for your online notary business, interfaces such as clients, notaries and the admin will take care of all the activities seamlessly. Initially, the clients needed a notarization to start to search the nearby notaries. If the particular notary available, then the client book by specifying the location.

Once the appointment is finished, the notaries can directly reach the client’s location, do the authentication process and collect the notarization charges easily.

  •  Build a Reputation for Localized Notary

Offering high-quality authentication services can easily grab the client’s attention. With the instant approval of authenticated requests and the immediate assigning of notaries residing local area by the SpotnRides solution bring the impression among the client’s environment.

Upon performing the reputed services by the notaries, professional clients introduce their friends to the mobile notaries by proper reviews and ratings. This way the notaries get a reputation in the market.

  • On-time Authentication

Since the clients are highly professional backgrounds, keeping on-time plays a major role. The time to reach the destination is highly influenced by the distance of travel. The GPS live map feasibility available in the SpotnRides solution optimizes the distance traveled by the notaries and reaches the destination prior to specification.

  • Stress-free validation of Notary

Identity validation is the predominant process while performing the online notary business. The SpotnRides inherits with the document uploading option and this ensures the identity of the notaries to the clients digitally.  

  • Tracking signing orders

Clients’ interface has the option track where they can track the notary’s location directly and make arrangements as per the schedule. If any deviation may be observed, then the client also has the ability to communicate the routes by the chat option in the app itself.

Supporting Metrics of SpotnRides Mobile Notary app Solution Assure secure Online Notary Business

SpotnRides mobile notaries app solution not only brings the fam to the notaries and it also assures the secure environment for gig employees in the following ways.

  • Retaining Mobile Notaries

The struggling aspect of the online notary business is to retain the notaries (gig employers). SpotnRides mobile notaries app solution brings the solution in terms of valuing their services by offering promotions to the top-ranked notary by having more positive reviews.

  • Preference-based authenticity

Though the number of notaries is available, the selection of favorite notaries as per the previous service is critical in traditional notary business. SpotnRides solution provides this option to acquire the selective notaries and schedule their appointments directly in the app itself if they are unavailable at that time.

  • Scheduled Notary Trips

In case of the documents signed up are more and many of the signers to be participated means, the scheduling process as per the free time schedules of all the signers is easily set up by the app itself. With the inclusion of the scheduling option, SpotnRides allow you to schedule the notary trip and avoid unnecessary travel while outstation requests.

Closing thoughts

Online notary services become the most important in the future since many of the entrepreneurs voluntarily start the business. Document validation is an unavoidable thing while doing the business. Carrying this task by the right online solution can bring familiarity to the market easily.

By analyzing this blog, you might have clarity on the influence of SpotnRides online notary app solution for online notary business services. Turn your notary service business ideas into the profitable one by sharing with us at [email protected].

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