Top Five Essential Features Of SpotnRides Logistics App To Mobilize The Entire Industry In 2021

One of the top priority tasks in the logistic industry is to make your business clients happy with the timely delivery and the unique service experience. In real-time, most of the logistics industries struggled to achieve those things. The logistics industry had serious influences during the Covid-19 lockdown period.  

Now, all the industrial sectors are getting ready to meet this new normal situation and remodeling the structure to meet the year 2021 in an advanced manner. For the proper remodeling, those are highly dependent on the various goods. Hence, the demand for the logistics industry is high in 2021. 

To carry this demand, the logistics service providers highly need the perfect digitized platform, say a logistics app to fulfill the needs of the business clients around globally. Being ahead in the market and turning to be a profitable player in the competitive landscape of the logistics industry are the two common objectives of the logistics business owners like you. 

This blog definitely gives the right direction to grow quickly in 2021. Yes. SpotnRides, a familiar taxi clone app solution provider and having years of experience in the creation of transportation apps. On the basis of the need for a logistics app development, SpotnRides now updated its solution with the five essential features to make you mobilize the entire industry in 2021 with the high-revenue. Let’s move on to the discussions. 

Things You Should Consider Before Selecting Logistics Software

Monitoring the workflow of the logistics whether it is carried out in a proper way or not in a cost-effective manner is the essential one for the logistics supplier. Ensuring truckloads, track of driver locations, managing the transparency, and the accuracy of trip management are the top activities of the logistics service provider. 

The Marketwatch reports predicted the following two important observations regarding the logistics industry. 

  • The growth value of the global logistics market during the forecast period 2020-2024 will be observed as 287.1 million USD. 
  • The projected growth rate during the period 2020-2024 will be 5%. The entire logistics industry has a worth of 15.5 trillion by the end of 2023. 

To manage all the activities, the feature-rich logistics management software is the needed one for those players. Not all of the software will be helpful. Hence, the selection of suitable logistics management software highly depends on the top things listed as follows. The universal framework for logistics software 2021 is applicable in four levels of the supply chain management process as follows. 

Supply chain Split Up

The split of the big supply chain into several manageable parts dedicated to nearby and offshore locations greatly depends on efficient logistics service. The establishment of the business partnerships or maintenance of the trip management in the same routes highly needs the perfect logistics app. 

Shipping & Transportation

Shipping and transportation are the big essential platforms where they are helpful for the transformation of goods from one business client to others in the prescribed time slot. Also, the tracking of the trip to the dispatch process must be in real-time.  

Tracking of Sensitive Trips 

In addition to the basic goods, there is some sensitive equipment also transferred from one to another. During such types of trips, managing the trip details, payments, scheduling of the arrival, route planning all are essential things where the influence of logistic software solutions are high. Upon completion of the trip in a successful manner, the collection of feedback, rating/reviews also essential for the logistic service provider to get familiarity in the market.

Quick Helps in Emergency Rides

For every crossing point during the trips especially in sensitive good transportation, the sending of helping requests or the update of the vehicle location is essential. With the use of the perfect logistics management software, the dispatching driver can easily send an immediate notification or alerts based on an emergency. 

The selected logistics management software must be fit into the above-listed metrics in a feasible way. If this happens means, the entire logistic services are completely controllable. For the supply-chain industry, transportation tasks at the execution level are more. 

Corrections for each of the tasks are highly needed. The identification of tasks to be corrected and the corresponding solutions are the big ones for the players involved in the logistics industry.  

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Transportation Tasks to be Corrected in Execution Level of Supply-Chain Industry

Day-to-day transportation tasks occurring in the supply-chain industry are huge. Proper execution of these tasks is a necessity to improve the efficiency of the supply-chain industry. Deeply looking into the market, there are various tasks that need to be corrected. Some of them are highlighted as follows. 

Poor Integrated Software 

An automated management system requires a lot of integration and hence the system must be customizable and scalable. If the transportation system has poor integration software, then the workflow management is not up to the expected level. 

As the business needs are varying, the build of a customized business model is the essential one for the logistics service providers. Selection of well-integrated software with unique metrics is the essential thing for startup professionals in the logistics industry. 

More Manual Process

Finding an optimal route in order to perform the trip in minimum time is the critical thing and it involves a huge manual process. There is a better replacement via an automated platform called logistics management software. 

Data entries regarding the location details, scheduling, and distance information made via automated platforms means, the accuracy of details are high and the accessibility is improved. 

Lack of Visibility

In order to get more bookings from the business clients, the visibility of your services in the market is an essential thing. But, the workflow without any digitized platform yields poor visibility due to the major reasons as follows:

  • Unable to locate the truck loader
  • Shipment status
  • Lack of instant invoice status
  • Inability to build a relationship with partners. 

By partnering with the perfect logistics management software, you can easily transform your logistics service into a digitized manner in order to cope up with the new emerging players. Focusing on the above aspects, many logistics software solution providers in the market used the latest technologies to build an advanced solution. 

Among them, SpotnRides is the familiar taxi app solution provider for various services like taxi, service booking, etc. Making a perfect taxi booking app script with the essential features is the core work for the SpotnRides. 

Also, it brings various innovations in the transport industry via the perfect application. Now, it expands the applicability to logistics service industries and offers digitized support to the logistics startup professionals. The impact of a logistics app development company like SpotnRides is high and the features included in it surely make your logistics services as premier one in 2021. 

How SpotnRides Logistics App Use Technologies to Redeem the Structure?

As 2021 is a year of more revolutions and updates in every industrial sector, adopting a suitable platform built with the essential features surely makes you strong in the market. The operational interfaces of the SpotnRides logistics app structured as follows:

  • Admin
  • User
  • Dispatcher


  • The users like business owners who need the logistics services can easily onboarding by entering their details initially. 
  • They search the nearby logistic service provider by entering the location details. The service provider or admin gets alerted according to new service requests. 
  • Dispatchers partnered with the application to get the details for the receiver, senders, location, product details, scheduled time for pick up and drop via the app itself. 
  • Once all the things are collected, the trip is initiated and performed with GPS location tracking. 
  • Users also track the shipments and pay the amount after the service is completed. Also, the ratings or review allows the customers to host their experience in the app itself. 

The features of the SpotnRides logistics app to redefine the structure of the logistics service are listed as follows. 

Effective Fleet Management

With the use of the logistics app from SpotnRides, you can track all the fleet-related information in a single window. The digitized fleet management system includes details like drivers, trucks, routes, payload capacity, and conditional-based vehicle onboarding, etc. that make the entire logistics services controllable in a simple way. 

Better Replacement of Paperwork 

The logistics management software from SpotnRides acts as the automated platform that heavily reduces the volume of paperwork. The tracking, sending bills in an electronic form, and collecting the payments online assures accuracy and transparency. 

Ensure Visibility in Real-Time

Since the logistics app from SpotnRides comprises awesome features like map-based navigation, real-time tracking of shipments, pre-scheduling details, and payment management are carried out on the dedicated panels, the visibility of your logistics service is ensured. This surely increases the number of bookings from business clients in various regions. 

 Five Essential Features of SpotnRides Logistics App for Startups in 2021

In order to get the premier role in 2021, the logistics startup included some unique features. SpotnRides holds such features and makes the services as top-one in the market. The notable features are:

Dedicated Dispatcher Interface

Control of dispatches from one interface is the new one in the logistics market where the number of dispatchers is used. They can simply onboarding with the selected vehicle as per the shipping needs and get information like location, the direction of the journey, and the shipment details. By simply getting all the details in one window, the trip is now made into an easy one. 

Top-Rated Players

Mostly, business clients book the top-rated logistics player based on high-positive feedback. The dedicated interfaces to collect feedback or reviews ensure the quality of the service. Those who are getting more positive reviews can lie at the top -of the searches and get instant appointments from the big industries easel.

Feasible Job Tracking

As an admin, you have the ability to track the tasks currently in the active or completely for the next bookings. This option completely reduces the collapse in service bookings. By providing consistent updates in the driver movement, the business owners or the users are aware of the trip completion time. Moreover, the chances of the missed delivery count are completely reduced.

Optimal Route Management

While carrying the sensitive items, the route selection is the essential one for the dispatchers to perform the effortless trips. With the inclusion of the GPS tracking features the route between the source for the dispatchers and must be a low distance of traffic-free routes. By performing the trips in short-distance, the time gets reduced thus lead to more proactive hours. 

Impressive Driver’s Log Collection

Right from entering the app interfaces till the service completion, the data regarding the driver’s log can be easily collected. As an admin, you can use this information to build a partnership between various business professionals as a stable one. 

Wrapping Up

The need for logistics service is high and 2021 is the year of redefining the structure. By building the advanced features set, SpotnRides has come up with a new solution called a logistics app for the benefit of logistics service providers. 

The well-manageable app platform from SpotRides comprises unique features like advanced scheduling, complete tracking, smart payment, and report management assured the integrity of the logistics services. Start to mobilize the industry with the perfect logistics management software in 2021 by sending all queries to [email protected] now. 

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