Top 5 Best Route Planner Apps for Delivery Drivers in 2021

Optimizing routeways will quicked the delivery process in any on-demand delivery service sector. The digitized routeway prediction will help your delivery agents to complete many deliveries in a single duration of a pathway. 

Several platforms available in the market provide the optimal routes that will be helpful for the delivery players to complete the service on-time. Here, we are going to discuss the important 5 best route planner apps that are broadly available in the market to make the delivery services as attentive in 2021. 

Role of Route Planner App in Delivery Industry:

The route planner apps provide a clear routeway that maps the delivery player location with the destination. With this, they should pick up and deliver things or products ordered by the customers on-time. When orders become vast to provide deliveries, optimizing routeways needed for the completion of all the delivery requests on-time through a perfect delivery planner software. 

The route planner app already has many optimized route planning details of connecting different locations in one pathway. After a customer’s request is received for a delivery order, your delivery partners easily proceed with their service by simply following the optimal routes shown on their delivery partners’ mobile app. This makes the delivery process to be completed in a specified timeframe and enables more order handling. 

Metrics to Increase the Productivity of Delivery Partners

Providing speedy deliveries will enhance your business loyalty in service. Achieving more order bookings will boost up your revenue generation process upwardly. In this concern, the following metrics will increase your business productivity in real-time.

  • High-priority order handling on on-time ensure the customer relationship strong
  • With the customized route prediction, alterations can be possible if any issues in current routes. 
  • Follow the customer scheduled time and bring the comforts for them during delivery. 
  • Instant route prediction helps the delivery people to take the delivery services into a new dimension 
  • Since the delivery trip is via optimal route, the turnaround time gets minimized. 

Focusing on those metrics, several app platforms are available in the market. A review of them makes you clear on selecting the perfect app related to your business demands in real-time. 

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5 Best Route Planner Apps for Delivery Drivers:  

Route planner app in a delivery business helps to cut excessive transportation costs effectively. Using the optimized route mapping plan, the delivery agents can swiftly complete multiple deliveries on-time. Due to the smart workflow process, you can save time and money on the go of your delivery business.


The delivery planner software from SpotnRides quickens the delivery process in your business with improved technologies and features. The detailed route mapping for pick up and drop location allows delivery agents to track the perfect way to complete the deliveries smartly. The following digitalized workflow possibilities increase the productivity of your business in the future. 

  • Achieving last-mile deliveries with low fuel consumption
  • Enhanced map-based route plans simplify the delivery services
  • Reduces unwanted turns around
  • Implementing improved delivery services in business
  • Providing transparency to the customers in service

The cost-effective plan of controlling turns around reduces the fuel consumption and achieves more deliveries in real-time.


Multiple-use cases available in the Opti-Time app help the multiple industrial sectors to collaborate with its route mapping service. The cloud-based solution stores a vast amount of data for future business clarification in delivery completions. The impressive technology service enables convenience in tracking details of delivery agent exact locations to the customers. 

  • Providing enormous routing segments
  • Advanced functionality while process
  • Sturdy customization for the service improvements
  • Coverable even for a small range of business platforms
  • Routing technology integration in third-party platforms

The vast range of routing service availability helps to find out a better solution for various business aspects and the advanced functionality offers great performance in services.

Tour Solver:

The Geoconcetp based route mapping software for your delivery business optimizes different routeways and allows you to furnish chain deliveries for the customers. To apply better employment management in business you can track your delivery agents’ details like kilometers are driven, route selections, departments, etc.

  • The built-in simulator allows revenue generation via route optimization
  • Proceeds immediate route optimization in service
  • Multiple export formats of delivery agent work records like Excel, PDF, and iCalender.
  • Managing business activities remotely as convenient
  • Muti stop route planner for smooth delivery agents management

The immediate route optimization process will help your delivery agents to choose alternative routeways in a traffic-like situation, which increases your business reliability among customers.   


My Route Online route mapping software performs like Google Maps and additionally provides many optimized driving directions for fastening delivery services while achieving more productivity in business. Your delivery agents can create single or several route directions once with a long-duration pathway. 

  • Address exporting in an Excel file and option for sharing via mobile phone
  • Even while having a lot of data, the automation of regrouping happen suddenly in the process
  • User-friendly accessibility 
  • Easy access even from remote locations
  • Specific shop commandments inclusion option

Performing well while having vast data stored in the database, provides always a speedy performance in your delivery business service. 

Team RoadWarrior: 

The fleet management system of Team Road Warrier provides multi-stop route planning for your delivery agents and smoothen delivery dispatching in a good way. Through the web-based app, your delivery agents can manually create an optimized route to quicken the delivery process, and also can regularly get updated route optimization plans via the app.

  • Live driver tracking feature provides a more reliable service in your business
  • Easy service and user management for maintaining an effective workflow
  • In-built simple territory management system
  • Clear performance analyzing metrics for taking powerful business decisions
  • Adaption for all kind of delivery service businesses

By providing reliable services to the customers, your delivery service business will get a quick development in a short period of time from the date of your business launching.

Wrapping Up:

A better routeway optimization plan will enhance your on-demand services by achieving more bookings in a single day. As we discussed in the blog, the above-mentioned top 5 route planner app companies are providing the best services to the clients in the market. Among them, SpotnRides has a unique pace with the customer attentive metrics. Get those metrics and take your services to the next level by sharing details with us at [email protected]

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