This is What your Users Experience When Using SpotnRides Taxi Booking App in Your Uber-Like Startup!

Ride handling firms like Uber, Ola, Lyft, and Grab made taxi booking seamless and comfortable ride a dream for many. These firms are now operating in more than 30+ countries and have successfully disrupted a traditional industry. Still, there are many taxi firms working in a traditional way; they are struggling with meager revenue and are on the verge of shutting down. It is completely possible for them to revive their name using digital means. Taxi booking app and dispatch systems are available with certain development firms and this can be used by the traditional firms.

Using an online Uber like taxi booking app system in place, aspiring entrepreneurs shall build something like Uber with no big investment. All they need to do is have the best taxi booking setup. This idea is for those who are new and don’t operate a traditional taxi firm.

SpotnRides is a taxi app solution built from scratch. We serve both on-demand taxi startups and traditional taxi firms. Heavy customization goes into SpotnRides for each project so as to differ from others on all counts.

How Can SpotnRides Online Taxi Booking Solution Help your Startup?

Many startups and taxi firms wish to work with us mainly for the edge they get when using SpotnRides. Here is the answer to the question on the edge SpotnRides give to you.

Customer-centric functions

The purpose of going digital with SpotnRides is to use technology effectively to engage customers. There are functions like in-app chat, chatbot, etc to connect with riders; these functions were revamped with new advances in SpotnRides.

Data consolidation

A lot of factors decide the efficient operation of the taxi startup and for that you need to keep an eye on all the factors. SpotnRides has an analytics dashboard from which various data is consolidated and presented to you in an understandable format. Seeing it you can quickly sense abnormalities.  

New service launch

Needing to launch a new service in your taxi booking startup? It is a matter of time before you make some tweaks in the app solution. SpotnRides is flexible enough to afford any changes. The addition of new services will be made effortless by our skilled team.

At SpotnRides we purposefully changed and reworked on some parts to give an exhilarating experience to the customers of our taxi startup clients.

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Below are some points that your customers will experience when SpotnRides is used in your startup

Peace of mind

Security is something riders look keenly in taxis. Our customer app has many options to ensure passenger safety; the rider shall track the ride and easily find any deviations; location sharing to other contacts so they can also track the ride.

Reviews and ratings make it easy for riders to choose the taxis cautiously. Hence, even after a tiring day at work riders shall book taxis anytime and have peace of mind till the end of the ride. 

Uncertain ride rates make the customers panic and this is not the case with our solution; riders shall view the exact rate for a route even before booking.

User experience

There cannot be a better taxi booking process than in SpotnRides. Your user just opens the app, enters a destination, track the cab, complete the ride, and pay online; it is as simple as that. There is no hassle of thinking when the cab will arrive; the google map tracking gives an immersive experience.

The choice of selecting a car is a feature in SpotnRides and the rider has the luxury to select the one he likes. On a broader view, the user of your startup service gets an all-around experience after using our solution.

For drivers and admin

The user experience and calmness experienced by riders while using your taxi app will be the same for drivers and admins. Drivers registered with your startup will have a great time since the driver app is foolproof with perfect user interface.

Wrapping up!

The SpotnRides taxi app product we offer is easily manageable by layman entrepreneurs who have a wish to launch a startup like Uber. We provide assistance from start to finish and guide the client’s with constant updates. You may have a dream for your startup, we will help make it possible with our skilled team of professionals.

Initially, we will discuss everything regarding how the app should be, who is the target audience, design of app, type of development, platforms to develop, and many more. Then a draft plan is created which has details about each process.

Very few in the app development market follow a systematic process and SpotnRides is one of them to do. Do join us and let us deliver a wonderful app loaded with features!.

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