Things to Consider When Redesigning the App for Your On-Demand Taxi Startup

Redesigning an app is normal in order to stay ahead of others and also to provide a refreshing feel to its users. Similarly, on-demand taxi booking apps also need redesigning after some time. Unlike other apps, taxi booking apps desperately need changes because it becomes outdated and old fashioned over time. New taxi booking apps emerging continuously is one of the reasons for it.

Trends and people’s tastes change constantly and so it is inevitable to redesign your taxi app. Before going deep into the things to consider for app redesigning, let me tell you the benefits of doing it.

What are the Benefits of Redesigning Taxi Booking App?

Improved user experience

Definitely, redesigning will change the way a user interacts with the app. The app becomes more pleasant and easy to use. This is what we call as improved user experience. For example, one-touch login to book taxi gives next level UX and it requires only a small tweak in the app solution. Similarly, applying different UX trends has various benefits.

Better than before

Customer retention will become more easy because the app looks better than before. Even new user acquisition requires much less effort. People are attracted to new designs and trends, so when new designs and features come into the app, people automatically gravitate towards you. Present-day app redesign makes it more immersive and this creates an emotional connect with the users.

App function

Redesign of the app is not only about physical designs and colorful icons. Easing some of the app function also happens. For example, navigation and pinpointing the location on the map becomes more accurate and clear. Performance of other functions in the taxi app becomes a notch higher.

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Do you really need to redesign your taxi app solution?

One way to easily find if your app needs redesign is from the app stores. Users will write comments about the app’s UI, design, performance, and usability. You can also create a survey to find which area of the app needs redesign desperately.

Another hint is that your user base will reduce without any reason. Finally, it is mandatory to redesign the app at a particular frequency in order to keep up with current trends.

Things to consider while redesigning the app

Feature addition/removal

Just like adding necessary features to the app, removing some features is also part of app redesign. Unnecessary features in the taxi app must be removed which is based on its usage among the customers. 

If your app has complex multiple sections and subsections, see whether it can be simplified and decluttered by removing anything. The main role of the taxi app is to book a taxi and anything that is not related to this must be subjected to reconsideration.

User’s desire

Apart from considering the comments on the app store, you must also interact directly with customers on social media or any platform to get reviews about the app. Many fresh design ideas and improvements can come from loyal customers because they may have experience with other apps also. Even if you have a good idea, consult it with users and get their views before revamping the app.

Competitor’s app

Surely you will have a competitor whose app is better than yours. Do an analysis on it and find the points where it scores better than your taxi app. It can be the look or feel or design or ease of usage. Take this as the starting point for app redesign. I will not suggest you to replicate the good part but try to generate similar ideas to incorporate it in your taxi app.


The changes you bring in the app must be felt by the existing and new users. For example, changes like fingerprint login, face recognition, one-touch taxi booking, etc are well received by people because these changes are felt instantly by users. So redesign the taxi app in such a way to be quickly felt by the users. 

Taxi booking using virtual assistant and contacts sync is something new and this can be integrated with the app and it will be liked by users.

Wrapping up!

Change is constant for startups and for on-demand taxi startups, the change should start from its app solution. Are you looking to revamp your taxi startup app similar to what I explained above? Then, come straight to us. We at SpotnRides makes taxi app solutions and app redesign is one of our fortes. The end result will be more than what you would have imagined.

Even if you are someone who is looking to launch a taxi startup with an app solution that is in line with the latest trend can approach us. Do contact us for further details at [email protected]. Let us have a chat and decide on the future course.

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