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On the growing technology, we people are getting into mobile phones to accomplish everything in our day to day life. Once there is a growth in the specific product, then there will be demand for maintaining and repairing the respective products. Like that, mobile phone repairing service has high demand in the market.

Yes, nowadays we can’t find a person without mobile phones because that comes in handy and gives instant solutions to our needs. We, people, use mobile phones to clear our queries. Since the demand has been getting increased the market has estimated to show a growth rate of $4 bn USD at the end of this year 2020.

The demand for mobile phones is high since the increment in the new arrival of mobile phones. So if you’re interested in getting into an on-demand application service then I suggest you take a look at this blog. Therefore at the end of the blog, you might get to know about the on-demand iPhone repair service startup.

What Is The Necessity To Bring The iPhone Repair Service Under The On-Demand Category?

Always the repair time depends upon the location where you have settled in. Sometimes we might not get to know about the nearby repair service. But by getting into an on-demand application the customers are allowed to know about the nearby iPhone repair services and they can get their iPhones to get ready in a few hours.

Every owner’s dream is to take their business to the next level so that they are able to earn more revenue and mark their brand in the region. Before decades, it is hard to meet the customer’s expectations and fulfill their needs. But now with the help of the on-demand application one can transform their repair service into an on-demand doorstep repair service.

This on-demand doorstep repair service lets the service provider meet their customers in person so that gaining their relationship and fulfilling their expectations has made it simple. But, the repair service should be fast and reliable to win the customer’s heart. Most of the repair service applications are poorly designed and developed.

So that the users are getting confused with the icons and interfaces, we can’t assure all your customers are from the same age. Therefore your application should be well-designed to gather all the customers. Once the attention is gathered you as an admin can easily run your business successfully without any lack in reaching the success.

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Why should you choose the SpotnRides uber for iPhone repair?

In SpotnRides, you as an entrepreneur will be getting one such solution that exactly suits your business demands. Yes, we have a pre-developed application that has been designed with the latest designing tools in the market. Moreover, we have developed the needed features so that customers won’t get fed up with unwanted features.

When it comes to features in an on-demand application, you should be conscious about it because the customers will be getting bored with useless features. You must have the needed list of features to meet the customer’s needs namely multiple payment options, location saving, favorite service, etc. 

There are more features available with us, let me share that in the upcoming sections. You as an admin to meet your customer’s needs and gather their attention. We have designed these three interfaces namely Customer’s application (iOS and Android), Service provider application (iOS and Android), and Admin panel.

  • The three interfaces have their own unique features to make their process simple and effective. In the customer’s application, the user is able to check the nearby service provider with the advanced search bar for a quick solution and they can also filter the needed service. So that time for service the service will be reduced and the instant solutions will be given.
  • Like the customer application, the service provider’s application also has an enhanced interface. That lets the service provider manage their service task and revenue. This let them know about their booking orders and customer’s view on their service. Yes, the service provider can check their service rating and review it at the end of the service. 

Though the customer’s and service provider’s workflow of using our application has been made simple. The admin monitoring also made quick and easy with the centralized dashboard. Yes, you as an admin can track all the processes instantly so that you can check the queries and react immediately. 

I hope, by now you might have to know about our software application and the interfaces in detail. In the upcoming section of features, you will get more information about the features that make the workflow easier than before. But before that take a look at how actually your application works? 

  • Step-1 The customer whose phone has been broken or hanged or any other software issue then they are in need of the immediate repair service. Finding one such service they can sign-up with your application and enter their location to search for the nearby service provider and send them the service request.
  • Step-2 Once the customer sends the request to the respective service provider. The service provider can accept the service request or reject it according to his preference. If the service provider accepts it then it will intimate immediately to the customer as well as the admin. Then the customer can track the service provider.
  • Step-3 The service provider can track the customer’s destination. To meet the customer’s expectations the service provider can use the multi-route optimization feature. That lets the service provider choose the shortest route. This lets the service provider reach the customer’s location quickly.
  • Step-4 Once the service provider reaches the customer’s destination and finishes the service. The customer is allowed to rate the service once the payment process is over. The customer can pay the service charge in different ways either online or cash. After the payment process, the service rating will be taken from the customer.

The metrics you will be gained under the SpotnRides on-demand iPhone repair app?

  • Social media login – The customers can create an account or log-in directly with the help of their social media accounts. Yes, this lets the customers quickly sign-up and get started with the service. This also helps them to share their booked service with their friends and family members about the service details.
  • Invoice generation – The payments that take place with the application, will generate an invoice for each payment. This lets the customers maintain their payments and each payment history will be stored. So that the customer will get to know about their previous service and current service details.
  • Centralized dashboard – You as an admin can track and monitor all the tasks that take place in your application platform. You’re allowed to check the service provider’s feedback and take the necessary actions according to it. The admin has given the full authority to make the changes in the application regularly.
  • Multilingual option – The customer has given the priority to change the language according to their needs from the listed options. We can’t assure the customer’s known languages so that this feature has been designed and developed to make the application more user-friendly and effective.
  • Service Review – Your application has included the rating and review feature that brings transparency to your service, as well as gives a chance to improve your service. This feature lets the other customers know about the service provider’s work and the way they treat the customers. The admin can take a look at it and modify the changes to enhance the service better.

Bottom line

The industry of phone repair and maintenance service has been increasing and people are in need of the doorstep service. If you have traveled with us, you might get to know about the on-demand iPhone repair business. The expected market growth of mobile repair service in the US is 1.6% at the end of this year. 

In SpotnRides iPhone repairing app solution, you will get benefited from the advanced niche features and technical support at any time. We have developed the application with the essential features if you have different business plans and feature requirements. Then,  please share your thoughts by filling the below form or contact us at [email protected]. So that we can give the right app solution for you.

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