Step by Step Guide to Starting your App-Based Taxi Booking Startup Using a Readymade App Solution

Times have changed and anyone with a great idea and a knack for executing the same can become a successful entrepreneur. You don’t need a bunch of money or an advanced qualification to launch a business. The last decade can be remembered as the most promising decade for aspiring entrepreneurs since it provided numerous opportunities. We can just believe that the new decade will hold more surprises than the last.   

Having said that about the startup creating atmosphere, I must say about the most popular and highly successful business idea. The idea that is still believed to keep the startup market running energetically. It is nothing but the popular app-based taxi booking business idea. This startup has benefitted large populations mainly in second and third-level cities.

Now I want to write about the step by step guide for aspiring entrepreneurs to launch the app-based taxi booking startup. The craze for the app-based taxi business model has not stopped and based on our experience I would like to give some inputs. 

What are Some Tips to Launch a Successful On-Demand Taxi App Startup?

Getting feedback

This point may sound different because no one gets feedback before launching the product/service. Let us be different and get feedback from people who have used similar services like our startup. Surely you will have multiple players in the same sector, use online tools and social media to get feedback from the users. 

This feedback can be used to build the app and remove unnecessary things even before launch. Obviously you will save a lot of time and instead focus on enhancing the app solution.

Prototyping the solution

The best way to utilize the feedback is prototyping the app solution. Use the feedback to develop the taxi app solution; create a niche set of users and make them use the taxi app. It is not necessary that you should do prototyping after getting feedback.

Another advantage of prototyping is that you can experiment with it by inducing your ideas. 

There can be multiple prototyping solutions and can be used with different sets of users. You need a knack of app development and design to achieve prototyping. To make your work easy it is better to partner with an app development firm.

Very few are specialized in making taxi booking apps and with their help you can create multiple versions for prototyping.

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Product development

Product development comes next to prototyping. In fact, prototyping is a part of the product development process. This stage is made of developing and then revising until the desired result is delivered. In product development, you take the best features and functions out of prototyping and then use it for final development.

The selected features are again revised multiple times. Things to follow during this stage.

  • Be in constant touch with your tech partner and get frequent reports regarding development. If you have some technical knowledge, combine with them but don’t interfere. 
  • Have a checklist of the needs and wants of your desired taxi app and make sure the checklist matches with the development. 

Developing a marketing strategy

The marketing strategy for your new taxi booking startup depends on a host of factors like region of operation, user demographics, type of competitors, population, targeted average revenue, and many more.     

With all these a marketing strategy is devised so that it appeals to a large population and this can be easily gauged by the no. of downloads in the app stores after launch. It is really difficult to measure the output of marketing before launch and one can at least have the competitor as reference. 

Post-launch sales can be improved using the customer app using various techniques like gamification, augmented reality, and analytics.


There is a misconception that branding and marketing are one and the same. It is not; branding is trying to make your startup closely connected with users emotionally. If you say online taxi booking, Uber comes to the mind for most people and this is the power of branding.

For branding to take place you need to follow many steps like the quick response to queries, instant issue fixing on app, creating a catchy logo, and app design.

Branding must be started only when your taxi app service makes a place for itself in the market. Brand identity matters in the long run when you are targeting a large market share and expansion.

Innovate and improvise

The on-demand taxi app solution is a programmed app that has the possibility of becoming outdated in future. Everything from its performance, design, features can become irrelevant. To avoid this, start innovating the app solution just after launch.

It is recommended to brainstorm with your technology partner for ways of innovating the solution and also have an eye on your competitors.

On-demand model itself is a product of innovation and it disrupted a big market. The same can again happen for the taxi app. The innovation in the app must ease the work of users. Most important of all is the inclusiveness in innovation. Equal focus must be given to each interface of the taxi app solution.

Uber can sustain for 10+years and expand quickly because of the factor called innovation.  

Final words!

These step by step guides also hold true for other on-demand startups. Partnering with a taxi app development firm will surely ease your work and instead channelize your focus towards branding, innovation, and expansion.

App development firms can lend a big hand for taxi app innovation. Have this in mind and choose the partner wisely!

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