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Thanks to drone technology, the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) industry is getting many revolutions and extending its applicability in various services. From the data collection to the delivery, the impact of the drones in all the stages is very high. The on-demand drone services are essentially needed platform for various industries listed as follows;

  • Aerial inspections in defense operations
  • Surveillance operation
  • Disaster relieving 
  • Disease control
  • Modern medicine delivery
  • Weather forecasting
  • Waste management
  • Construction planning, etc. 

To meet these huge needs, the number of drone pilots are grouped into a common window and provide extensive services to those industries. Hiring the right pilot is essential for the industry owners to fulfill their demands in an advanced way. 

After the evolution of On-demand multi services app platforms and understanding the concept of drones on demand, the uber for drone pilots app is an essential one that allows the drone service providers to group many numbers of drone pilots, assign them appointments, and make them gain more revenue quickly. 

SpotnRides develops a drone pilot booking app with all the essentialities and unique features to bring smartness to on-demand drone services and turn them into profitable services in real-time. This blog shows how the on-demand drone services are expandable with the perfect matched drone pilot booking app and its interfaces. 

Simplification in Hiring a Drone Pilot: Essential in On-Demand Scenario

Since the demands from the various industries are changed, the challenges in hiring the right drone pilot are also getting increased. To overcome these challenges, the structuring of hiring the right drone pilot is the essential one in an on-demand scenario. The simplifications in the following activities are highly required to speed up the services via an app for hiring a drone pilot. 

License/ Certificate Verification

One of the prior activities while adding the drone pilots is the verification of the experience in the fields. Smart verification such as the direct uploading of the soft copies of license and certificates allow the service providers to examine easily via the app for hiring a drone pilot.

Validate the Previous Project Experience

Drone operations are highly executed in public locations and surveillance services. Hence, the experience in previous projects is to be validated by industrial professionals. The only smart thing to get the clear validation is now available is review collection. The one who acquires more positive reviews can have a place at the top of the searches and get more appointments. 

Simple Accessibility

Accessibility of the service provider must be simple only with the help of mobile app platforms like drone pilot booking app. Profile creation with the service list and payment options bring the essential convenience in drone pilot access.

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How SpotnRides Assist You to Cover a Wide Range of Drone Services in an Effortless Way?

UAV service providers highly require smart booking platforms like drone pilot apps in order to cover a wide range of industrial needs easily. With the inclusion of unique operational features, SpotnRides offers the drone pilot app that contains the following interfaces. 

Drone Service Provider- A web-interface to manage all the drone service operations, customer requests, and payment collection in a smart digitized form. 

Drone Pilot- An experienced professionals who handle the drones in a smart way to make all the activities like surveillance, inspection in construction sight, etc in a perfect way.

Customers- Drone service seekers in various industries used this interface to immediately locate the nearby drone service provider or drone pilots smartly.

Quickly Accessible

Drones on-demand is the familiar revenue-generating platform in recent days. During the outbreak scenarios, the applicability of the drones is very high. As the drone pilot, they must have quick access while the need arises. 

The drone pilot app from the SpotnRides has an impressive profile formation and service listing. The direct access of the drone pilots in this app in the quick form allows the customers to book freely in the market. 

Multi-Services Handling

Right from the inspection to the doorstep delivery, the influence of the drone pilots on these activities is high. SpotnRides drone pilot app allows the drone pilots to list their services in the profile itself. This makes the booking of multiple services in a single window is convenient for the customers. 

Drone Pilot Service Scheduling

One of the impressive options from the drone pilot app from SpotnRides is the scheduling assignment. Based on the availability and the real-time needs, prior assigning of the schedules to the drone pilots allow them to carry the appointments without any collapses. 

What are all Modules in Uber for Drone Pilots App to Simplify the Operations?

After grouping of the drone pilots, smartness is required right from the service assignment till the payment collection. Uber for drone pilots app from SpotnRides includes the following modules to simplify the above-listed operations. 

Feel-Free Drone Pilot Validation

Before onboarding, the drone pilots have directly uploaded their documents digitally and this makes the drone service providers validate their licenses, certifications from the UAV industry effortlessly. 

Found Perfect Matches

Drone offerings are effective only when the perfect matched player is assigned to the services. The drone pilot app from SpotnRides is the best-fit for that where the alerts are generated if they match between the service needs and staffing availability. 

Bring Uniqueness in Locating Drone Pilot

Location plays a major parameter to improve the productivity of drone pilots. Drone pilot apps with the inclusion of built-in map-based navigation options allow the drone pilots to find the short path to complete the trip in minimum time. The service completed within the allotted time period brings the reputation value high in the UAV industry and more bookings. 

Proven Track Record Drone Pilot Service 

Digital proofs on the standards of the drone service must be helpful for the service providers to get new appointments in the market. SpotnRides includes the rating module in the drone pilot app where the new customers can easily be aware of the previous experiences from the customers. 

Make the Drone Services As Profitable With the Demanding Features

SpotnRides considers the following revenue-generating schemes while designing the drone pilot app that turns the drone service providers are profitable players in the market quickly. 

Drone Service Priority Fee

During the healthcare operations like medicine delivery and surveillance operations, allotting the right drone pilots should be frontline compared to others. The fee collection regarding the priority values brings the essential revenue to the service providers in real-time. 

Advertisement Hosting Fee

Ensuring the online presence of drone services is an important option to get more reach. The drone pilot app includes the specialized option to show advertisements within the app. The fee collection for this advertisement hosting brings additional revenue to the service provider. 

Instant Payment Options

Either the public or private sectors, the collection of payments after the service completion is now easy. With the aid of third-party payment apps, net-banking, and card-based options, the customers can easily pay the charge in a digital form. This also proves the transparency in the services. 

Concluding Note

Every drone service provider has the wish to be the top-accessible player with high-profit values. But, the business model and the interfaces must be fit to deal with such activities. The drone pilot app from the SpotnRides includes the creative features to make those activities to be performed in a smart way. Do you have a wish to become one of the top accessible drone service providers?. Share your ideas and plans with us at [email protected] 

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